30 March 2013

Australis' Blue Tiger ft. Shimmy Shake!

Hi! I thought I'd pop into ze blog today to share with you my NOTD! I've been obsessed with glitters on accent nails lately. Mainly because they don't look too overwhelming on the nails AND I probably would kill myself if I had to sit and remove glitters from all 10 nails. Having them on my accent nails to remove is bad enough, thanks.

Another day, another Australis feature on ze blog.... I blog about Australis WAY too muchhhhhh.

I'm sporting Blue Tiger on ma nails today! It's a bright medium blue which screams "BAM! Look at me ho"... just kidding! I was quite strucked by its semi-matte finish, but I quite like it for this colour! If you're not a matte-lover, there's nothing a top coat can't fix  :P

As for the formula, it applied beautifully. I never used to be a fan of Australis' nail lacquers, but I'm starting to convert. I remember the fewer first shades I tried by Australis were disgusting. Eeeeep. Thank Lord they've improved it, or it'll be a shame for they have some of the prettiest shades!

I've paired Blue Tiger with Shimmy Shake, a sliver glitter top coat which was also fantastic in terms of quality! I didn't think I'd like it that much, but I loveeee how it looks on the nails! Almost like leftover silver specks, yes?!

As much as I do love glitters, I think it's time to take a break from them. I'm kinda sick of them when it comes to removal (aren't we all?)... On a side note, take a look at my Australis' nail polish collection!!

Yes, I am quite a collector! *ahem* Hoarder, more like it. *ahem*

What are your FAVOURITE blue nail polishes?!

Please share with me some of your favourite blues! I've been quite liking blue nail polishes latelyy. I've never really noticed how gorgeous they are until I've started using these candy blue colours.

Australis Nail Colours are $7.95 each. Available at Priceline, Target, Big W and K-Mart.

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. 

27 March 2013

A slice of life: On beauty events, the yummies, the funny.

On Justin Timberlake.
OH, I've been starstruck with JT lately, since he hit back with his new album, reminding me much of the old, but gold RNBs. None of the modern poppy and meaningless shit ya know?

Please bring back the bald cut Justin, you hottie!

On beauty events: Glam By Manicare
A few weeks ago, I attended a Masterclass by Glam By Manicare. I've always wondered about false lash styles is the correct one to wear for whichever eye types. The evening was informative, interesting and FUN! Loved every single second of it!

On the yummies.
MY FAVOURITE SECTION PART OF THESE PERSONAL POSTS!! ^_^ I've been munching alot lately -- from restaurants to fast food.. Eeep! Let me take you through my food adventure!

Fatman Catering: Corndogs and Cheesy Chips

Vinh Phat: Har Gow, Dim Sums, Fried Squids, Steamed Wet Cakes, Chicken Feet Salad (?)

Vinh Phat: Chicken Feet (LOL hope this doesn't freak anyone out), Deep fried seafood (not sure what) with mayo!

Mt Pritchard Bistro: Fish & Chips and Mongolian Beef.

Canley Height's Bistro T-bone and McDonald's Bacon & Egg McMuffin

They actually managed to burn the bread pieces of my Bacon & Egg McMuffin, but it actually tasted pretty damn delicious compared to the usual. Will order a burnt Bacon & Egg McMuffin from them next time.

LOL jk.

On a similar note, I dissected my first durian and may I say.. It was the most amazing durian EVER!! :P Yes, I know sometimes it stinks, but I loveee it!

On a smelly durian note. 
My mother (aka Mummy Pig) actually works as a gym cleaner and she comes home telling me some of the most hilarious stories. Basically, one of the Asian ladies actually brought durian with her to gym to munch whilst she works out. If you've smelt durian before.. you'll know it stinks like hell for some so soon after that Asian lady entered the gym, they've immediately evacuated everyone from the building and called in all these professionals to check for gas leaks. LOL!! Yes! Turned out it was the smell of durian. HAHAHAH.

On new products to play with.

New products to play with! I can't wait to trial the new Arbonne Cosmetics sent to trial and L'Oreal BB Blush from Priceline's Blogger Pack!

And yes, those BYS lipsticks are colour-changing lipsticks! :P Sounds great, but I've test swatched and it honestly doesn't seem to be that great. The product itself look so pretty though! Looks almost like a jelly lipstick.

As for the Australis Pout Pastes, I already have swatches of those here if you're a keen bean!

On harmless selfies.

Above is the thumbnail for a video I filmed for my Youtube LOL! I always get the worst thumbnails, seriously.... 

But here's me looking pretty perfect:

Yes, behind is my sister :P

Then here's me looking like I could be cover of an Asian action movie..

Then here's me attempting Alice's signature pose...

Then here's me trialling Australis Pout Paste in Kiss Me Pink...

On the FUNNY.
I've quitted Facebook yonks ago, but I've been lurking back recently for the lol's. Here's one for you...

LOL @ Anna's question.

Take the time out to imagine. Would you prefer changing sex every sneeze or possibly taking a bite out of a baby thinking it was a muffin? LOL! 

On my #WomenWishes.

25 March 2013

Lust-Have: KBShimmer Glitter Nail Lacquers

Despite having a whole rack full of nail polishes, my love for nail polishes just seems to be never ending! Especially glitter nail polishes. Every time I see a nail blogger post about KBShimmer, my heart goes BOMP BOMP BOMP.

One of my favourite bloggers is Manicurator who seriously does one of the best swatches around. Here's one of her many posts of KBShimmer nail lacquers and for each time she posts about KBShimmer, my lust for it just grows and grows!

Here are some of my favourite picks that I'd love to own..

Get Clover It, Candy Cane Crush, Let's Get Star-ted

Get Clover It is like bokeh in a bottle! So purdyyyy. Let's just take a minute break to admire the beauty.

Photo credits to Manicurator >

Candy Cane Crush was released part of their Winter 2012 collection, I believe. I've seen other photos of this particular polish, but her choice of layering this over grey is PERFECT. Such an amazing combo!

Photo credits to Manicurator >

Let's Get Star-ted is another pretty one with a white base colour. Love the purple, blue and neutral colour theme. Love, love and love! 

Photo credits to A Polish Addict >

Those are my three favourite picks from KBShimmer... There's more glitz and glammies at their website, if you'd like to give them a peek :P

Do you know of any other indie brands with amazing glitter lacquers?!
Please share with us below!

23 March 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Australis Pout Pastes

YES! They're finally here -- Australis Paint Pouts that I've mentioned in my previous drugstore launch post.

I've came home from a looooooong day of uni on Thursday night and as I was being Cinderella, moppin' around the house, my sister suddenly read out loud "Australis Pout Paste". I asked her, "What are you talking about poopie?" in which she replied, "Your parcel. You didn't open it so I did it for you".

I SQUEALED. Eek!! Australis Paint Pouts has hit my blogging "desk" (not really, I don't have a blogging desk). I can't wait to trial these babies out, but for now, I thought I'd put up swatches so it'll give you an idea of what the shades are like! :P

It's fair to say that these DO look very much like Sleek's Paint Pouts and OCC Lip Tars on the outside right? However, I was quite stoked (in a good way) that these actually came WITH doe-foot applicators! YUS, yus, yus!

There's three shades in the range:
  • Love Bites -- scarlet red
  • Pash Me Pink -- rose pink
  • Berry Nice Kiss -- grape colour

First impressions: The shades aren't dark, but they're quite deep in terms of colours. They're like a thick, liquid lip product which packs a punch of colour (apparently also stains), but has somewhat of a sticky feel. If you can stand their Colour Inject Mineral Lip Glosses, then I'm pretty sure these will be fine for you! Their lip glosses aren't THAT sticky anyways.

That's all for swatches and first impressions, but I'll make sure to hit back with a full review of these real soon! Stay tuna'ed.

What do you think of Australis' take on these Pout Pastes?
Will you be looking into them?

Australis Pout Pastes should be available at the stores now, or soon, or if you seriously can't wait then they're available online at their website for $12.95.

Disclaimer: Products were provided for review consideration only. I was not obligated to review, mention or post about these products. All opinions within this post belongs to myself and remains uninfluenced and unbiased. 

21 March 2013

Face Of Australia Budgeproof Gel Eyeliners Review & Swatches!

I'm pretty sure we are all aware of Face Of Australia's latest launch of their Budge-proof Gel Eyeliners by now, yes? And I'm sure that we all know I'm always lagging reviews hence I've only got to it now... >_<

Face Of Australia's Budge-proof Eyeliners are packaged in cute, little pots with a detachable, clicked-on pointed brush (great for travelling!). The brush actually works really well in creating thinner lines -- alot like the brush that comes with Maybelline's Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner, but smaller in size :P

These are available in 5 shades which are all pretty wearable on its own except for Violet, methinks. My first impressions with the formula was that they're INCREDIBLY soft and creamy which makes them glide on like a dr-dr-dream!

But frankly, they're not the most pigmented out of all the ones I've tried. And I don't mean that they are the sheerest of them all, but I personally found the need to go over with a second layer for a fuller opacity. Sometimes, I also found it necessary to blot off the overloaded excess of eyeliner with my finger to minimise waiting time for it to set. Doesn't bother me too much, but I thought I'd give it a mention... Hehehe.

Sadly, for my hooded eyelids, I cannot go without a primer for these eyeliners would crease within the first half hour, so you guys with double eyelids would be in better luck with these when using without a primer. However, all hopes are not lost for me n my hooded lids! With a primer and blotting off the excess eyeliner, these wears well and lasts up to whopping 6 hours (for the black shades) and 8-9 hours (for the other shades) with little fading and creasing.

Pure Purple, Espresso, Brilliant Blue, Blackest Black and Blackest Shimmer

To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed in 'Black Shimmers' as a shade, since the amount of shimmers it contained is almost undetectable in the pot and on the eyes.. I truthfully don't see a point in creating such a shade if it looks very much like 'Black' >_<!

Overall, these pots of gel eyeliners surely didn't "wow" me, but I still do think they're AWESOME value for their $9.95 price tag! Best to be worn over a primer if you have hooded eyelids and for each pot you own, you also get a nifty eyeliner brush that comes along.

Speaking of the brushes, my first thought when these goodies arrived at my door was: "BAM! 5 eyeliner brushes to the collection." -- LOL Not sure about you, but there's just NEVER enough eyeliner brushes at home for my sister and I...... Mainly because no one washes them >_< Meep.

Have you tried FOA's Budgeproof Gel Eyeliners?
Would you?

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this review was provided for review consideration only. I was not obligated to review, mention or post about these products. All opinions within this post belong to myself and remains uninfluenced and unbiased. 

19 March 2013

NOTD: Rubi Under The Seaport ft. Australis Eureka

Hey there beautifools. Sorry I didn't get up to any postings yesterday! Usually, I'd have posts lined up and scheduled, but I've ran out of my "back up" posts :(

I spent ALL day yesterday working on my assessment, being angry at my sister, being sick and catching up on some homework. I haven't worked on any posts for this week yet, but if you see me skipping posts, then I'm super sorry -- still trying to get the hang of uni + blogging.

Before when I studied at TAFE, I had heaps of spare time on my hands so I never really took the time to trial nail polishes (since I'd change them every fewer days), but now that I have so many things to do.. it's the perfect time to trial nail polishes!!! Woop!

This week, my nails are very Australian -- with both brands used being of Australian brands. 

 Yes!! Rubi nail polishes! Did you know that Rubi had their very own line of nail lacquers?

This is Under The Seaport, a very dark teal colour, methinks. My mum argues that this is "navy" colour, but it's more like.. it could be a "navy" version of green? Anyhows, whatever it is, I really like the look of it on my nails! The formula is also perfectly pigmented and smooth, except that it chipped after a day of wear *cries

I hate how some nail polish brands with the most fantastic pigmentation and formula turns their own products into duds just because of the long-lasting power. If they tried harder, their products could seriously live up to those of the higher-end brands! Looking at you, Rubi and Eclipse!

Anyhows, I've been into glitter accents lately, so I've paired Under The Seaport with Australis' Glitter Top Coat in Eureka, and here's the finished look:

Oh, how I love glitters! I seriously don't think I can ever wear creme colours on its own ever again!

Have you tried Rubi nail lacquers?
How do you wear your glitter top coats?

I still have another Rubi nail lacquer to try and I have a feeling it's going to be just the same as this one -- perfect pigmentation and formula, but chips after a day wear... Meep.

Disclaimer: Both products were purchased by me.

16 March 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD Eyeshadow in Totally Busted

Yay! After rolling round in other brands, today we are back with my very favourite brand -- Australis! As you know.. I'm a big Australis gal! I was actually looking through my blogposts the other day and I'm pretty sure Australis is the most featured on Beauty With The Beautifool, no joke!

This week's Saturday's Swatch-a-day stars 'Totally Busted' from Australis' Paparazzi Perfect HD range! This eyeshadow has actually sat in my stash for a loooooong time.. had no idea what to do with it as I'm not an eyeshadow user.. Meep!

This palette comes with 5 shades with that criss crossed design (as shown on the back of the packaging). Although it looks pretty, it's actually isn't practical at all. I had a hard time swatching these myself because the shades sat so closely to each other in the palette and the criss cross design certainly didn't help so I can imagine all the pains and struggles of using a brush when trying to get into the inner corners of the shades.. Meep!

As for the eyeshadows themselves, they're smooth, non-chalky and packed with pigments. Not as top as the eyshads from my Urban Decay NAKED palette, but seems fair for its price.

All 5 shades of the palette are shimmery, shimmery and shimmery. With pearly sheens.

LOL, yes guys! I've tanned...... alot.

They're not overly shimmery on the eyes, but I'd still prefer at least 1 matte eyeshadow in it. It'd be so much more handy for on-the-go's and so much more versatile.

Here's my created look with all 5 shades:

Don't ask me how I did it. I do not know...... :P

Have you tried Australis' Paparazzi Perfect Eyeshadows?
How did you go?

Australis PP HD Eyeshadow Compacts are $15.95, available in 4 shades, at Priceline, Big W, Target and other Australis' stockists.

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration only. All opinions expressed within this post remains uninfluenced and unbiased. Please refer to this blog's disclaimer policy. 

14 March 2013

Why not go with WOTNOT?

Not too long ago, I received an email from WOTNOT's representative informing me about their ABOUTFACE Campaign which allows you to send in your empty pack of face wipes in exchange for a full-sized pack of WOTNOT wipes...

Well.. I'm extremely late on this post, so the campaign has officially ended ... Meep! I'm extremely sorry! I wished I posted about this earlier, because you guys would've scored yourself an AWESOME pack of make-up wipes!

Seriously.. These wipes are one of the best wipes I've ever used!

What makes them different from the rest? Well, here's a list:
  1. The material -- Oh, the very first time I used these, the material of the face wipes stood out the most to me! It's much softer than other wipes I've used and feels like it's very... Err.. Wooly? Cotton-y? It just feels very different (and I love it)!
  2. Very moist -- Who doesn't like wet wipes, right?
  3. The after-feel -- After removing my make-up, the wipes leaves this oily film. I wasn't comfortable with it at first, but hey... I'm here now and I actually really like the idea of this since it leaves my skin feel moisturised instead of feeling tight and dry. I think the oily-film it leaves behind may be certified organic aloe vera and/or sweet almond oil and/or rosehip oil and/or jojoba oil as described on their website. Not too sure, but whatever you are oil.. I like you!
  4. Safe and gentle on the skin and environment!

Proud to say, WOTNOT's facial wipes are also:
  • Not tested on animals
  • Australian owned
  • 100% natural and biodegradable fibre
  • Free from alcohol and artificial fragrances
  • Free from parabens and ptrochemicals
  • Ideal for women with sensitive skin
  • Removes all make-up including waterproof mascara

These wipes are a tad more costly at $7.95 per pack of 25 wipes which I usually don't justify for. However, I really like these wipes, so they're totally worth it!! I wished they'd branch out to national stores (such as Priceline or Big W) though, for easier access.

Otherwise, if you can find them near you, I highly recommend them!

What do you think of WOTNOT's facial wipes?
Share with me your HG/favourite facial wipes too!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration... a long time ago. All opinions mentioned in this post are of my own and remains uninfluenced and unbiased.
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