16 May 2017

NEW ON COUNTER (MAY 2017): I've moved.

Hey peeps!

I've finished my assessments and uni-work for this semester, but that's not the only thing I'm done with! You know what else I'm done with?


Haha, kidding. 

I'm done with this blog. Yup. This blog.

I've started blogging in 2010 -- everything was all very personal with snippets of beauty. Eventually, I've ventured out into beauty, and that's how most of you guys know me, and probably will only ever know about me in that way -- "the blogger".

This blog is my everything. I'm extremely proud that I've started this blog (actually, as I'm typing this, I'm starting to weep).

It has offered me so many different opportunities, experience and insights into the blogosphere and media. I've learnt lots from other bloggers (even the rookie ones), brands, vloggers and even YOU.

I thank you all so much for your following and support throughout the seven years.

A few questions that some of you may just wonder...


The blogosphere has changed oh-so-much since I've started. Back then, it was all for the giggles and fun. My peak was during 2012, with my three blogger friends, Tezza, Amanda and Alice. Eventually things dulled out. Everyone lost motivation, including myself. It also seems to have gravitated towards the more-visually-appealing. It seems like we no longer read blogs, but preferred photos and captions instead. Or, at least that's how I feel.

At the same time, I've grown up. The adulthood and its responsibilities has caught up to me. Blogging is still very much a priority to me, but it seems like I just won't ever have enough time to get around to it... and this makes me feel really bad.

After that, it's a constant cycle of me feeling guilty about not blogging. So here's a post about it, to announce that all the promises end here!

Holy shit, that sounded dramatic asf. 


HOWEVER, I'm not 100% quitting. I've decided to move myself posts to my Instagram. Since Instagram updated with their 'slideshow' feature, I'll be posting about make-up there instead!

Follow me to keep updated about the same things: sales, new products, reviews and swatches.

This month's NEW ON COUNTER post is already up!

All in all, I promise this isn't goodbye.

I probably will still post here. Giveaways most likely, or anything that isn't size-appropriate for Instagram.


See you there,


Thank you (with all my heart).

04 April 2017

NEW ON COUNTER (APR 17): Australis, Revlon, Avon, Benefit, Sally Hansen, Elizabeth Arden

Currently on break from uni and such... Sleeping in feels like such a blessing!

A few snaps of things I've been getting up to:


AUSTRALIS Bae Watch Mascara ($14.95)
A mascara designed for volume, curl, lift and lengthens. Clump-free and intensely pigmented.

AVON True Colour Wide Awake Mascara ($14.99)
Same-same in terms of claims, but in addition, suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

BENEFIT They're Real Double the Lip ($36/8 shades)
Coooooooooool? I actually can't remember the last time I've heard any lippy news from Benefit! This is supposed to be a liner and lippy, two-in-one product.

COVERGIRL Katy Kat (in collaboration with Katy Perry)

  • Mascara ($18.95/2 shades): offers a dramatic look, for a cat-eye look. 
  • Matte Lipstick ($17.95/11 shades)

ELIZABETH ARDEN Lasting Impression Mascara ($42/2 shades)
Delivers length, separation and definition. Another mascara! (y am i not surprised?)


  • 4-in-1 Blending Sponge ($10.95): Very interestingly shaped beauty blender!
  • Brush & Sponge Daily Cleanser ($14.95)
  • Professional Blending Brush ($15.95): Like a beauty-blender, but as a brush instead.


  • Colorstay 2-in-1 Angled Kajal ($23.95/4 shades) -- A dual-ended angled eyeliner with an attached brush. Waterproof.
  • Colorstay Brow Crayon ($25.95/3 shades) -- Blendable and buildable brow crayon for defining the brows.
  • Colorstay Brow Pencil ($22.95/5 shades) -- Dual-ended brow pencil that fills and tames the brows.

SALLY HANSEN Miracle Gel Rustic Charm Collection ($16.95/6 shades)
Six limited edition shades inspired by the autumnal country landscapes! It's actually so new that I can't even find photos of the shade range, soz. 

SCOTT CORNWALL Hair Toners ($16.99/3 shades)
I don't usually feature hair products but these surely do look interesting! Available in three different shades.

Short and sweet this month, not many products at all. Nothing very intriguing this month. The Covergirl Katy Kat lippies, I've already got my hands on those.

As for the three mascaras, not really! 

I've been experimenting with MAYBELLINE The Falsies Push Up Mascara ($21.95) and I've been loving it so far, therefore, not looking to change anytime soon. 

The Revlon beauty blending sponge definitely has my attention, but the last time I've purchased blending sponges from drugstore brands (ahem, Australis!), I was fairly disappointed so........ probably not!

What do you think?

Let me know!


21 March 2017

Priceline 40% OFF: Hits & Tips

Sale alert! Sale alert!

Priceline is hitting back with their 40% sale on their cosmetics this Wednesday and Thursday!

I've been into make-up for yonks now, so this sale is nothing new. I probably will skip this sale, but hey! That doesn't stop me from posting about my hits and misses, so take note!


AUSTRALIS Ready Set Go Finishing Powder ($13.95)
Forever my favourite translucent powder. I've mentioned it over and over again, but it's the best powder to set your make-up. Merges all layers of make-up into one, and makes everything feels like skin! Just don't go heavy-handed on this, coz the flash-back is real.

❷ FACE OF AUSTRALIA Translucent Loose Powder ($11.95)
Amazing, amazing powder to bake with. Cheap and efficient. No flashbacks guaranteed.

❸ MAYBELLINE Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara ($21.95)
I've only just started using this mascara, but happy to report that there are no disappointments so far! Separates nicely, holds curls and decently lengthens! Not to mention, that it seems pretty waterproof to me. A customer at the cafe made me tear up (what a meanie!) and I wiped my eyes forgetting that I had mascara on.... NO smudges! Yay!!!

❹ FACE OF AUSTRALIA Glamazon Contour Kit ($9.95)
This is a must-have! The bronzer is just right, and the highlighter is so soft, buttery and the finish is bomb. Trust! 

❺ RIMMEL LONDON Magnifi'Eyes Double Ended Shadow & Liner ($16.95)
I suck at applying eyeshadows so this is my go-to base. Works as a cream base, or lasts well as an eyeshadow itself. I find that this particular duo in Rose Gold & Brown works really well for me! The 'rose gold' works as a warming base, and the cool-toned brown, when used alone, brings out my eye-colour well. I'd never use it as a 'liner' though cause it's definitely not made for precision. 

❻ TOUCH IN SOL Flawless Skin Top Coat ($30-$40)
Low-key Korean brand at Priceline. This foundation is a tad more exxy than my usual go-to's, but the coverage and lasting power is really decent!

❼ MODELS PREFER Infinite Colour Lipstick ($11.99)
If you can still find these, GET EM'! I can't rave about these enough. These are so bomb. Better than what mainstream brands (ahem, Rimmel, Maybelline, L'Oreal, etc) could come up with. The range is matte, and the lasts so much longer than most lippies made available at Priceline. So much more affordable as well!

❽ MAX FACTOR Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation ($36.95)
Use this with a damp beauty blender and I promise you... you cannot find medium-full coverage that looks anymore natural than this. I promise!

❾ RIMMEL LONDON Wake Me Up Foundation ($19.95)
Another really decent foundation. Decent lasting power, medium coverage and extremely natural finish!


Most make-up brands include accessories and tools in their range, so these are included in the sale as well. Therefore, don't forget to snag:
  • Sharpeners -- Maybelline, Australis, Face Of Australia
  • Make-up removers -- Maybelline, Australis, Face Of Australia
  • Nail Polish removers -- Maybelline, Australis, Face Of Australia
  • Nail Lacquers -- essie, Sally Hansen, OPI
  • Lip Balms -- Maybelline

I wanted to post about products that I'd suggest you to skip as well... but.... no time! Forgive me senorita.

Hope y'all have a blast shopping the 40% sale tomorrow!


05 March 2017

NEW ON COUNTER (MAR 2017): NATIO, NYX, Australis, Rimmel London, Revlon, Tom Ford, Bourjois, Sally Hansen, Jane Iredale

Third month into the new year (I shall remind you this every month), I hope we're all proud of what we've achieved with so far.

But even if you haven't yet achieved anything, don't stress it. Life is short. Just have fun while you can!

Quick peek of all the fun (and not very fun) I've been gettin' down to this month:

Hiked to Kelly's Fall -- Tough hike, but well worth it. Highly recommend it, hehe.

VTINES -- Valentines this year was a hit. Lunch date, aquarium and then dinner. I woo'd him with my card. It listed "6 reasons why you should be my Valentine (or ask me to be yours)". One of the reasons was: Because I'm a 9/10 and you're a 1/10. Therefore, together, we'd make a 10/10!

Call me a love guru. #howtopickupguys

③ Roamed around Spice Alley with bae. It was like Sydney's secret food market! How were we never informed?!

④ Received this doggo plush for Valentines (plz don't laugh, there was actually a really cute reason for it), but who knew that a week later, I would've got a REAL dog?!?!?! Can't wait to show him to you!

❶ NATIO Double-Ended Contour Brush ($17.95)
I always say.... "if you wanna be laid forever, be a double-ended make-up brush"... lmao. The struggles to store these..

❷ NATIO Double-Ended Eyeshadow Brush ($13.95)

❸ NATIO Face & Eye Palettes ($19.95/2 palettes)
These palettes are limited edition. Furthermore, 'Glow' is supposed to help with warming up your complexion whereas 'Illuminate' is supposed to brighten.

❹ NATIO Limited Edition Lip Colours ($14.95/2 shades)
New shades. TWO new shades... Limited Edition.

❺ BOURJOIS Brow Duo Sculpt ($20/3 shades)
A dual-ended brow pencil. Yeap, you've guessed it! One end for highlighting, the other to fill in the brows.

❻ BOURJOIS Palette Les Nudes ($28)
Eyeshadow palette with 8 different nude shades (actually not sure how 'purple' made it as a 'nude shade'). Has a 'melting cream powder formula'.

❼ BOURJOIS Volume Reveal ($23)
Offers volume.

❽ NYX Beauty School Dropout 101 Palettes ($12)
Limited edition palettes featuring 6 shades each. Available in 'Smokey' and 'Nude'.

❾ ESSANO Micellar Soothing Sensitive Wipes ($8.99/20pk)
In simple terms: it is what it is.

❿ RIMMEL LONDON Scandaleyes Bold Liquid Liner ($13.95)
Intense, long-lasting and waterproof. Formulated with rich black pigments, but apparently also has a glossy finish. I don't know anyone ever who wants their liner to be glossy. Do you?

⓫ RIMMEL LONDON Brow This Way with Argan Oil ($12.95/4 shades)
Their glam'd up Brow This Way, but with argan oil to condition and soften yo brows.

⓬ SALLY HANSEN Color Therapy Nail Products 

  • Nail & Cuticle Oil ($16.95)
  • Nail Polish ($16.95/14 shades)
  • Top Coat ($16.95)

⓭ REVLON Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours ($24.95/15 shades)
Ultra-hydrating gel formulated lip colours.

⓮ JANE IREDALE Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner ($50/4 shades)
A smooth, creamy, blendable, buildable, richly pigmented and long-wearing eyeliner. Includes a brush at the top, great for when you're on-the-go.

⓯ TOM FORD Shade and Illuminate Cheeks ($125/2 combinations)
A blush duo of highlighting and shading creams.

⓰ TOM FORD Shade and Illuminate Lips ($90/6 combinations)
A lip duo with a light and dark shade which can be used to create an ombre effect.
AUSTRALIS Velourlips Metallic Lipcolours ($10.49/4 NEW shades)
I'm sure you've heard lots about these! Reminds me a lot of a few Colourpop metallic shades that my sister owns!

AUSTRALIS Liquid Strobe Illuminating Drops ($19.95/2 shades)
Basically, illuminating drops to be added to your foundation or as a liquid highlighter.

So many great products, so little money. Ahhh...

Hope you've found the post helpful. Gotta jet!

Speak soon!!


03 February 2017

NEW ON COUNTER (FEB 2017): L'Oreal, Rimmel London, Maybelline, Glasshouse Fragrances, PONi, ULTA3

Aaaaaaaaand that's another month done and dusted for the year of 2017, lmao.

What have we all accomplished so far?

For me? A big, fat............ N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Well, a few snaps from my IG to keep y'all updated with what's been going on:

❶ Pigging away on these @wearenutie donuts at the Lunar Markets in Pyrmont, Sydney! Yum!
❷ Quick #FOTD with my favourite Chi Chi lippy in 'Social Climber'.
❸ Collected some cute Disney shit from Daiso, yippee!

❹ Tried maybe a bit too hard to become a Golden Gaytime model... What do you say?
❺ One of the biggest disappointment in my food life.
❻ Wishing upon a lucky red tree (CNY seaason) that I won't get too tubby from the night market I was at... ytb.

L'OREAL PARIS Color Riche Le Vernis a L'Huile ($9.95/20 shades)
Actually quite affordable, considering that the packaging looks pretty luxe. Nourishing formula, but the wow factor is.............. wait for it........................ the brush has over 400 bristles! #dahell #datnametho

L'OREAL PARIS Colour Riche Les Ombres Eyeshadow Quad ($23.95/8 palettes)
Rich pigment, soft texture with an intense finish. Creamy, silk and smooth in texture, and lasts up to 12 hours.

L'OREAL PARIS Infallible Sexy Balm ($14.95/12 shades)
A gel balm that moisturises the lips with a pop of colour. Expect to range to feature both sheer and bold colours.

L'OREAL PARIS Infallible Total Cover Foundations ($29.95/6 shades)
Offers 24 hours full coverage for the face and body. Can be used to hide surgical scars, tattoos, veins, birthmarks and stretchmarks with a cakey feel. VERY KEEN to try this. A tad expensive, but reminds me a lot of Dermablend.

L'OREAL PARIS Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette ($29.95/1 palette)
There's only one palette, which contains 5 shades as shown. Same same as the foundation above.

L'OREAL PARIS True Match High-Light Illuminating Powder ($19.95/3 trios)
A highlighting trio.

GLASSHOUSE FRAGRANCES The Hamptons Teak & Petitgrain Triple Scented Candle ($42.95)
Features notes of teak, iris and petitgrain. Don't ask me what those are, idek.

LUSH Valentine's Day Collection (limited edition)
Quick run-down:

Left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Lover Lamp ($7.95) // bath bomb
  2. Two Hearts Bathing Bar ($9.95) // soap
  3. Unicorn Horn ($8.95) // bubble bar
  4. Cupid Bath Bomb ($6.95) // bath bomb
  5. The Kiss Lip Scrub ($9.95) // lip scrub
  6. Ladybird Bubble Bar ($8.95) // bubble bar
  7. Prince Charming ($19.95/250g) // shower cream
  8. Lovestruck Bubble Bar ($8.95) // bubble bar
  9. Over and Over Bath Bomb ($8.95) // bath bomb

MAYBELLINE Brick Bronzer ($21.95)
A bronzer of shimmering bricks for highlighting, along with a matte bronzer.

MAYBELLINE Brow Precise Micro Pencil ($12.95/3 shades)
Has an ultra-fine tip, allows for micro-precision.

MAYBELLINE Colossal Big Show Mascara ($19.95)
Provides volume... lmao. So over mascaras. Every mascara description is pretty much the same... ZZzzzzzzzzz. #skip

MAYBELLINE Dream Cushion Foundation ($26.95/6 shades)
A cushion foundation that combines the benefits of a liquid foundation in the convenience of a compact. Buildable, medium coverage with a dewy finish.

MAYBELLINE Lip Studio Color Jolt Intense Lip Paint ($14.95/8 shades)
Interesting!!!! A pigmented lip paint. I wonder if it dries matte or glossy though? #KEEN

MAYBELLINE Master Contour V-Face Duo Stick ($19.95/2 shades)
A dual-ended cream contour and highlighting stick. Matte and blendable.

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Loaded Bolds ($17.95/10 shades)
New month, new lippy collection. Hey, hey, hey!

MAYBELLINE Drama The Nudes Liner ($11/3 shades)
Long-lasting, pigmented and easy-to-use eyeliners. Only available in 3 shades as they are supposed to suit all skin tones. The packaging is sooo pretty, won't lie.

MAYBELLINE Master Precise Skinny Eyeliner ($13.50)
Waterproof gel eyeliner pencils.

MAYBELLINE Master Strobing Stick Illuminating Highlighter ($15.95)
Looks like an addition to their Blush Sticks, but for strobing, obviously.

MAYBELLINE Super Stay 24H Primer ($15.95)
I THINK this has previously been done? Pretty they had a primer for their 24HR Super Stay range before...

MAYBELLINE The Rock Nudes Palette ($25.95)
Cool-toned neutrals eyeshadow palette.

PONi Cosmetics Zebra Brow Gel ($26)
A clear, water-resistant formulated brow gel. Won't lie... $26 for a clear brow gel, #dam.

RIMMEL LONDON The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks ($15.95/9 shades)
I'm sure you've heard SO much about these! Unfortunately, I missed out on the PR releases

ULTA3 #LOVEYOURSELFIE HD Blur Foundation ($11.95/4 shades)
Promises to blur the appearance of imperfections and fine lines to deliver a flawless, undetectable high coverage.

What's the pick for you?

My top picks would have to be ALL lip products featured in this post by Maybelline and Rimmel London. Especially the Lip Paints and The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks! I think they're gorgz, but whether I'll be getting them or not... is a different story, lol.

What are YOUR picks?

Let me know in the comments below!

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