23 March 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Australis Pout Pastes

YES! They're finally here -- Australis Paint Pouts that I've mentioned in my previous drugstore launch post.

I've came home from a looooooong day of uni on Thursday night and as I was being Cinderella, moppin' around the house, my sister suddenly read out loud "Australis Pout Paste". I asked her, "What are you talking about poopie?" in which she replied, "Your parcel. You didn't open it so I did it for you".

I SQUEALED. Eek!! Australis Paint Pouts has hit my blogging "desk" (not really, I don't have a blogging desk). I can't wait to trial these babies out, but for now, I thought I'd put up swatches so it'll give you an idea of what the shades are like! :P

It's fair to say that these DO look very much like Sleek's Paint Pouts and OCC Lip Tars on the outside right? However, I was quite stoked (in a good way) that these actually came WITH doe-foot applicators! YUS, yus, yus!

There's three shades in the range:
  • Love Bites -- scarlet red
  • Pash Me Pink -- rose pink
  • Berry Nice Kiss -- grape colour

First impressions: The shades aren't dark, but they're quite deep in terms of colours. They're like a thick, liquid lip product which packs a punch of colour (apparently also stains), but has somewhat of a sticky feel. If you can stand their Colour Inject Mineral Lip Glosses, then I'm pretty sure these will be fine for you! Their lip glosses aren't THAT sticky anyways.

That's all for swatches and first impressions, but I'll make sure to hit back with a full review of these real soon! Stay tuna'ed.

What do you think of Australis' take on these Pout Pastes?
Will you be looking into them?

Australis Pout Pastes should be available at the stores now, or soon, or if you seriously can't wait then they're available online at their website for $12.95.

Disclaimer: Products were provided for review consideration only. I was not obligated to review, mention or post about these products. All opinions within this post belongs to myself and remains uninfluenced and unbiased. 


  1. Ooo these look so pigmented; I love the colours! I have yet to try the OCC Lip Tars to see what all the rave is about wahh :(

  2. Wow! These are really nice! It's so pigmented and I love all the colours! Especially the red! Great post and swatches! :)

  3. YES! Doe foot applicators! I think I might have to get the purple one.

  4. Wow, these are gorgeous!

    Yay for the applicators as well - it will make things so much easier.

    Sharleena xx

  5. They look so pigmented! I love the applicators :)

  6. Yes I'm sooo getting these. Not sure how they compare to OCC but the added applicators make it a bonus!!! I'll most likely get all three shades too!


  7. These definitely remind me of the OCC Lip Tars. The colors are so nice, and I'd love to see your review on these.

  8. Love Bites looks amazing against your skin tone!! And doefoot applicators in a squeezy tube! I don't know, that makes me really excited. Eeek if they come out with a more tame colour that would be a dream, but it's probably just these three right?


  9. Can't wait to try these out, great post :):)

  10. it looks so pigmented! love the look of love bites

    à la foliee

  11. The purple one is perfection!

    great post! :)


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