18 June 2010

MAC Studio Fix Fluid & Revlon Colorstay Foundation Color Chart

For all requests on helping you choose a suitable shade: I've found this chart from around the web, so I really have no idea and won't be able to help you pick out a shade from Revlon or MAC. Sorry! Good luck though!

Hi everyone!! :) Getting back to beauty blogging... I've heard great reviews about BOTH MAC SFF & Revlon Colorstay Foundation, but I have never tried using them yet :3

But MAC's foundations are sooooooooo expensive, so I only grabbed only the exfoliator. Their foundations were $48.00 each, so both products would be $AUD96.00 ... Therefore, I am gonna order from USA... Since the foundations are only $USD28.00.. But I need to find a US resident who will be able to help me out :3

ANYWAYS. So.. since I have an idea of what shade I am... I was struggling to find the equivalence in Revlon's Colorstay foundation. Took me a while to research this. And I hope this helps for you too! ... If you're facing the same problem.

This chart was copied DIRECTLY from HERE >

Revlon Colorstay vs MAC Studio Fix Fluid - Color Chart

Ivory: NW15/NC15 (lightest shade of the ranges)
Buff: NC20 (best match for fair NCs)
Sand Beige: NC20-25 (with somewhat neutral undertones)
Nude: NC25 (with peachy undertones, definitely not for pinks or true goldens)
Natural Beige: NW20 (tends to run pink)
Medium Beige: NC27 (between Sand Beige & Golden Beige)
Fresh Beige: NW25 (with pinky undertones)
Golden Beige NC30 (with yellow/olive undertones)
Warm Golden: NW30/NC30 (with somewhat neutral undertones)
True Beige: NW30 (with pinky undertones - for Fresh Beige in Summer)
Natural Tan: NC40/NC42 (more neutral than Golden Caramel)
Early Tan: NW35 (with somewhat peach undertones)
Rich Tan: NW35 (with pinkish undertones)
Golden Caramel: NC40/NC42 (more golden than Natural Tan)
Toast: NW43/NC45 (with neutral undertones)
Rich Ginger: NW45 (very peachy-pink)
Caramel: NC45
Cappucino: NC50 (slightly more peach than Caramel)
Mahogany: NW50/NC55 (the darkest of NWs, but not extremely peachy)
Mocha: NW55 (seems to be very cool toned)

I am gonna check out the range soon, and most definitely WILL try out the testers! This chart may not be precise, so please be careful! :)

I am by-no-means an expert. I don't understand much of these shading things! But if you have any question! Please leave in the comment and we can try to discuss with other beauty bloggers too! :)

EDIT: Please not that this color chart does NOT apply to Revlon's PhotoReady Foundation
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