02 March 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Rimmel London Nail Polishes

I'm in midst of trying to clear out my stash lately and the first products I'm going through are my nail polishes! I've always held onto every single bottle for future comparisons for dupes, but I have way tooooo much! "Enough to paint the whole house", as my Mum usually says.

The first brand I'm clearing out is Rimmel London. I have their nail lacquers in two ranges: Lasting Finish and 60 Seconds.. The Lasting Finish range separates into 2 smaller ranges with some being regular lacquers and some are fruit-scented (eh, does that make sense?).

If you're a picky one when it comes to brushes then it's good to note that these nail polishes are available in 3 different types of brushes! Yes!! THREE!

From left to right: Xpress 1 SEC Brush (60 Seconds), Pro-cision Brush (Lasting Finish) and a regular brush (Lasting Finish). I don't get why there's so many different types of brushes, but to be honest.. I can use whatever! Doesn't bother me at all, but I thought I'd put that out there for all those who are picky with brushes! :P

Lasting Finish Range

Apricot Punch -- a super pretty coral colour which doesn't look anything like an apricot colour. Loved this on my toes for Spring/Summer!

Lively Lilac -- Not very lively at all. It looks quite dull on the nails actually and is prone to streaking with a sheerer formula! I honestly thought I would've loved this nail colour better. 

Lemon Drop -- Cute pastel yellow! I really like this colour, but it's quite streaky so I had to layer thicker coats for a quick 'evening' job. Despite the thicker coats, it's still quite quick-drying!

Strawberry Fizz -- Such a pretty cool-toned pink colour! Two coats of this is enough for full opacity, but I prefer three coats! This one had perfect application, is non-streaky and is just as quick-drying as other shades. I'm really considering to keep this one, but do I really need another pink? Nop. 

Wine Not -- A darker red wine colour. This one's also perfect in terms of application and drying time. This colour seems pretty good for the upcoming Autumn, yes?!

60 Seconds Range

Grey Matter -- is a blue toned/slate grey colour. Looks like the 'perfect' grey, yes? I really thought so too, but it actually applied to be much darker than what it looks like in the bottle. Nevertheless, it's lovely in terms of pigmentation and its "express 1 second brush" fits my nail shape really well! Only wished it wasn't so dark!


Portobello Pink -- another pink, but with shimmers and warmer tones than Strawberry Fizz. Also darker than Strawberry Fizz, may I add!

Deliciously Dark -- is a very dark, dark, dark purple. This one was also perfect (as with most other dark colours anyways) in terms of consistency, pigmentation and application. Two easy coats for full opacity.

Euphoria -- Last on the list! This one has metallic finish with a streakier finish. Adding to that, it's also quite sheer. Meep. Pretty colour though!

I've also posted about other Rimmel Nail Polishes in:

The formula of Rimmel's Nail Polishes are surely not over the top, but still good in general for their prices. Most of them are pigmented (besides the pastels/metallics), easy to apply, non-streaky and ALL of them are quick drying!

There's really no vast differences between the two ranges. I don't feel so, at least! Oh, and if you're wondering on the dry time of the '60 Seconds' range, I can tell ya that they sure do dry in 60 seconds, but are still prone to budging so make sure to be careful with them until they're complete dry!

All in all, ticks on my list!

Have you tried Rimmel nail lacquers?
Which shade(s) is/are your favourite?

Rimmel London Nail Polishes are available for $7.95 (60 Seconds) and $5.95 (Lasting Finish) at Priceline, Big W, Kmart, Target and other Rimmel London stockists.


  1. Lovely post. I have three of the 60 second polishes and I love them! I am a big fan of the brush too.

  2. I've got quite a few Rimmel polishes from a few of the ranges and they're a bit hit and miss. I prefer the formulas of the 60 seconds polishes the best and the big brushes. I have 2 lasting finish (misty jade and lemon drop) and they both apply quite streaky and uneven! I also have Lycra Pro in Riviera Red and it's pretty good.

  3. Never tried any polishes from this range but there are quite a few streaky ones that you've swatched! The colours look really nice though. My mum always complains about the 'junk' I have but she has not seen anything yet... sigh, Asian mums.


    1. NEVER? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. Your nails are so nice and long!
    I really like the formula of these :)

  5. I love Wine Not I used to own it a long time ago I should really pick up a new bottle :)

  6. Rimmel's nail polishes are underrated - I think the formula of the 60 Seconds ones are really good. I have Wine Not and didn't really love it on my nails when I painted it - it looks gorgeous on yours though so I might have to give it another go! :)

    1. Aw It's a pretty! I'm sure it'd look great on you gal! :)

  7. Nice post lovely! I have a lot of these ones, too many to fit into a post haha!

  8. Your poor nails after this post! That is dedication! Haha! I love that Rimmel's nail polish drying time beats any other brand out there, but I can't bring myself to love their colour range. :(



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