10 March 2013

Saturday/Sunday Steals #29: $700+ worth of make-up for $80. Wuht?!

Good evening peeps. As I'm typing away, it's 11:31AM on a Sunday morning. I've just only came back from the markets 2 hours ago and I'm SO excited to show you guys what I've purchased!

So I said that my previous markets haul was probably one of the "BEST" markets haul EVER.. Well. I'm going have to scrap that, because today's markets haul totally blew me away!

Here are the products that I've purchased today... ALL make-up products were $2 each and nail polishes were $1 each!

(B Collection, Rimmel Primer was 50c each, Herbal Essences Hair Mask $3, Australis old blush 50c)

Revlon quad was $1 and yes, I've got this Chi Chi NUDES palette for $2!!!!!!!

Thanks Jen for the discounts on the products!

Jen & I actually follow each other on Twitter for quite some time now and I didn't know it was her until I saw her tweeting about selling at the markets. So when I saw an Asian girl selling her MASSIVE collection of make-up at the markets, I just knew it was her! The Australis products I've purchased in my previous market haul was also from her LOL. Woop!

Chit chat a bits, and she gave me hectic discounts. She'd usually sell these make-up for $4 each, but sold them to me for only $2 each! Super happy! All these products filled up half a Supre bag and are actually worth over $700! I only paid $80 for theseeeeeeeeeeee!

I have a feeling that I'll be starting my own stall at the markets soon at this rate LOL.

If you are wondering which markets I go to.. I go to Sydney's Paddy's Markets in Flemington on Saturdays (great for thrifting clothes and shoes) and Trash & Treasure in Prestons on Sundays (they also have branches in Melbourne, check their official website).


    OMGOMGOMG WOOOOWWWW I wish I lived in your state! xD

  2. Omg these are such amazing bargains, I am so jealous! Just look at all those beautiful lipsticks and lip crayons and palettes.... you're one lucky girl!

  3. Great bargains! Love the Revlon and Australis products you picked up. Pity we don't have something like this in Perth!

  4. Wow this is amazing :):) I love paddys markets If only I lived in Sydney :)

  5. Holy crap, so many goodies for such a good price! I haven't been to the markets in ages cause I think there's just too many people there. Used to go there nearly every week when my parents used to own a business. You make me want to go to the markets to buy my make up now! Ahhhh


  6. WOW what a great haul!

    Even better is the fact that they are new!!! I could never buy used cosmetics. The germs scare me.

  7. Wow, you're definitely the queen of bargain hunting for cosmetics at the markets! Amazing haul :)

  8. OMGGGG only $1 / $2 dollars o.o" !!!! heaven !!! lol nice haul :D

  9. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Amaaaaaazing! I am so so jealous right now :))) xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. wow lots of little goodies here. i see some that i already know you'll love.



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