21 March 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel in Wintermint

OH MY GOD. I've had these photos taken for forever now, but never remembered to post about them. Yeah, this happens way too often.... that's why there are folders and folders of raw images stuck on my desktop.


My sister purchased these polishes by Revlon lately, from the new Parfumerie range! Yes, they are scented. Individually scented.

Wintermint is a pretty.... mmmhm... Should I say "pearly" or "frosty"? Not sure. It seems to be neither, nor is it shimmery. The finish is very strange (as you could see in the swatches below). It looks sandy like those sandy-textured lacquers, with a bit of a metallic-base sheen.

Yes! It's a light-mint based polish, with small blue glitters and reflective micro-glitters.

Okay, now the SCENT!

If you like or don't mind scented nail polishes, you won't have a problem with this. However, if you're like me, one who can't really stand scented nail polishes, then... these are probably not for you to play with. The scent is not faint. Adding to that, they are also rather pricey so in my opinion, I don't think it's worth paying $16.95 for one-time use if you can't stand the scent. Do consider this, before any purchases!

Back to Wintermint though..

Does it have a minty-scent?! YES!
Do I like it? NO!

Why? Umm.... The scent is rather strange, it's minty, but I can still smell the chemical spice. The mix of both scents makes me want to puke a bit every single time I touch my nose, ESPECIALLY when I'm applying my face creams! God!!!

In all, yeah, I can't really stand scented nail polishes. However, Wintermint is one of a kind. It's nothing you can find from any other ranges from other brands, so.... Yes!

+1 for the colour!
-2 for the scent!


Have you tried Revlon's Parfumerie Nail Enamel range?!

By the way, after looking back at this colour, I've realised that it matches the colour theme of my blog a lot! Hahaha!

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel, $16.95, available in 24 shades, at Priceline, Big W and other Revlon stockists.

09 March 2014

Saturday's Swatches: Max Factor NEW Excess Intensity Longwear Eyeliner

I haven't done any swatch posts in yonks!

I've promised that I'll quickly get down to swatches of Face Of Australia's new Siren Nail Collection, but since I haven't finished the post yet, here's a swatch post on these new eyeliners by Max Factor!

I had no idea these were launched together with their new Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara that I've mentioned last in this month's launch post, until I saw these at Big W. Strange that they didn't post up any information on these, because they seem quite promising!

When swatched, the pigmentation seemed to vary by shades. There are 6 shades in the range: gold, green, blue, silver, brown and black. The pigmentation seemed amazing for the gold, brown and black shades! Others seemed like they needed a few more glides back and forth to catch up with the payoff. However, still not bad!

The shimmering gold shade is beautiful. The brown and black are creamy and matte. These three shades really do tempt me, but the price gives my pocket a shock. The price is $21.95 per, if I could remember correctly...

Anyways, don't take this for a review post! I don't own these products (as much as I'd like to), these swatches were gathered after hitting up my local Big W. Haha! If you like these, go ahead!

Like I said, they seem quite promising. If you've happened try these already, make sure to spill with us on how they went for you too!

Happy weekend! x

04 March 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia - March 2014

Hello wello cello!

Greetings from uni, because 1 hour breaks (before a 3 hour language class) are just SO perfect to catch up on launch posts!

There are many, many new launches this month, from both "drugstore" and department store brands! Quite exciting actually. I think I'm just in the mood to spend and splurge! >~<

I'll try to keep you posted on the department launches, but for now, no promises yet! What I can promise you is that, one of these products to follow will surely make your heart thump! ^_^!


Australia reppin' brand, FOA is launching some new, eggciting products for the month of March! A quick rundown....

  • Glamazon Leopardess Contour & Highlight Kit ($9.95) - Contains a matte pressed powder to contour and sculpt the features, along with an illuminating powder for your convenience. Also contains a large mirror. Travel and handbang friendly! I have these at home, I'll get swatching this weekend! Promiseeeeeee. 
  • Glamazon Minx Blush & Highlihting Kit ($9.95) - For those who are not a fan of contouring, here's one for ya! A blush to replace the contouring powder. Same same packaging. 

Screen Siren Limited Edition Nail Polish Collection ($4.95/8 shades)
Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, this collection features creamy nudes, pop oranges and poppy greens! Haven't heard too much about these, but the green and purple looks wonderful! Don't you think?

Rarely do I see features of Natio. Glad to share a few new products by them, which will be launched towards the end of the month! P.S. I think this brand needs more TLC.... >_>

Natio Bloom & Glow Brow Finishing Gel ($12.95)
Shapes and frames the eyebrows with natural colour, volume and hold. Available in 1 neutral brown shade only. I've been looking for something like this, but what I need to pay attention to more is ANY Natio stand near me.... = =^

Natio Bloom & Glow Cream Blush Stick ($17.95/not sure how many shades)
I'm pretty sure Natio would have more than one shade in this range, just didn't state how many. The formula of these claims to apply smoothly, and easily with a buildable application.

Natio Bloom & Glow Cream to Powder Foundation ($19.95/2 shades)
A lightweight foundation that leaves a shine-free powder finish. If I'm not wrong, this formula is cream-based, but applies and wears like a powder (lightweight and matte). Described to offer natural coverage that evens the skin tone without masking. Available in two shades, because we are only available in two shades.. /sarcasm

Natio Bloom & Glow Mineral Face Illuminator ($17.95)
A bloom-embossed palette that features ivory and rose pink tones to lift and brighten the complexion. Also said to suit all skin types. Available in a golden ivory/soft rose duo.

Natio Bloom & Glow Pen Eyeliner ($14.95/1 shade)
Looks super chunky, this pen eyeliner. It accentuates eyes and define lashes. The wide barrel and soft tips facilitates precise application.

Natio Bloom & Glow Shine Lipstick ($14.95/2 shade)
A lipstick. Creamy and moisturising, they say. Available in a wide range of 2 shades. 

Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara ($25.95)
Described to be "double-ended". Combines volume with a black lacquer finish. There's a thickening base coat offers high volume, meanwhile, the top coat leaves the lashes with a glossy coating that smooths and seals. Eep. Double-ended mascara... Only seen the fibre mascaras, none of this yet!

Bourjois Paris Black Jack Mascara ($22)
An intense black mascara that has been "formulated with micro-particles of gold for a shimmering effect". Described to be volumising, clump-free and paraben-free. The "shimmering effect" sounds scary.

L'Oreal Paris False Lash Butterling Wings Mascara ($25.95)
A lengthening-based mascara. Designed with an "Amplifying Brush" which will stretch and lengthen each lash to the outer corner of your eyes. Yes plz. My Asian lashes needs something like this, but I won't buy into the price..... and the name. Eek.

NP Set Bronze Blush & Go Duo ($28)
Yessssss, a drugstore brand. Half drugstore, half department... since you can find this Big W too. This is a powder duo, featuring a bronzer and a blusher. Formulated with some fancy antioxidants... basically, vitamin A-Z.

WOTNOT Facial Wipes for Oily/Sensitive Skin ($7.95)
OKAY. No sarcasm here! Really loved these wipes in the original formula. Now formulated for oily and sensitive skin users. I have a review of the original here, which left a bit of oil on my skin after removing my make-up. Felt iffy at first, but I grew to love it for my drier skin. Hope these will work out for those with oily skin types too.

The following is NOT a cosmetic product, but I feel like the brand is really worth a mention.

Cedel Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair ($8.99)

So that's a wrap up for this month's freshly launched products and sarcasm! ^_^ Hahaha..

Let me know which of these newbies made your heart thump!

I've actually received a kind care parcel by FOA yesterday, containing their whole collection of Siren nail lacquers! I'll get down to swatch them soon! ^_^
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