29 May 2011

Priceline Haul: Australis

I'm unsure whether this is at all Pricelines, however, today when I dropped down to Priceline... I saw that they were having a clearance sale on Australis for some particular products. I saw mascara. their brush-on foundation, a bunch of eyeliners and lip liners, nail polish removers and also a few bottles of nail polish!

Everything was $3 each! So I quickly picked up two nail polishes and I will be coming back for the eyeliners and lip liners! :D

Australis Nail Colour in Ohh La La and a metallic-blue polish from their 'Paint the Town' line too! :D Only $6! I'm looking at their website now and 'Paint the Town' is suppose to be exclusive to TARGET! Why is it in Priceline? O_O"

Awww! I've been splurging so much money on these sales. I should definitely stop! I've got too much nail polishes. I wonder when I will finish them all =_="!

Yours deerest,

P.S. Check out your local Priceline! ;)

28 May 2011

How to: Turn your useless fan brush into a brush!

Look at that fan brush that you're suppose to be using, but you ain't. Bring it to some use...

The use of a fan brush is to sweep away fall outs under your eyes after your eye-make up routine and this isn't what most people include in their routine. I personally don't use it, just because I don't ever deal with messy products such as shimmers or glitters, however, some people DO.

So this short tutorial or tip is gonna show those who don't bring their fan brushes to use, a way to bring it to use. Am I giving you a headspin? LOL.

Well anyways, let's start.

You'll need:
  • A fan brush [that you don't use]
  • Sticky tape

1. Take a piece of tape and wrap the non-sticky side around the ferrule. You are NOT trying to stick the tape ONTO the brush. Wrap the piece of tape till it fits nicely onto the brush like the image below.

Depending on what you want the brush to be like, you will shape it differently. But here is how I will shape my tape...

2. When you're finally happy with the shape (since it took a long time for me to fiddle with and I have nails =_=!")... slide the tape up so it guards around the bristles. This idea was actually taken from KlaireDeLysArts' home-made brush guard video!

3. Until you're happy with what's left.... take a piece of tape and match it with the sticky sided, just so you can properly seal it. (image below)

Ta-daaaaa! Here's my brush:

For me, I could use it for patting powder under my eyes OR applying concealer OR blending eyeshadows (if I made the head of the brush smaller).

Adjust is the key. I hope you enjoyed this tip!

Yours deerest,

27 May 2011

NOTD: Steel Matter

This post is hot hot hot. The nail colour, I just bought yesterday and is transferred from bottle to nails the moment I got home. Well maybe not, but the moment I got home from going back to swap the lipstick I bought since I grabbed the tester instead of the brand new product =_="!

Anyways, today's NOTD features Rimmel London's Steel Matter. Here it is:

About the nail polish, I will do a review soon... after I try Tangerine Queen too :) But right now, I am quite addicted to the grey colours! It's a lovely colour to wear in Autumn which is coming to an end in a few days :(

2 coats

Grey Matter is a cool-toned grey, a slate grey, I would say. It has a tinge of blue to it surprisingly. I thought it was the lighting at first, but in natural light, even my friend said it looks blue!

I still like it though! I do look forward to purchasing a lighter grey though!

Yours deerest,

26 May 2011

Priceline Haul: Australis & Rimmel London

Two nights ago, I visited Priceline and saw tabs sticking face back on some products, so straight away I knew, those discount price tabs are part of the upcoming sale.

Today is the second day of the sale and my sister and I rushed to buy some goodies that I've awaited for a long time now!!

Milton Anti-bacterial tablets... for me to clean my brushes :) and Rimmel London's Colour Show Off Lipstick in TELL NO ONE ($14.95) for my sister because she loves her red/corals!

She also picked up two other Rimmel 60 Seconds Polishes in Tangerine Queen and Steel Matter ($5.95 each) which I've been eyeing for a long time now :) I've heard many raves over the Steel Matter so I'm quite excited! There was a 3 for 2 sale, so yap :)

I've personally picked up two Australis Colour Inject Mineral lippies in Limited Edition 2 which is an orange that I will add to my kit, and also a Honkey Tonk pink. Mmmm! They were both on sale for $10 each lippie and it's an amazing sale because their foundations are going for $12 each.... *whipsers* they just released their Paparazzi HD Foundation!

Also an Australis Nail Colour in Limited Edition 2 which is like a Shrek-green and I'm super excited because I will be grabbing an OPI polish soon in Fiercely Fiona!! Argh!! Can't wait :) They are on sale at S&A in Sydney (a beauty and hair supplier) near Town Hall :).

The $2 Formula 10.0.6 masks are for my sister, last time she tried the orange mask and she had a reaction and I broke out... so nope. Will be trying again though....

I'm super excited to try all these items!!!!!!!!!! They seem so pretty!! :D

Story of the day: Instead of buying the Australis lippie brand new, I grabbed the tester instead LOL! So I will be exchanging it -_-" Oh so dope :(

Yours deerest,

24 May 2011

Considerations if you're gonna take Roaccutane

This is continual post about Roaccutane, if you haven't read my previous post, here's the link.

Roaccutane is a prescribed medication by dermatologists only to help victims with severe-mild acne, just in case you didn't know.

I've finished my phase of Roaccutane now. A month ago or so. And here's an update of how everything's been for my skin and what I've learnt from my make-up class.

I've been on Roaccutane since mid-last year (around there) and has finally finished mid-April 2011. I was told by the dermatologist that unfortunately 5% of the medication-users can still have acne after finishing, so hopefully I'm not in that 5%, because I will cry my eyeballs out. Acne has been bugging me for a while now, and it sucks boogers. Honestly.

I've finished in mid-April and thank god SO much that it has gone away, and it will continue to stay this way [according to dermatologist and many other successful users]. The few days after, I realise I do have pimples here and there on my cheeks so I threated, but my skin is perfectly fine now.

Now, for anyone who considers to use Roaccutane, there are MANY important factors you MUST consider...

Briefly, what this drug do is that it stops ALL the oil in your skin, so it becomes dry and flaky as you take it.. and this also stops the acne. It also makes your skin HEAPS dehydrated and for those who don't know what dehydrated skin, it's those faint scaly lines you have on your forehead. Go take a look in the mirror now, I'm sure you'll be able to see it.

Because your skin and body will get SO dehydrated, you definitely will need to drink alot of water to help this and the only way to completely hydrate your skin is by your sweat. Yes. I know it sounds gross but that's how it works. Your sweat is the only thing that will hydrate your skin.

Something that also bugs me is that now I have a scar in between my brows from eyebrow waxing. This drug also thinner out your skin, so you will most likely won't be able to visit the salon until 6 months after you finish your Roaccutane. Waxing is a hair removal process that you must exclude, so instead, go for plucking.

Your skin will also become more sensitive to the sun, so sunscreen must be applied frequently, but I always skip that step... which is quite silly of me :(

During your process of taking Roaccutane, you cannot fall pregnant also! So if you have a family, do remember your personal contraceptive preferences. Because this drug is so strong, it will cause an impact on the baby and you don't wanna risk that!

There are many other negative impacts which comes with these 20mgs capsules such as depression which CAN cause suicidal practices, so if you're an emotional person, please beware and most of all... be strong!

These days, because of these suicidal stories by the drug, dermatologists no longer prescribe Roaccutane. However, some still do... so if your dermatologist do suggest that you should go on this....

Please consider:
  • Your skin will become sensitive to the sun
  • Your skin will become more thin, prone to waxing as it'll leave scars
  • You cannot be pregnant during the process
  • The drug CAN cause a depression phase which could be suicidal
  • Your skin will go through a phase of extreme dry and flakiness

Please research more about this drug as I am no dermatologist or beauty therapist, so I cannot tell you ALL about this and what it does!

Yours deerest,

22 May 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #6

As another weekend passes by in a blink! Here are the items I got at Preston's markets. I have been going to Sydney Markets very late, just because Mummaphan has work till 12. So by the time we get there, it's already 1... the time people starts packin' and we have been buying boxes of vegetables for $1 which is heaps cheap!

Anyways, stuff I got over this weekend:

This ring, I got for 50cents from these lovely girls who were selling again today!
And I love them girls! They are so nice :)
However, this ring is round, not flat.. so when wearing, it gets little uncomfortable.

I also picked up these two Mary Kay lippies for $7 each. One for me, one for my mum.

Paradise pink is obviously for me, because I love my pink and Mumma picked Frosted Rose.

I also bought a grey beanie by Forever New for $4 which isn't here with me at the moment ;( But that's all for the week (yes! very less!) and I shall talk to you galz soon!

EDIT: Forgot to include items I didn't mention last week!

There was a lady selling NYX lippies for $1 and I was surprised and excited to see a bunch of them! But she only had in Helio :( Which is a frosty white... Argh~
I picked up one anyways :P

Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip liner for $2 is definitely going in my make-up kit for clients.
Red is definitely a no-no for me :(

Yours deerest,

21 May 2011

Introduction to Showface

I'm sure almost all of Sydney make-up freaks has never heard of Showface before and it's a shame because they sell the most amazing eyeshadows!

Getting to it, Showface is a Sydney-store located at The Rocks and they stock a variety of make-up brands which you will struggle to find in regular stores such as Priceline or Myers, or even DJs.

They stock a variety of Kryolan products including their special-stage make up such as blood-products and tear lipsticks [for acting performances]; Temptu specialising in air-brushing make up (yes! The make-up sprays that you see professional make-up artists using!); La Femme which is a brand very rarely seen around in Australia (the brand I heard NP repackages from or shares the same manufacture with); Paris Berlin Masquillage Pro.; Masquerade and a bunch of other brands which includes their very own line, Showface.

Showface started off selling make-up to professional make-up artists ONLY, however, their products are now free-for-all to buy and they have, must I say, extremely pigmented eyeshadows! To be honest, the pigmentation they sell in store differs so much to the ones we have in our kit... Boo!

A closer look:

What I found cute was that they also had the single eyeshadow packaging.. similar to MAC!

Swatches of my two favourite colours!

Isn't it amazing?

The store also sold make-up books by Rae Morris and Kevyn Aucoin!

The store owner's husband who specializes in the special effects make-up section told us that Rae Morris actually worked at the store, teaching here before she got famous for her make-up artistry and they couldn't afford her anymore... Ah... I'm inspired +_+"

Here's a make-up look that she did and earned herself big bucks (I think he said $15,000).

Here's the Temptu shelf with all their tiny bottles for airbrushing:

Paris Berlin and their lash collection! Grrr I want all!

I'd love to own the bottom one. It looks so pretty! I can't imagine what it'll look like on person!! :D

To be honest.. the glitter eyeliners look like something we could grab from the Asian stores.. They were definitely not that appealing.. to me. But never judge a book by its cover, I guess! :3

Here are lipsticks by Bodyography [I believe]:

And here are the Kryolan lippies!

The interesting colours are located on the second rack which I don't know if you could see, but there's a blue and a gold which I find quite interesting!!

My friend grabbed the gold lippie for our 'Catwalk' photoshoot which is part of our assessment at TAFE, so I decided to take a few pictures for you galz!

I think she absolutely pulls off the gold lippie! You?

Anyways, here's what I bought from the store on that excursion:

  • La Femme Cake Eyeliner Sealer: This sealer is used to seal cake eyeliner, no doubt... for smudge-free properties and all that good stuff. Teacher told me it can also be used to mix with other eyeshadows to create a coloured-eyeliner. However, if you DO do that, do it on a corner or a side and remember you can't use it as a shadow anymore because the sealer has changed its properties!
  • La Femme Cake Eyeliner: You know, I've been loving cake eyeliner and this was only for $10.45, so I definitely had to pick it up! I've heard great reviews about this too!
  • Art Basics Angular Brush: This may the smallest and tiniest angled-brush you'll ever come across! I will be using it as it could reach into the corners of my small eyelids and creating a thinner line at the same time :) This brush was $4! Yay!

That's all! Hope you galz have a good day! I'm off to the markets!

Yours deerest,

19 May 2011

The Lipstick Tag (by Jenn)

I was tagged by Jenn so long ago, however, I'm so sorry [Jenn] that I actually forgot, but I do remind myself a few times!! :D

Anyways, here it is!

When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
Believe it or not.. NOPE. Not for my lips anyways! HAHA My sister & I used them to draw on the mirror around the house though... hahaha. However, during special occasions such as weddings, I do ask if I could put make-up on for me! She only put a teeny tiny bit of lipstick on for me, and that's all... ^^

How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
Back in the days when I watched Bubzbeauty and nude lipstick and smokey eyes was trending. I went to Priceline to search for a nude lipstick and the lady introduced me to Australis Color Inject Lipstick in Mambo... This was about... 2-3 years back :) I was 15-16.

Pink or red lipstick?
Definitely pink! I love nude pinks, but haven't found one which compliment my skin tone! I don't like my lip shape so I don't strive to highlight it with an outstanding coloured lipstick :(

The most expensive lipstick I have ever bought...
My Revlon MATTE Lipstick in Nude Attitude... I think it was $22. Which is absolutely DISGUSTINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I haven't tried to apply it in a while, I should see how it works again though :)

And the cheapest?
LOL.... Um. NYX Lipstick in Helio for $1 at the markets? LOL

What's the most bizarre thing you have done with a lipstick?
I swiped a layer of it on and kissed my friend's birthday card hahah! A nice lipstick print and I always like to do the same thing on my neighbours' glass mirror :3

If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
I'd recommend... This is tough!! I love the Maybelline ColorSensational, but I also loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the Australis Mineral range!!

Sorry Australis! But as much as I love your lipsticks, Maybelline's ColorSensational range has my vote, because the formula is as great and there's heaps and heaps of shades/colours to choose from, so all skin-tones and preferences has a shade to suit!

NOW! Tagging time! I would LOVE to see these bloggers' response:
  • Ailing! I would really love to know your recommendations and your lipstick stash!
  • You too Alice!! :)
  • Not forgetting you Vivz -- would love to see your collection because I'm interested in seeing any of your gyaru lip colours!! :D (lol)
  • Angela -- I know this might be random but I'd like to get to know you more! I'm sure your readers would like to know too hehehhe :]
Anyone else can do it too!! I have tried to follow all my readers, however, if I do miss anyone, please leave me the link to your blog! And I will give it a visit because I do enjoy reading blogs!! :D

However, tagged bloggers above, if you have too much on hands, do not worry about this tag! It's suppose to be fun and a get-to-know-me-more post! Don't stress!

Have a lovely day everyone!

Yours deerest,

17 May 2011

DIY Powder Puff

Powder puff isn't a beauty tool I love most (or include in my foundation routine), however for some people, it's a different case.
Like a powder brush, it is used to apply powder [foundation] products such as loose powder and press powder.

Now... You're probably thinking.... "Why do I need to know how to DIY powder puffs?".

Because, some people [like me] enjoy applying make-up on others OR for any make-up artists who are sitll learning or doing voluntary work,
you don't always have enough money to fork out for powder puffs. So therefore, make yourself some!

They'll be reusable, affordable and on-the-go!

Let's start...

All you'd need is:
- Cotton wool OR cotton pads
- Tissue

Simple as that.

Steps are demonstrated in the pics below:

Place the cotton pads/wool onto piece of tissue like this.

Take corners and edges of the tissue to one point like above and twist end like so, so you can hold it easier!

Dab this into powder and simply use it as a powder puff!

Easy right? Hope you find that helpful my deerest deers! :)

Yours deerest,

16 May 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #5

Wow!! It honestly feels like I haven't done this post in YONKS! However, of course, I haven't forgotten... There were days when I bought nothing at the markets AT ALL!!! Nothing nothing! Poo!

However, I have got many things today to share:

One Australian lady sold a bunch of OPI nail polishes for $2 each because she closed her salon which was located in the city recently.. so all polishes gotta go! I checked everything about the authenticity, however the only thing that was missing is the code at the clear base of the bottle. However, there are no codes on the base of the OPI bottles that my cousin bought at her city salon too....

Everything else is here though... correct capitalization; 'peel here' layer, embossed code on the bottle [heading towards the lid]; OPI engraved on one side of the brush; inside of the cap is reared; and correct distribution centre and location!

Most Honorable Red, Flashbulb Fuchsia, You're such a Kabuki Queen, OPI Red, Suzi loves Sydney

She also sold fake MAC eyeshadows, pigments and NYX eyeshadows too. So I wasn't sure about the MAC Eyeshadow, however, it was pigmented. I should've picked one up since they were only $2... but who cares! I wiped out ALL her NYX shadows! These were $2 each and some of them are brand new.

Toffee, Yellow Marigold, Apricot Moose, Mink Brown, Walnut Bronze

I also picked up two plushies on the right because I already have a pig at home LOL! Such a kid...... But yes, all I'm missing now is the chicken and the two farmers from the show hahah.. Two plushies for $1

Pig, cow, horse. LOL
Just thought you'd want to know.

I didn't get much last Saturday but I saw this nail polish which is a really pretty pink hahah... So I asked the lady how much it is and she generously gave it to me FOR FREE!! :D Yay!! Because my mum has shopped at her stall for as much as 10 years now! :) Awesome.

Maybelline mini Colorama in Bubblicious

From the same lady, this week I've got...

Napoleon Lip Lacquer in Mocha Mist

It is most likely not new, but I can't figure how someone can contaminate a lip tube like this... so I picked it up anyways :P

... and these cute fruity-beauty body lotions which comes in 5 super adorable colours and scents! So pretty! :)

I got the two items above for $1.

Last, but not least... I got this MAC Sheertone Blush in Pink Swoon. It's authenticity is yet to be decided as I cannot research anything about it! If you know, please do let me know... about the barcode, label, packaging, batch code and all that stuff!

I bought this for $6 and Mummaphan tried to hassle the price down, but the lady said "I can't sorry. I bought this blush from the shop for quite a high price. I don't remember though..."

So I thought I'd pick it up and bring it home to do some research!! :D

That's all for the previous two weekends and I hope you enjoyed the post! To top it off, I finally received a free MAYBELLINE Baby lip balm as a sample ^-^ Yay!!

Have a goodnight everyone..
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