31 July 2012

Beauty Launches for Australia -- Recent & Upcoming August

Hi everyone! Another launch post for the most recent and upcoming products! I've also added skincare, so here we go..

SKINCARE: From already on shelves, to to-be launched.

Palmer's Stretch Mark Body care range has been re-launched with a new and improved formula. Formulated with a long list of good stuff to help the skin retain its natural moisture, improve the overall skintone, appearance and suppleness and reduce scarrings. Range includes: Massage Cream, Massage Lotion and Tummy Butter.

I'll skip this, but it does sound great for mothers-to-be!

RRP $15.69, fully available in July/August 2012

Swisspers Naturals Aloe Range. I'm sure we've all know all the great benefits of Aloe Vera! Happy to announce that Swisspers new Aloe Vera range is now available at Priceline, supermarkets and selected pharmacies. Their range consist of a soothing Eye cream ($10.99/20mL), Face Cream ($10.99/50mL), Perfecting Cleanser  ($10.99/150mL), Everything Balm  ($10.99/50mL), Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover ($10.99/100mL) and Perfecting Facial Cleansing Wipes  ($5.99)!

I love love aloe vera products and these products sure do look exciting!

RRPs as stated, available from July

Sukin Organics now has a range specially suited for sensitive skin types! Their Sensitive skincare range consist of a cleansing gel, cleansing lotion and facial moisturiser! I love their regular range and I actually find the products very gentle, so I really can't imagine how it can possibly be more gentle. Packaging is so pretty in pink!

RRP $9.95, available from July

Nivea's new Pure & Natural Body Lotion ($7.99) is described to leave a lasting effective protection and a big dose of moisture, leaving the skin soft and smooth... with accompany of their new Pure & Natural Hand Cream ($4.37) of course!

RRP as stated, available from August 2012

COSMETICS: From already launched to to-be launched.

Glam by Manicare will also be introducing their Couture and Avante-Garde Collections. Their Couture Collection includes 4 velvet and crystal eyeliner tattoos, embellished with sparkling diamantés!
On the other hand, their Avante-Garde Collection will be featuring 3 stunning body tattoos (The Bow, Swallow, Butterfly with Cherry Blossom) and 2 sets of ready-to-wear face and body crystals! Yay!

The eyeliner tattoos are totally me, I'm telling ya now!

RRP $9.95 - $6.95 - $9.95 (L-R of image)

Benefit's bestselling Box O' Powders now have matching Box O' Powders LIP GLOSSES! Yay!!! One for every shade! Super exciting! They've been released on the 28 of July, so for a few days now! I've only seen Tine's post of her Bella Bamba lip gloss, have you heard?

RRP $29, available from 28 July

Also at the beginning of the month, Glam Eyes by Manicare has released their Femme Fatale Kourtney Lashes, to welcome Penelope Scotland Disick!

RRP $11.95, available from July

Rimmel London is also releasing their Match Perfection Blush which is described to 'mimic the skin tone and texture with the Smart-Tone technology, allowing the tones to adapt to the contour of the face'! Eek! Looks great and does sound interesting.

RRP $14.95, available in 4 shades from 1 August 2012

...and don't forget their Match Perfection Bronzer!

RRP $16.95, available in 3 shades from 1 August 2012

Burt's Bees will be suppose Liptember with their Tinted Lip Balms, aiming to raise awareness of women's health issues and fund research to achieve optimal health outcomes for women! Time to show off your proud tinted pout beauties!! ^_^

RRP $10.00, available from 15 August 2012

Long after Garnier's last release of the Miracle Skin Perfector, Garnier now has a Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Oil-free with a formula which is more suitable for combination to oily skin types! Unfortunately, the first Garnier BB Cream has never been a favourite for me (and I have dry skin), so for this one, it's a no-go for me! :(

RRP $13.95, available in 2 shades

Garnier again, with a new Dark Spot Corrector Daily Unifying Moisturiser which contains five percent Vitamin C, helping to correct, fade AND prevent pigmentations and dark spots. It's also suppose to moisturise, illuminate and even out the skin's tone!

RRP $16.95, available now

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Make-Up has a mousse-like texture which is suppose to feel like silk on the skin. There's plenty of raves and mentions about it in the YouTube beauty community right now and it's just made it to Priceline recently! I've seen reviews and it does seem to have a very weird texture, but seems interesting! Claims to flex with the skin for an all day wear.

RRP $34.95, available in 12 shades (I think!)

I've also seen more products from Revlon lately, but I'm not sure what if it's new or it has just never stood out to me such as their PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, PhotoReady Color Correcting Primer and PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener.

Are there any new products that you're eye-ing?

Let me know!

29 July 2012

Some Outstanding Sales (29 July): Target, Big W, Priceline & More

Hey loves! Since I was looking at the catalogues again, I was thinking of another post to address recent sales which may be interesting for you.

Of course, by all means, do check out lasoo.com.au to view the catalogues online if you'd like, but here are the sales which caught my eye..

1. BIG W: Garnier moisturisers (including their BB cream) and Aveena skincare (excludes Aveena Baby) $3 OFF. Ends 1 August.

2.  BIG W: Selected Biore facial skincare products are for $7! Ends 1 August.

3.  BIG W: Revlon ColorBurst Lipglosses are products that I don't usually touch or peek at, but right now.. they are available in a set of Pink Ice and Hot Pink in a pink make-up case for only $20! Steal! Ends 1 August.

4.  BIG W: Selected Biore facial skincare products are for $7! Ends 1 August.

5. TARGET: Rimmel lip products are Buy One Get One Free! Yay! Ends 1 August.

6. PRICELINE: Buy one get one free on L'Oreal Eye & Lip! Oh hi Infallible Eyeshadows. Ends 30 July.

7. PRICELINE: [Also] Save $4 on Maybelline Eyes! Hi again Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows! Ends 30 July. 

8. PRICELINE: $3 OFF Sally Hansen Lips & Nail range. Ends 30 July. 

9. PRICELINE: I usually don't see Face Of Australia sales, so although not one of the 'Outstanding' sales, I just have to feature it! 20% OFF on Face Of Australia! Ends 30 July. 

10. CLEO: Thanks to Stacie (and Julie on Instagram!) -- CLEO August issue is having an exclusive Nail Inc gift with purchase, check her post for more info and swatches! Only in August 2012 Edition.

11. BOURJOIS: And I've stumbled across a $10 OFF voucher for Bourjois on Jaci Walker's site that I  thought I'd share! Valid to 31 August.

That's all for now! Keep you updated soon!
Please let me know if you enjoy reading these posts, so I'd know what to prepare for the future! 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies, brands or websites mentioned in this post, in any ways. I am not paid or reimbursed for the publication of the post.

28 July 2012

Saturday/Sunday Steals #22

I swear.. the more I post about these lil market haul, the more I feel like a hoarder! I'm gonna repeat myself.. but can ya believe.. this post marks the 22nd post in my Saturday/Sunday Steals series!


I got these products... err.... two weeks ago?! Can't remember (a hoarder's first world problem)!

Manicare Foundation Sponge packs for 50c each! Very rarely do I use sponges, but they were so damn cheap so I thought I'd get some just in case I do need it one day!

More sponges from Beauty Essentials. Also 50c each!

Also picked up an OPI nail polish 'Funky Dunkey' from their Shrek Forever After (2010) Collection, Revlon's Nail Enamel in Beach (from their 2010 Summer collection, I think) and Sportsgirl Nail It in Iceberg! I'm not sure of the prices since these were paid with a bunch of other stuff by Mumma.

My nail polish collection is growing and growing and growing and growing and growing... sigh!

Today's post is a tad less exciting, but I promise next week's market haul post will be exciting! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

23 July 2012

What's Been Happening #3

Heya! I'm late for this week's What's Been Happening post, but I swear I wasn't being lazy!

I was thinking of switching to post these fortnightly since I'm a pretty boring beauty person, so there's actually not much to feature within these posts... What do you think?

Current nails: Minnie Mouse inspired nails -- red with white polkadots! I attended a dress up party as Minnie Mouse, so yeap! 

Hot reads: From Valerie's blog [again].. Beauty Bloggers must-haves!

Most recent favourite product: None............ again :'(

New product: I've tried out Vixen Body Art's Eyeliner Stickers!!! I was actually so excited when I received these eyeliner strips can ya believe? Pretty whack!

Most excited for: The day when I will completely recover from this sore throat. This is what happens when you eat too much Sweet Sesame Chicken from KFC.. but holy golly, they're so tasty!

Wanting to try: Essence products. They're actually 20% off at Priceline at the moment!

As always: Teaching Mum new English words.


New in the mail: Face Of Australia's PR kindly sent me some nail polishes that I've requested to try. It's from an older collection, Molten Metallics, but the shades are SO me! I honestly cannot wait! They are still available on FashionAddict, just in case you're wondering!

I'm excited for more mail! I'm not sure what I'm waiting on since I haven't been doing any online shopping, but something has gotta come! LOL..... -_-"

On another note, how has everyone's weekend been!?

19 July 2012

Max Factor Mini Nail Polish in Sunny Pink Review & Swatches

This is probably my first ever Max Factor post, can ya believe?!

Today's post features a pretty duo-chromatic polish, Sunny Pink! I only own two duo-chromatic polishes.. Missha's PK101 and Sunny Pink. I believe the main reason is simply because they are so hard to find from the lower end brands since most brands only do jelly and creme finishes.

Sunny Pink is a really pretty duo-chromatic light pinkish-purple with reflects of a lovely light gold. I love it! There's also a visible shimmery finish = even more love cause I love shimmers to bits!

Not sure if you can tell, but the size of this polish is super tiny, so when compared to other polishes, it's quite pricey at $5.95 a pop!

I heard from a friend that these mini polishes were harder to apply due to the shorter brush, but it went on fine for me.. If anything, I actually found it easier to apply, and quicker!

Although I do like the shade and application, I found Sunny Pink to show minor tip wear [very] soon after applying, which I thought was quite weird. I wore this on my nails for about four days and the minor tip wear grew like French tips instead of the usual chippings!

It may be due to the formula. It may be due to the shade. Not sure! But I do really like this shade!

Have you tried Max Factor's Mini Nail Polishes?
What do you personally think of the size and pricing?

Max Factor Mini Nail Polishes retails for $5.95 at Priceline, Big W, Target, Myer, Kmart and selected pharmacy outlets.

17 July 2012

Some Outstanding Sales: Big W, Target, Priceline (Australia)

Ok. So although I'm not looking forward to purchase any products at the moment, I actually still do spend time searching on lasoo.com.au, for stores' catalogues to see what's up.

So I found some outstanding sales that I thought all Aussie beauty lovers might need to know!

1. BIG W:  $4 OFF on Maybelline EYE Products which means their Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows should only be around $7.95! Ends 18 July. 

2. TARGET: Buy one get one free on Revlon Lips & Nails, so now is the time to snatch up some Lip Butters, because they are pretty lovely! Ends 25 July.

3. PRICELINE: Buy one get one free on L'Oreal Eye & Lip! Oh hi Infallible Eyeshadows. Ends 30 July.

4. PRICELINE: [Also] Save $4 on Maybelline Eyes! Hi again Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows! Ends 30 July.

5. PRICELINE: $3 OFF Sally Hansen Lips & Nail range. Ends 30 July.

6. PRICELINE: I usually don't see Face Of Australia sales, so although not one of the 'Outstanding' sales, I just have to feature it! 20% OFF on Face Of Australia! Ends 30 July.

If you'd like to look at the catalogues, you can head over to lasoo.com.au ^_^

Are there any products you're looking to purchase?
Or you know of even better sales?
eBay don't count, but let me know!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the companies, brands or websites mentioned in this post, in any ways. I am not paid or reimbursed for the publication of the post.

15 July 2012

What's Been Happening #2

Happy Sunday erryonez!

I dropped down to the markets today and picked up a few more beauty products! So happy with my purchases. You may already seen tweets of them if you've followed me on Instagram (the_beautifool)!

Current nails: Rimmel London's I Love Lasting Finish Nail Colour in Lively Lilac which actually isn't that lively.. I think it's a bit muted, but still pretty! 

Hot reads: Tezza's Nail Art 101 is a must read if you're starting off with nail art! I did try after reading, but failed.. miserably. Anyhows, you must read this post from Uncyclopedia on 'How To: Spot A Virgin'... It actually made me LOL.

The best way to check if a girl is still a virgin is to inspect her hymen. Unfortunately, many girls will become offended if you attempt to do this. 

Most recent favourite product: None. 

New product: L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream is surprisingly good [for now] and actually offers visible coverage! 

Most excited for: More launch posts and stuff that'll be coming in the mail, hopefully soon!

Wanting to try: Maybelline's SuperStay 14HR Lipsticks... *frowns* Click here for swatches.

As always: Posting up silly photos of my sister that I found on my computer from yonks ago. HAHAH.

New in the mail: My three Lip Butters from the Revlon Lip Butter Bump giveaway from a while ago, and Rose's giveaway that I won!

What's been playing: 2NE1's newly released single, 'I Love You' -- isn't as catchy, but I am SO in love with CL's voice! ^_^

Have a safe week erryonez!

12 July 2012

Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lipstick Swatches

In my last post of 'Recent Product Launches for Australia', I've mentioned that I was excited to see the colour range available for Maybelline's SuperStay 14HR Lip Colours.. I wasn't even kidding!

I actually found myself hitting up my local Big W to check out their colour range soon after [composing]. There were 12 shades available at the price of $18.95 each.

Did I purchase any? Nope.


I have swatches to share!

Perpetual Peony, Ultimate Blush, Pout On Pink, Fuchsia Forever

Beige For Good, Never Ending Nude, Consistently Truffle
(middle three)

Keep Me Coral, Ravishing Rouge, Enduring Ruby, Till Mauve Do Us Part

The shades had different finishes (frosty, shimmery and satin) but they all felt pretty creamy [on my arm], so I might be looking into them once I finish some products I have at home (read: once I find them on sale or cheaper cas I'm a cheapass)!

I've already decided my favourites! Definitely Keep Me Coral and Ravishing Rouge, but all in all.. I wonder if they do last 14 hours as claimed?

What do you think?
Which are your favourite shades?

11 July 2012

Recent Product Launches for Australia

I've always loved reading launches posts from other bloggers (*ahem* Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries with her recent post 'New Foundations of 2012'), so feeling inspired, I thought.. why not compile one for my readers (and myself hehe)??!?!!?!?

These products have just been launched recently, but some products I've included have been launched some time this year, but I am still genuinely excited about em! :P

Some new Maybelline products that has already hit the shelves are up to showcase..

Maybelline Dream Nude AirFoam Foundation is an air-fused foundation, so basically dispenses out in a mousse texture, almost like a hair mousse! Pretty cool right? I've read Samantha's review on the product and it seems like a product worth checking out!

Available in 10 shades, $22.95

Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer is a clear, gel-based formula which is described to blur imperfections and creates a flawless base. I wonder if it's somewhat similar to the L'Oreal Base Magique Primer [that I really like]?

RRP $15.95

Maybelline Dream Terra Sun Bronzing Powder.. Oooh! I'm actually looking for a bronzing powder! I've heard their Fit Me bronzer is very sheer, so I'm hoping this will be somewhat pigmented and will be available in both warm, cool and neutral undertones without the orangey hue!

Available in 2 shades, $15.95

Maybelline EyeStudio Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows! I'm pretty sure you've heard these enough from YouTubers and beauty bloggers from all around the world (mainly USA).. Well, they are now finally available in Australia (if you haven't caught up with the rave in the Aussie beauty blogging community)! Yippee! I'm not an eyeshadow user, but Bad To Bronze looks like a must-have! 

Available in 10 shades, $11.95

Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara
 has such a pretty purple packaging! It is described to have a unique patented Spoon Curler Brush (which allows lash lifting) with a volumising formula! 

Available in 2 shades, $19.25

Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara promises visible lengthened lashes for a feminine and flirty look! Sounds like me!  

Available in 2 shades and a waterproof variant, $18.50

Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil allows you to create a statement brow with defined pencil tip which allows you full control for delicate feathering and on the other end, a brush end to even out everything if you're looking for a full and soft brow!  

Available in 3 shades, $11.50

Maybelline SuperStay 14HR Lip Colour........ helloooooooooooo there! I'm [somewhat] a big lipstick gal and this lipstick just looks so promising! I really enjoy using their ColorSensational range, so it's super exciting to see what shades are available for their SuperStay 14HR range! Click here for swatches.

Available in 12 shades, $18.95

Now onto other just-as-awesome brands!

Max Factor 24 False Lash Effect, I'm aware that Max Factor has already came out with a False Lash Effect Mascara, but now they have one which promises perfect-looking lashes that lasts up to 24 hours! What do you think?

RPP $24.95

Max Factor X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner features an elastic soft applicator that allows both precise thin lines and dramatic thick lines!

Available in 2 shades, $19.95

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation is Bourjois' latest foundation, containing '3 colour concealing pigments for a perfect complexion'. Yeap! With yellow pigments to counteract dark circles, purple pigments to brighten any's dull complexion and green to conceal redness!

Available in 5 shades, $32.00

Bourjois Correcting Concealing Stick is another new product by Bourjois! It's described to be 'non-greasy with a cream-like texture and correcting pigments that will suit any complexion'.

Available in 3 shades, $20.00

Australis 10 Hour Wear Eye Pencils! My favourite Aussie brand, Australis has just released their smokin' hot 10 Hour Wear Eye Pencils just last month! I wasn't so impressed with their regular eye pencils, so I'm hoping these will do a much, much better job!

Available in 3 shades, $9.95

Face Of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons was also released in June! It's a product I've been constantly researching about! Apparently they are dubbed as dupes of Clinique's Chubby Sticks with their moisturising and non-sticky formula!

Available in one pack of 3 shades, $14.95

A few other new surprises...

Real Technique Brushes by Samantha Chapman are now available in Australia at Priceline! I actually felt them today and they are soooo soft!

To double your excitement, Essence Cosmetics is also now available at Priceline!! Yipeee for those who don't live near a Target store! Here's a list of stores that Essence AU provided on their Facebook page.

That's all for now! I truly hope you enjoy new-products posts as much as I do! 

Which products are you looking forward to trying out the most?Are there any products you've already tried from the list?Let me know in the comments!

I hope you all enjoy launch posts as much as I do!! :)
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