01 June 2016

NEW ON COUNTER (JUNE 2016): Maybelline, Designer Brands, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Nude

Happy Hump Day!!

The 31st, yesterday, marked the last day of my assessment-season! Hooooraaaaaaaay!
I'm so freaking excited, man. Finally no more stress, only hoping that I'll pass my units so I could move onto the next [even more intense] chapter of my uni life. My Masters, that is. Eeek.

Yeah, anyways, I can now continue doing the things I did (watch movies/dramas, chill around) without the guilt and stress, lmao. Been considering GoT since everyone's on it.. but, ehhh.

❶ BENEFIT Dandelion Dew ($49)
Aaaa, I'm so late to the game for these two Benefit launches! I apologise. This is, blush in a pump, I believe. Lightweight, and offers a radiant pink glow.

❷ BENEFIT Dandelion Shy Beam ($45)
A highlighter that offers a soft, nude pink colour and a matte finish. Highlights the face without shine.... Hmmmmm?

❸ BOBBI BROWN Beach Nude Bronzing Powder ($60/2 shades)
Their latest limited edition! This range of bronzing powders are supposedly, suitable for all skin types and is lightweight. Features a mixture of red and brown colouring for a warm tint.

❹ BOBBI BROWN Beach Nude Eye Palette ($85/4 palettes)
Exxy! Quadshadow palette, available in four different sets, hey.

❺ BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Brow Gel ($45) & Dual Ended Brow Brush ($50)
Brow Gel: A sweat-proof gel-wax formula that stays for 24 hours.
Brow Brush: Pretty self-explanatory hey, lmao.

❻ BOBBI BROWN Mini Shimmer Brick ($40)
A mini-version for the popular Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick! On new ways to enable you: a smaller version, higher hopes of finishing it. Cheaper than the OG too, may I add.

This month, Nude by Nature has seem to up their packaging game! All these new products of the brand looks hella sleek! Very YSL-esque to me, what do you think? Even the prices seems very high end.
Contour Fluid Trio ($39.85/set)

Contour Palette ($39.95)

Highlight Palette ($39.95)

Pointed Precision Brush ($24.95)

True Glow Hilighter Stick ($24.95)

❽ MAYBELLINE Blushed Nudes Palette ($25.95)
For every fan-girl of their NUDES palette out there, this one's for you! A blushed Nudes palette, featuring 12 rosy-based nude shades! Contains both matte and shimmer finishes. 

❾ DESIGNER BRANDS Cream Contour Kit ($14.99/2 sets)
A cream-contour trio! The formula in three words: blendable, natural, dewy. 

❿ DESIGNER BRANDS Luminous Perfection Cushion Foundation ($19.99/4 shade)
Ooooooo, seeeee. Another cushion foundation in the hood! This one, is said to luminous in finish and offers a medium-buildable coverage. Refills are also made available for re-purchases. 

So little products for this month, hey?

I've had a skim through what's to hit counters next month!
It's going to be exciting, soo haaaaaaaaaaaaang in there! ^_^

Have a lovely Hump Day! 

T x


  1. I'm so excited by all of Nude by Nature's new packaging. It seems like they've stuck with their standard packaging for so many years! (Though with nicer packaging comes higher prices...;( ) Thanks! Always look foward to these posts
    ~Weng wengiful 

    1. Yes!! I agree! I can't wait to see them at Priceline either! X

  2. I just rediscovered your blog after seeing all these new products at Priceline and remembering how much I loved your round up of new products. I'm so happy you're still around keep it up!

    1. Viv!!!!!!!! Thank you! :') Miss you, hope you've been well. Thank you for dropping by! x


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