01 July 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Misty Jade Review & Swatches

For my previous nail posts, they've all been pretty dark and dull colours, so today's gonna be something bright and summery/springy! Yay!!

It's Rimmel London's Lasting Finish nail colour in Misty Jade!

I've picked up this polish [and a few others] not too long ago when Big W had their '$3 off Rimmel sale'! Pretty awesomezzz! Hopefully they'll have it again, so I can grab a few other shades too!

Misty Jade is a light, cool-toned green with a nice spice of cyan -- very cute, and springy! I love it, but if you're a regular reader... You know I don't really like green on my nails! Not flattering in my opinion, but I loveee seeing them on others!

The brush is just your average sized brush and is fairly easy to work with, but unfortunately, the formula isn't exceptionally great. It runs quite thin, so for an opaque coverage, you'll need to layer alot.. which I totally didn't expect! In addition to that, it applies pretty streaky and somewhat uneven :/

Misty Jade lasted a good 3-4 days on me before it starts to chip, which is okay in my opinion, but isn't what I'd expect from a 'lasting finish' polish! Right now I'm just hoping the other shades I purchased will somehow not be as thin and streaky. Brrr.

Are you a green nails lover?
Yes? Check out Tine's post!

Are there any nail colours that you think look awesome on others, but just doesn't seem to work for you?
I'd love to know! Leave me a comment below! ^_^

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nail Polishes retails $5.95 at Priceline, Big W, K-Mart, Target, Coles and selected pharmacies nationally. Available in 16 shades!


  1. I'm wearing this shade right now, and I agree that whilst it doesn't have the best formula, I really like the colour! It's on every fingernail besides one where I've mixed it up a little and put on silver nail polish instead. ;) I think it matches, at least! xx

  2. I love the Rimmel nail polishes!! Picked up a few recently cause they are so affordable and have so many cute colors


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