27 February 2015

Mystery-Mascara Review!

Never mentioned this, but a few weeks ago, I've signed up to trial a "MYSTERY MASCARA" on MakeUpSocial (a make-up related Facebook page), and have received it not long after.

The idea was to trial this mystery-mascara, and guess the brand and do a brief review -- such a great idea, right?!

It makes things interesting when you don't know the brand (so you have no expectations), don't know the price, and most of all, don't know the claim!

I think 100 of these mystery mascaras went out, so you've probably read reviews all over (mine is late). I'll make this short to save the bore! :P

As mentioned, no brand, no claims, nothing!

Curved brush with longer bristles on the top, and shorter bristles on the bottom. I've realised it provides little lift [in dual with eye-lash curling], but nothing too wow-worthy!

In short, the mascara is best at lengthening and separating. Another point to note is its intensely black colour! Shouldn't be a bad thing, right?

However, the formula is a tad wet, which I'm not a fan of. They can weigh down my lashes after a while, and take too long to dry so therefore can easily smudge and smear on me. And this does that. After a few hours of work, my lower lashes would smudge..

No, I like mascaras that lengthens and separates, but I can't stand ones that smudges. Mainly because I rarely touch-up on my make-up when I go out. Unless it provides incredible length, then sure, I'd take the bait.

I've heard that this mascara MAY be by Benefit, and it could be. The formula reminds me of a lot of They're Real, but with a different brush., I feel like this may be a Rimmel product though! By the brush, and much of my instincts.

The mystery-brand will be revealed on 02 March 2015!

When it's out, I'll make sure to post back!

What brand do you think created this mascara?

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review. 

23 February 2015

Mani-Monday: LUST Lovin'!

I don't think I've ever came across a nail polish that has had such a mismatched name, than this one, Lust Lovin' by Mode Cosmetics ($2.45).

This nail polish was actually sent to me, maybe a year back! And I've only whipped it out today, with expectations of an overdue, downgraded formula~ But to my surprise, it's actually still very useable!

From the bottle, it looks watery and too thin, so all I expected was sheer and lots of layers. To my surprise, it was actually pigmented and incredibly smooth to apply. Still took me 3 layers doe.

Non-streaky as a neon, so I'm really happy with that!

The colour though, isn't one of those mega-neon shades. OK. Maybe on my hands, yes, because I'm tanned (haha). But it's actually not one of those highlighter-neons. It's bright, yes, a tad neon, but still very wearable, even for the shy ones~

Ah, for $2.45 a pop, they are probably the best after Ulta3. Just not as many shades.

You would be too, trust me on this one!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration, a year ago. eep.

21 February 2015

Current Skincare Routine: FEB 2015

You may not know this, but as a blogger.. I actually have [close to] zero fixed skincare products!

I surely do have a routine (and that is cleanse - exfoliate - moisturise), but when it comes down to having repurchased products stickin' around, then there's only one, and that is St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water too, I guess, but even then, I still rotate my make-up removing products around a lot, so St Ives Apricot Scrub is the only product that I've religiously use.

Anyways, a slight peek at my current skincare routine today. I'll make this short n sweet!

MAKE-UP REMOVER: Face Of Australia Gentle Make-Up Remover* ($8.95)
I'm in midst of trying to finish this off. It is a gentle make-up remover, but I'm no longer a fan of these dual-phase (oil/water) products on my skin. However, I do prefer them for removing stubborn eye make-up!

MAKE-UP REMOVER: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water ($11.95)
My favourite make-up remover for the skin! I've reviewed it here.

③  CLEANSER: Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub* ($14.99)
Haha, yea! I use this "pore scrub" as my daily cleanser -- morning and night. It's listed as a "pore scrub" that'll gently scrub away impurities, and that's totally spot on! It's extremely gentle. So gentle that it works better [for me] as a daily cleanser more than anything.

It's [supposedly] suitable for acne-prone skin, which I don't have [anymore], but still works well at cleansing. Really like the scent of this one. Don't think I'd repurchase it though.

DAY MOISTURISER: Palmer's Daily Facial Lotion SPF15* ($12.99)
Only started this recently, after finishing Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion* (which I did enjoy using). Initially, I switched to Neutrogena's Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser, but it was way too thick. I wasn't used to such a thick consistency, so I immediately switched to Palmer's.

This one is creamier than my previous lotion, but still bearable. Will probably be good for the upcoming cooler seasons.

EXFOLIATOR: St. Ives Apricot Scrub ($9.99)
The only staple product of my skincare routine. It's sooo scrubby, but feels SO good after. Instant soft and smooth skin. Mmmhm!

NIGHT MOISTURISER: Biore Overnight Moisturiser
I've purchased this for less than $3 at Priceline. It's a night-moisturiser with a very thick consistency. It even feels thick on the skin, but in a good, and bearable way. Very moisturising, but too bad, it's discontinued.

SLEEPING MASK: The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask
This is amazing. I only use it occasionally, but it makes SUCH a big difference to my skin in the morning. It's the last product of my late routine, after moisturisers and eye creams and all. My skin feels extremely supple every morning after! Love, love this!

EYE CREAM: Indeed Laboratories Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue* ($34.99)
Only started this recently after digging it out from the stash. Haven't used eye cream in yonks! This one is alright so far. I'm not too sure what to look for in an eye-cream. Not yet anyways, so I'm currently happy with this, as it has a creamy and lightweight formula.

FACIAL MASK: Lush Brazened Honey Mask ($16.95)
I'm not a big fan of this mask. Just using it up. I've received it from a friend as a Christmas present! Although I don't mind the formula, the scent isn't really for me. It bugs me sooo much. Even my mum complains about it. When I walk around home with this on, she'll be complaining about the scent. It's just.. really weird!

Yeap. The products are about to switch up soon, again. I'm almost done with my LUSH mask, and the night-time moisturiser.

Glad that I won't need to look at any replacements since my skincare stash is sooooo full!

When it changes, I'll make sure to update!

Hope everyone [who celebrates] has had a wonderful Lunar New Years!


18 February 2015

January Empties

Not exactly January's empties, more like 2014 empties... (。-_-。)

I've had these in my room since last year. I'm so lazy for empties, and by the time I get down to photographin' and all, the pile gets real huge!~

(Didn't photograph the other 2 products, because I already traded them in!)

Lush BB Seaweed ($16.95)
Never got down to reviewing this, but like most masks by LUSH.. pretty standard. I've totally forgot how it felt on the skin [to explain in details], but all I could remember is that it felt good. I still prefer Love Lettuce.

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic ($16.95)
This was a nice one to use!~ I liked it better than BB Seaweed, but would still prefer Love Lettuce. Review here >

Lush Ultrabland* ($28.95)
A facial cleanser. I've NEVER finished this. I've used it twice, and I've never touched it again. It leaves the skin feeling soooo oily (it's supposed to, as a make-up removing cleanser), I hate it. So I've just removed all the contents and kept the jar.

Maybelline SuperStay Make Up ($21.95)
Finally finished this. Really liked it, but I've found better foundations. This was a nice medium-full coverage, lasting foundation~ Review here >

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation ($35.60)
I LOVE this foundation. One of my top favourites. Pretty full coverage, long-lasting, and applies flawlessly on my skin. Love love love love! It's a shame that I didn't get down to reviewing it~ I used this up pretty quickly. It's so pricey though, so I might wait until there's a cute sale to repurchase.

The Face Shop Escargot 24K Gold Cream (sample)
I LOVE creams/serums by TFS. I've tried the Chia Seed Cream (which I loved), but this one is just 10x better!!! Hopefully it's not 10x the price, because the Chia Seed Cream retails for $40, or so. Sucks.

The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream (sample)
Didn't like this. The colour is off, the product is not creamy enough to apply and almost cakes on my skin. I actually have the full-size product, gg...

Biore Make-Up Removing Wipes ($3.99)
Not sure if I've had these for too long that the formula went off, because it started stinging around my eyes and skin. Eeek. Eitherway, won't repurchase.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ($6.99)
Standard cleansing wipes. They work and are nice to use. Already stocked up a few of these from the last "half price" sale.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub ($13.99)
Didn't like this very much. I guess it is gentle enough to be used as a daily scrub, but my problem is that it's too gentle. The grains are very fine, and the product has a liquid-y consistency. A bit like fine grains on top of a daily-facial cleanser.

Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash ($9.95)
I don't think I've ever told you how great this body wash is! I really enjoyed using this. Doesn't strip off the moisture off the skin [like other body washes I've gone through], definitely gives an extra oomph to the skin.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips ($10.49)
Everyone love these, including myself. Probably the one and only pore-strip product available in the drugstores as for right now.

Some other miscs that I've finished includes Nivea Invisible Black & White Roll On and Blistex Lip Conditioner. Nothing to much to say about these two~ I used to like Blistex Lip Conditioner a lot but I've converted to more travel-friendly lip balms!

FINALLY can clear these products out. I still have a bag of "PRODUCTS I AM CHUCKING OUT" laying around in my room... #lazy (。-_-。)

 Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) were provided for review consideration only. 

16 February 2015

Mani-Monday: essence Yes, We Pop! Confetti Topper!

Heya~~~ A must check-out today. I think this is one of the cutest toppers I've came across in a while. Can't remember the last time I've posted about any nail toppers.

This week, it's essence Yes, We Pop! Confetti Topper in Bubblegum*. I'm not sure which collection this is from, or if it had even made its debut yet. Either way, it's a really cute one!

Start off with the base -- I've used essence That's What I Mint.

Bottle is stained yellow because I haven't used it in a while :(

Really liked this colour on my nails! It's light and pale, and just real fresh lookin'! Not to mention that I've also been getting into the mint-y trend~ As you could tell, from my blog's layout recent revamp.

The formula is smooth with this one, as with most essence polishes I've tried! I still needed three coats though!

Anyways, moving along.. I've chosen this as the base for the cute essence confetti topper! And I think it looks pretty cute!

What do you think?!?!?!

I've also asked on my Instagram what base colour you'd suggest for this topper, and I've received two replies.

@arsyparsy suggested a nude, so here's it layered over a nude, Travilla by Face Of Australia*.

And then there's white, suggested by @katjab22! I've used Lily White by Ulta3.

Thanks both Instagrammies for the suggestions (and participation)!

Although the topper is def' cute, but like some toppers, the clear coat is a tad too thick, and the glitters are too scant. I needed to focus on fishing out as much confetti pieces as I could before I applied it to my nails, so the clear coat doesn't pile to be overly thick.

Now it's YOUR turn to participate!

Which is your favourite pick of the three combos?

Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) were provided for consideration only. 

14 February 2015

FOTD: On our first date

To my dearest Meeks,

It's been a long time coming, but we're here now! (No, not breaking into 2NE1's Fire).

2014 was a poo year, but the ending to it was lovely, because I've came across strangers with big hearts -- yes, you're one of them. It sucks that we live half the way around the globe from each other. If we had lived closer, I'm sure we'd bloom into something bootiful.

As with every [b]romance, a first date is where all it starts~

My inspiration for first-date make-up:

Brownie points awarded if you know ma 2NE1 jamz

I adore you, yes, but soz, ain't nobody got time to dress like the next Kim K to impress. Expect me in a fresh, light and natural mood!

Expect lots of things to be done on a first date... And by that, I mean endless chit-chatting whilst we pig at all Taco Bell has to offer. Therefore, a long lasting lippy is essential. Rimmel's Provocalips in Make A Move* would be my pick.

Most natural shade of the whole range and the formula is unbudgeable!

Ah, my Asian-lashes may be non-existent but it's fixable. Best bet for the longest and most fluttery lashes [to get eyes-to-eyes so your eyes won't linger elsewhere] is with Australis Lash Length Extensions Mascara -- a fibre mascara that'll build and build and build and build.

With its tubing formula, it can be easily pinched off with water, SO DON'T YOU DARE MAKE ME CRY@!@#@!#!

After pigging, we'd head back for a few [hundred] games of COD up til evening, or perhaps you'll take me out to watch the V'tines movie that all couples are watching, 50 Shades Of Grey..? Either way, Rimmel's Wake Me Up is one that'll last the few hundred games of COD. Looks natural, fresh, dewy and most of all, will last.

Of course, some blusher for me to use as excuse when embarrassing moments arise, such as, not being able to relate to and understand them American jokes (we both know this happens way too often). Or when I have no idea what you're talking about, because your vocab is always in Shakespeare-mode. I just can't understand that much, OK!!?!!

Ben Nye Blusher in Fresh Coral would be a cute one to pair with this lippy! It's barely visible in the photo.. (⊙﹏⊙✿)

This one's not really for you, it's for me. Some nail candy!! @$@#$#@$@#$

And that's how I imagine our first date to be! ( ˘ ³˘)❤


Happy Valentines/Single Awareness Day everyone! 

Basically a FOTD/NOTD post (and a peek into my love life, lol, not really), but my cheeky friend suggested that I should just confess my love to him over a post... So that was it!

I'm still single (and dateless) at the end of the day... 


Hope you like the post though..... not so much with the cheesiness, but perhaps the FOTD!?

Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) were provided for review consideration only. 

11 February 2015

MISS: NYX Butter Gloss

I haven't stumbled across a really bad lip product in yonks now. One of my first ones was by NYX, and it was their Round Lipstick range. Well, guess what?!

Striking back today with another miss, and surprisingly, once again, it's by NYX. This time, it's their Butter Gloss ($9.95/12 shades), in Cherry Cheese Cake.

Comes with a doe-foot applicator.

It's quite a lovely subtle-but-still-visible kinda coral shade (actually don't know why it's named Cherry Cheese Cake) to brighten up the face. Smells nice too.

I find that arm swatches for these tend to build false hope for full-coverage lips, but its pigmentation is average for a gloss -- medium coverage, that is. Also doesn't feel overly slippery on the lips so that's good too.

(Excusi mi face, I've just woke up from a nap)

However, what gets me is the longevity -- it sucks!!! Every single time I wear this, I never get more than, what, 15 minutes wear? 20 minutes wear? No colour and only little gloss left. Urgh... Really kills me. I'm not even eating anything!

I'm glad I've purchased this at the markets for $2 instead of its RRP ($9.95). Definitely a miss for me.. (・`ェ´・)

What is the most disappointing lip gloss on your miss list?

For me, I think this may be it. I've certainly came across bad lip glosses before, but never one that won't last more than 30 minutes!

09 February 2015

Mani-Monday: Bold Sangria

Hola mi amigas~

Sorry for the MIA in the past week -- been extremely busy. And for the first time, it ain't a cover-up lie.. lol.

Who'd like a cuppa sangria though?

I've purchased this nail polish from the markets some time ago~ My mum is going to Vietnam soon, so I need to get my swatch on, to work out which nail polishes I should send back home for the [street] manicurist-Aunties who make a living off such a job. Adding to that, with barely any nice [and trendy] nail polish colours..


I haven't been wearing nail polishes (because of work, and I'm lazy), but whenever I see a dark shade sold at the markets, I always pick at it.

I've been into darker nails. Suddenly a bit sick of the usual muted pinks, corals and reds, so I guess hence the shift of interest~

Bold Sangria ($16.95) is such a nice colour though~ I don't think I'd let this one go. The formula is also quite smooth, glossy and pigmented. I really like it on my nails!

Reminds me a lot of Ursula by Face Of Australia, but side-by-side, this is more warm-toned! In my photos, the colour also looks almost-black, but in real life, you can definitely see the purple!

Pretty, huh?

Anyways, I shall get swatching so I can declutter my nail stash ASAP!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Jokes. We all know "happy" and "Monday" don't really fit into a sentence together~ Hehe.

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