27 February 2015

Mystery-Mascara Review!

Never mentioned this, but a few weeks ago, I've signed up to trial a "MYSTERY MASCARA" on MakeUpSocial (a make-up related Facebook page), and have received it not long after.

The idea was to trial this mystery-mascara, and guess the brand and do a brief review -- such a great idea, right?!

It makes things interesting when you don't know the brand (so you have no expectations), don't know the price, and most of all, don't know the claim!

I think 100 of these mystery mascaras went out, so you've probably read reviews all over (mine is late). I'll make this short to save the bore! :P

As mentioned, no brand, no claims, nothing!

Curved brush with longer bristles on the top, and shorter bristles on the bottom. I've realised it provides little lift [in dual with eye-lash curling], but nothing too wow-worthy!

In short, the mascara is best at lengthening and separating. Another point to note is its intensely black colour! Shouldn't be a bad thing, right?

However, the formula is a tad wet, which I'm not a fan of. They can weigh down my lashes after a while, and take too long to dry so therefore can easily smudge and smear on me. And this does that. After a few hours of work, my lower lashes would smudge..

No, I like mascaras that lengthens and separates, but I can't stand ones that smudges. Mainly because I rarely touch-up on my make-up when I go out. Unless it provides incredible length, then sure, I'd take the bait.

I've heard that this mascara MAY be by Benefit, and it could be. The formula reminds me of a lot of They're Real, but with a different brush., I feel like this may be a Rimmel product though! By the brush, and much of my instincts.

The mystery-brand will be revealed on 02 March 2015!

When it's out, I'll make sure to post back!

What brand do you think created this mascara?

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review. 

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