23 February 2015

Mani-Monday: LUST Lovin'!

I don't think I've ever came across a nail polish that has had such a mismatched name, than this one, Lust Lovin' by Mode Cosmetics ($2.45).

This nail polish was actually sent to me, maybe a year back! And I've only whipped it out today, with expectations of an overdue, downgraded formula~ But to my surprise, it's actually still very useable!

From the bottle, it looks watery and too thin, so all I expected was sheer and lots of layers. To my surprise, it was actually pigmented and incredibly smooth to apply. Still took me 3 layers doe.

Non-streaky as a neon, so I'm really happy with that!

The colour though, isn't one of those mega-neon shades. OK. Maybe on my hands, yes, because I'm tanned (haha). But it's actually not one of those highlighter-neons. It's bright, yes, a tad neon, but still very wearable, even for the shy ones~

Ah, for $2.45 a pop, they are probably the best after Ulta3. Just not as many shades.

You would be too, trust me on this one!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration, a year ago. eep.


  1. Love the color and yes its a steal for the price :)

    1. Glad you like it! This is my first time using MODE's nail polishes, super steal!

  2. Loving your blog!! was already reading a lot of post (specially the lush masks) lol
    Now going to follow your blog!! hope we can be friends ^^
    I just started a new blog, i really hope you stop by!


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