06 October 2016

NEW ON COUNTER (SEP/OCT 2016): Benefit, Rimmel London, Bourjois, Bioderma, Revlon, Clinique & More!

Yoyoyoyoyo, sup everybody. Yo girl back with the New On Counter post. Oiiiiiiiiii.

As usual, couldn't handle life last month, so I skipped September's launches. 
Didn't think September would have so many launches that'll roll over to this month's post, but... Apparently not so!

So, expect this to be a looooooooooooooooOooooooong post. Yay!

❶ ELIZABETH ARDEN Beautiful Color Bold Illuminating Liquid Highlighter ($45)
A limited-edition liquid highlighter with a golden hue. Has a soft gel texture that'll blend seamlessly for a healthy glow.

❷ BENEFIT B.Right Firm It Up! Eye Serum ($65)
Described to be an eye serum that'll help with firming, tightening and brightening! Weightless formula, instant effect. 

❸ BENEFIT Brow Kits ($59)
Brow kits designed to shape and define the brows. Available in Bigger & Bolder, Defined & Refined, Soft & Natural. Each kit contains different products! Listed below the following images:

❹ BIODERMA Sensibio AR BB Cream ($43.99)
Not sure how many shades they have in this range, but offers medium coverage. Covers and prevents redness. SPF30. 

❺ BIODERMA Sensibio Milk ($32.99)
A no-rinse cleansing milk that will gently cleanse sensitive skin and remove make-up. Also softens and soothes the skin. 

❻ BIODERMA Sensibio Toner ($32.99)
Formulated for sensitive skin. Soothes, tones, moisturises and refreshes the skin.

❼ BOURJOIS Volume Glamour Effet Push Up Black Serum Mascara ($23)
Delivers softer lashes with continued use. Glides on smoothly, defines the lashes without clumps, volumes and intensely black.

❽ BURT'S BEES !00% Natural Facial Cleansing Oil ($34.95)
Think I've seen this in stores! Really dig the packaging (but maybe that's because I love everything that's yellow, hehe). Burt's Bees describes this as a facial cleanser that gently dissolve dirt, impurities and make-up without stripping the skin's protective barriers. "100% natural", they say.

OPI Retro Summer Nail Collection ($19.95/6 shades)
A new name collection for the upcoming Spring/Summer!

❿ PONi COSMETICS Brow Kit ($69)
As mentioned in my previous post, PONi, is an Australia brand. Available at selected salons, I believe. Anyways, this brow kit contains a brow powder, setting wax, their POP! 3-in-1 Brow Highlighter/Concealer, dual-ended Pro Brow Brush and a mirror. $69 is a hefty price-tag though, eep.

⓫ REVLON Colorstay Not Just Nudes Shadow Palette ($29.95/2 palettes)
Another day, another nude palette on the market. Who's still surprised? lmao. Available in Passionate Nudes and Romantic Nudes, each palette features 10 neutral shades in both matte and pearl finishes. Long-lasting, has a silky texture, blends easily, crease and smudge proof.

⓬ REVLON Nail Enamels ($13.95/8 shades)
BAM! Eight new shades to their nail collection. The usual claims, meh.

⓭ RIMMEL LONDON Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate ($13.95/6 shades)
Kate Moss' lippy collection, featuring her favourite reds and nudes. Lasts up to 8 colours, creamy, smooth and comfortable to wear. #kindakeen

⓮ RIMMEL LONDON Super Gel Nail Polish by Kate ($9.95/3 shades)
Aaaaaaaaaand, a nail collection inspired by Kate's favourite reds and nudes.

⓯ BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Liquid Liner ($46/5 shades)
A liquid eyeliner with a wearable chrome finish. Contains a blend of pearls, so expect a shimmery finish! Sweat and humidity-resistant.

⓰ CLINIQUE Superbalanced Silk Makeup SPF15 ($50)
Not sure how many shades, but this is listed as a "skin-balancing" foundation. Supposedly suitable for all three skin types: dry, combination and oily. Provides medium-buildable coverage.

⓱ NATIO Natural Shades Eyeshadow Palette ($19.95/2 palettes)
Like I said, another day, another nude palette, lmao. Second neutral palette for this month! Available in 'Rosebud' (plums, pinks and copper hues) and 'Golden' (nudes, coppers, mocha tones).

A total for 19 products this month, nice. That's excluding quite a few other products that I've skipped too! I think it would've totaled to around 40 if I included every single cosmetic product amongst all brands that I usually feature! Skipped so many Bobbi Brown and Clinique products, sorryyyy.

However, besides all them... Thought I'd share with you this candle collection by Natio (on counter 17 October):

Poached Pear & Cinnamon, Quince & Rhubarb Scented Candles ($26.95)

Rose & Mandarin, Jasmine & Vanilla, Coconut & Lemongrass Scented Candles ($26.95)

Once upon a time, I LOVED collecting candles. Used to light them up a lot, but quickly grew out of it. Should get back into it again. Look how cute those jarred candles areeeeee.

ALSO, on my wishlist, this limited edition Halloween scent by Glasshouse Fragrances..

Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie Triple Scented Candle ($42.95)

Been keen to try their candles (heard they are amazing!), but always so poor.... lmao. Meep.

What ya lookin' at, good lookin'? 

Let me know! It's 1.30am as I'm publishing this... Zzzzzzzz, goodnight fellas. Also, gonna be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram soon, in a few days! Would love you for to join!

As for now...

03 August 2016

NEW ON COUNTER (AUGUST 2016): Revlon, Rimmel London, Covergirl, Max Factor, Carmex, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, PONi, Givenchy

Wassup strangerssssssss. Jokes.

I know I've been inactive, but please don't forget me. Recently, my daily schedule goes something like: wake up, work/uni, gym/out, sleep, and then repeat. 

Maaaaaan. I barely have time to sit by my computer to even transfer music, so I've had absolutely no time to sit down and prepare posts. 

I've recently bought 20+ lipsticks by Urban Decay from my make-up dealer from the market though. So bloody keen on trying, and swatching them, but I just can't find the time! Saddddddd.


I have an upcoming Maths essay though, 2000 words, who's keen to help? 

❶ COVERGIRL Plumpify blastPRO Mascara ($21.95)
Features a smudge-proof formula along with a "double-action" brush which helps apply product from root to tip. Absolutely no idea whether it volumises, lengthens or separates, lol. Thx Covergirl. 

COVERGIRL TruNaked Eyeliner Duo ($13.95/3 shades)
Dual-ended eyeliner. Blendable, creamy, intense, long-wearing and waterproof bby! 

CARMEX Lime Twist and Vanilla Click Sticks ($6.99)
Alright, I know this is random, but I actually really like the look of this, LMAO.

MAX FACTOR Masterpiece Nude Palette ($34.95)
I've seen this palette around! Was launched last month. Features eight neutral/smoky shades. Available in two variations: Glow and Tonal.

PONi Pegasus Liquid Liner ($29)
OK. I've never ever seen this brand before. This is the very first time seeing it. Initially, I thought it was a make-up line by Poni, the make-up artist from South Korea, who made her debut on YouTube! But it's not. PONi is an Australian-owned brand. Pretty new! 

RIMMEL LONDON Brow This Way Highlighter Pencil ($9.95)
A highlighter pencil. Yeap. Simple. Available in matte and shimmer. 

❼ RIMMEL LONDON Good To Glow Highlighter ($12.95)
A liquid highlighter that offers buildable glow. Can be worn over the high-points of the face, or mixed with foundation for a dewy look. Mmmmmmmm, yeah, not really sure about mixing it with foundation ay. 

❽ BOBBI BROWN Retouching Face Pencil ($46/10 shades)
Pretty much concealer pencils. Can be used to retouch shadows and dark spots, cover redness and/or highlight the face.

❾ CLINIQUE Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer ($40/?)
No idea how many shades they have for this range. It's listed as a "hybrid" lippy, that applies as a liquid, but dries matte. Full coverage, moisturising and non-sticky. ON COUNTER SOON -- 7 August!

CLINIQUE Pop Matte Matte Lip Colour + Primer ($40)
A lippy with a built-in primer. Highly pigmented, non-drying, offers a "suede-like" matte finish.

Another brow-based collection this month, by Givenchy. Didn't manage to blog last month, but just in case you haven't heard, Benefit released a brow-based collection just last month. A brief run through for this one though..
Eyebrow Definer ($40/1 shade), Le Rouge Vinyl ($47/16 shades), Eyebrow Pencil* ($39/3 shades)

Mister Brow Filler ($39/3 shades), Mister Brow Groom* ($39)

*Eyebrow Pencil, available exclusively to Sephora.
*Mister Brow Groom, only available in No.1 Translucent.

⓬ REVLON Eyes, Cheeks + Lips Palette ($34.95/3 palettes)
As the name states, a palette for the eyes, cheeks and lips. Features 6 ColorStay eyeshadow shades, a powder blush, two Super Lustrous lippy shades and two shades from their Super Lustrous lip gloss range. Also comes with a mini applicator and a mirror. Shades are coordinated to be universally flattering.

REVLON Super Lustrous Sheer Lipstick ($22.95/10 shades)
A new lippy range! A lite-version of their Super Lustrous lippy range, I'd assume.

SIMPLE Cleansing Facial Wipes with Aqua-Lock ($7.49)
An upgrade, or classier-version, of their original wipes. The difference: the wipes are made with a smoother, no-drag feel. The packaging features an "aqua-lock technology" which prevents the wipes from drying out. ON COUNTER SOON -- 15 August.

Also, expect these other two newbies to hit the counters soon!

Aaaaaaaaand that's a wrap for this month!

Quite a good mix of higher-end and lower-end brands for the month of August! What do ya think?

List me your favourites!

My picks: Carmex lip balms, and the two make-up remover products by Simple. Not sure why, but I'm always keen on Simple' skincare products. Perhaps it's the simplicity in their packaging and... because it's green? Haha.

Let me know what you think of these new launches!


27 June 2016

SWATCHES: Stevie K Lipsticks

Way overdued, this post.

I've insta'd a photo of Stevie K lipsticks ($21.95) a few weeks ago if you follow me on IG (@the_beautifool). So much love for the photo!

But what can I say? These lippies look amazing in their suited-up black packaging. Simple, but sleekkkk. I love them!

AND their box packaging... OH MY GOD. If you love colours, or anything abstract... Mmmhhhmm. Take a look at this, guys...

Not ashamed to say, the packaging made me do it. So modern, so abstract, so "teeny", but without the "bopper", if ya know what I mean.

I'm sooooooo in love with the packaging guys! What do you think?

As for the swatches, here they are!

(L-R) Sky High,The New Black, Girl Boss, Sunday Morning, Bee, Berry Squeeze

Aren't they pretty?!

After swatching these six shades, I've realised that I've left one out. I've have another shade called "King Kylie", a nude shade, silently sitting in the corner. I'll make sure to include it in my upcoming face-swatches of these lippies!

These swatched to be nice and creamy. I've worn them for my face-swatches, and found that the matte shades sat comfortably on the lips without drying. Five of the seven shades I own are matte, except for the two lighter pinks, Bee & Berry Squeezed -- these two are more creamy in finish. However, I don't think they slid around too much on the lips, so s'all good.

Don't worry about being confused by the finishes they offer though. The finishes are stated on the packaging, or if  you shop on their website, they state it there too! I'd highly recommend you Google swatches of the lippies before you shop online though. Their stock photos can look a tad misleading.

Haven't worn these out yet, but my favourite pick is DEFINITELY Sunday Morning. It's such a beautiful, deep red. Here's a glimpse of what it looks like on me:

The colour, OMG. Anyone feel the same about the colour?

Anyways, I'll update ya with face-swatches soon! I'll be flying to Melbourne this weekend, so the post should be up sometime after this week!

Have a lovely week!


P.S. Stevie K is a new Aussie-reppin' brand, so if you're keen, do check their stockists or shop online.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself. I am not affiliated with the company in any ways. 

06 June 2016


If you're from Sydney or any NSW region that has been flooding for the past two days, I hope that  you, your fam, pets and home are safe!

We've been struck with some extremely heavy rain for the past two days, the map of Australia suddenly looked like this overnight:

It's so strange that all the streets located only five to ten minutes away from me are all flooded, with some cars lookin' like they're sinking into the earth... lol. But either way, stay safe my beautifools!

On another note, Monday's my break day, so that's blogging day hey!

Thank Buddha the weather has cleared up today. There's some sun, meaning there's some light, which also means that I could capture the beauty of today's polish feature!

This shade, Kiss Me At Twilight ($4.95), is the only metallic-like shade out of the collection of six, I think! So far, I've swatched Snuggle Me, but its finish was nothing like this!

This particular shade photographs SOOOOOOOOOO well. It looks freakin' perfect on my nails -- glossy and all. I THINK it's the slight metallic finish it has. Adds such an oomph to the colour!

Of course, in saying so, it also looks great on the nails! Try it! No regretsssss.

Wish I could wear it out, but I work too often to be wearing any nail polishes. My cuticles are also starting to wear. Fingers (lol, pun) crossed that they won't get any worse, so I can still swatch many nail lacquers to share with y'all..

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration only. 
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