19 March 2013

NOTD: Rubi Under The Seaport ft. Australis Eureka

Hey there beautifools. Sorry I didn't get up to any postings yesterday! Usually, I'd have posts lined up and scheduled, but I've ran out of my "back up" posts :(

I spent ALL day yesterday working on my assessment, being angry at my sister, being sick and catching up on some homework. I haven't worked on any posts for this week yet, but if you see me skipping posts, then I'm super sorry -- still trying to get the hang of uni + blogging.

Before when I studied at TAFE, I had heaps of spare time on my hands so I never really took the time to trial nail polishes (since I'd change them every fewer days), but now that I have so many things to do.. it's the perfect time to trial nail polishes!!! Woop!

This week, my nails are very Australian -- with both brands used being of Australian brands. 

 Yes!! Rubi nail polishes! Did you know that Rubi had their very own line of nail lacquers?

This is Under The Seaport, a very dark teal colour, methinks. My mum argues that this is "navy" colour, but it's more like.. it could be a "navy" version of green? Anyhows, whatever it is, I really like the look of it on my nails! The formula is also perfectly pigmented and smooth, except that it chipped after a day of wear *cries

I hate how some nail polish brands with the most fantastic pigmentation and formula turns their own products into duds just because of the long-lasting power. If they tried harder, their products could seriously live up to those of the higher-end brands! Looking at you, Rubi and Eclipse!

Anyhows, I've been into glitter accents lately, so I've paired Under The Seaport with Australis' Glitter Top Coat in Eureka, and here's the finished look:

Oh, how I love glitters! I seriously don't think I can ever wear creme colours on its own ever again!

Have you tried Rubi nail lacquers?
How do you wear your glitter top coats?

I still have another Rubi nail lacquer to try and I have a feeling it's going to be just the same as this one -- perfect pigmentation and formula, but chips after a day wear... Meep.

Disclaimer: Both products were purchased by me.


  1. Interesting colour, looks really nice against your skin tone! I recommend Revlon Colorstay Topcoat, I tell you girl, it'll that make the nail polish stay on for so much longer! It's perfect for cheaper nail polishes like ones from Rubi :) x


    1. Ooooh! I hardly use topcoats, but I'll keep that one in mind! Thanks Rebecca! xx

  2. I've tried the Rubi nail polishes and fell in love with the colour until it started chipping on me, even before a day passed... but I guess its good for those special days when you want to change nail polish colour the day after :)

  3. You have such nice long nails :O
    I tried a Rubi polish before but it was so sheer and took ages to dry :/


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