27 June 2016

SWATCHES: Stevie K Lipsticks

Way overdued, this post.

I've insta'd a photo of Stevie K lipsticks ($21.95) a few weeks ago if you follow me on IG (@the_beautifool). So much love for the photo!

But what can I say? These lippies look amazing in their suited-up black packaging. Simple, but sleekkkk. I love them!

AND their box packaging... OH MY GOD. If you love colours, or anything abstract... Mmmhhhmm. Take a look at this, guys...

Not ashamed to say, the packaging made me do it. So modern, so abstract, so "teeny", but without the "bopper", if ya know what I mean.

I'm sooooooo in love with the packaging guys! What do you think?

As for the swatches, here they are!

(L-R) Sky High,The New Black, Girl Boss, Sunday Morning, Bee, Berry Squeeze

Aren't they pretty?!

After swatching these six shades, I've realised that I've left one out. I've have another shade called "King Kylie", a nude shade, silently sitting in the corner. I'll make sure to include it in my upcoming face-swatches of these lippies!

These swatched to be nice and creamy. I've worn them for my face-swatches, and found that the matte shades sat comfortably on the lips without drying. Five of the seven shades I own are matte, except for the two lighter pinks, Bee & Berry Squeezed -- these two are more creamy in finish. However, I don't think they slid around too much on the lips, so s'all good.

Don't worry about being confused by the finishes they offer though. The finishes are stated on the packaging, or if  you shop on their website, they state it there too! I'd highly recommend you Google swatches of the lippies before you shop online though. Their stock photos can look a tad misleading.

Haven't worn these out yet, but my favourite pick is DEFINITELY Sunday Morning. It's such a beautiful, deep red. Here's a glimpse of what it looks like on me:

The colour, OMG. Anyone feel the same about the colour?

Anyways, I'll update ya with face-swatches soon! I'll be flying to Melbourne this weekend, so the post should be up sometime after this week!

Have a lovely week!


P.S. Stevie K is a new Aussie-reppin' brand, so if you're keen, do check their stockists or shop online.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned were purchased by myself. I am not affiliated with the company in any ways. 

06 June 2016


If you're from Sydney or any NSW region that has been flooding for the past two days, I hope that  you, your fam, pets and home are safe!

We've been struck with some extremely heavy rain for the past two days, the map of Australia suddenly looked like this overnight:

It's so strange that all the streets located only five to ten minutes away from me are all flooded, with some cars lookin' like they're sinking into the earth... lol. But either way, stay safe my beautifools!

On another note, Monday's my break day, so that's blogging day hey!

Thank Buddha the weather has cleared up today. There's some sun, meaning there's some light, which also means that I could capture the beauty of today's polish feature!

This shade, Kiss Me At Twilight ($4.95), is the only metallic-like shade out of the collection of six, I think! So far, I've swatched Snuggle Me, but its finish was nothing like this!

This particular shade photographs SOOOOOOOOOO well. It looks freakin' perfect on my nails -- glossy and all. I THINK it's the slight metallic finish it has. Adds such an oomph to the colour!

Of course, in saying so, it also looks great on the nails! Try it! No regretsssss.

Wish I could wear it out, but I work too often to be wearing any nail polishes. My cuticles are also starting to wear. Fingers (lol, pun) crossed that they won't get any worse, so I can still swatch many nail lacquers to share with y'all..

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration only. 

01 June 2016

NEW ON COUNTER (JUNE 2016): Maybelline, Designer Brands, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Nude

Happy Hump Day!!

The 31st, yesterday, marked the last day of my assessment-season! Hooooraaaaaaaay!
I'm so freaking excited, man. Finally no more stress, only hoping that I'll pass my units so I could move onto the next [even more intense] chapter of my uni life. My Masters, that is. Eeek.

Yeah, anyways, I can now continue doing the things I did (watch movies/dramas, chill around) without the guilt and stress, lmao. Been considering GoT since everyone's on it.. but, ehhh.

❶ BENEFIT Dandelion Dew ($49)
Aaaa, I'm so late to the game for these two Benefit launches! I apologise. This is, blush in a pump, I believe. Lightweight, and offers a radiant pink glow.

❷ BENEFIT Dandelion Shy Beam ($45)
A highlighter that offers a soft, nude pink colour and a matte finish. Highlights the face without shine.... Hmmmmm?

❸ BOBBI BROWN Beach Nude Bronzing Powder ($60/2 shades)
Their latest limited edition! This range of bronzing powders are supposedly, suitable for all skin types and is lightweight. Features a mixture of red and brown colouring for a warm tint.

❹ BOBBI BROWN Beach Nude Eye Palette ($85/4 palettes)
Exxy! Quadshadow palette, available in four different sets, hey.

❺ BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Brow Gel ($45) & Dual Ended Brow Brush ($50)
Brow Gel: A sweat-proof gel-wax formula that stays for 24 hours.
Brow Brush: Pretty self-explanatory hey, lmao.

❻ BOBBI BROWN Mini Shimmer Brick ($40)
A mini-version for the popular Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick! On new ways to enable you: a smaller version, higher hopes of finishing it. Cheaper than the OG too, may I add.

This month, Nude by Nature has seem to up their packaging game! All these new products of the brand looks hella sleek! Very YSL-esque to me, what do you think? Even the prices seems very high end.
Contour Fluid Trio ($39.85/set)

Contour Palette ($39.95)

Highlight Palette ($39.95)

Pointed Precision Brush ($24.95)

True Glow Hilighter Stick ($24.95)

❽ MAYBELLINE Blushed Nudes Palette ($25.95)
For every fan-girl of their NUDES palette out there, this one's for you! A blushed Nudes palette, featuring 12 rosy-based nude shades! Contains both matte and shimmer finishes. 

❾ DESIGNER BRANDS Cream Contour Kit ($14.99/2 sets)
A cream-contour trio! The formula in three words: blendable, natural, dewy. 

❿ DESIGNER BRANDS Luminous Perfection Cushion Foundation ($19.99/4 shade)
Ooooooo, seeeee. Another cushion foundation in the hood! This one, is said to luminous in finish and offers a medium-buildable coverage. Refills are also made available for re-purchases. 

So little products for this month, hey?

I've had a skim through what's to hit counters next month!
It's going to be exciting, soo haaaaaaaaaaaaang in there! ^_^

Have a lovely Hump Day! 

T x
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