05 May 2011

Giveaway Winner!

EDIT: Oh my god! Hopefully no one read this before I editted because the first post, I forgot to edit the min & max number!! :( Poo.... Sorry everyone!!


Hello my new and old followers, time to wrap up this 157 followers giveaway! I'd appreciate if the winner could give me.. maybe a week or so to organize the items to send! Sorry winner!

Let's get it going my babies.

Yay!!! Congrats to perfectflaw from http://perfectflaw.tumblr.com/ !!! :D Congrats!!

Please email me @ tram.phan@live.com or DM via Twitter your postal address!

Closing note, I thank every single one of my lovely readers who have been here with me ^-^ I'm very huppy that there are people interested in reading my blog. I remember when I started this blog from scratch, Hannah from http://leauderose.blogspot.com/ was my very first follower. Unfortunately, I don't know where she is!!! She hasn't updated since September so I hope everything is alright for her!

And of course, not everyone comments and I understand that. It's very hard to communicate via blogger so do remember to follow me on Twitter!

Thank you SO much for joining this giveaway and keeping up with my blog. I will keep you updated soon with more posts and giveaways! Stay tuned!!

Yours deerest,


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