15 July 2012

What's Been Happening #2

Happy Sunday erryonez!

I dropped down to the markets today and picked up a few more beauty products! So happy with my purchases. You may already seen tweets of them if you've followed me on Instagram (the_beautifool)!

Current nails: Rimmel London's I Love Lasting Finish Nail Colour in Lively Lilac which actually isn't that lively.. I think it's a bit muted, but still pretty! 

Hot reads: Tezza's Nail Art 101 is a must read if you're starting off with nail art! I did try after reading, but failed.. miserably. Anyhows, you must read this post from Uncyclopedia on 'How To: Spot A Virgin'... It actually made me LOL.

The best way to check if a girl is still a virgin is to inspect her hymen. Unfortunately, many girls will become offended if you attempt to do this. 

Most recent favourite product: None. 

New product: L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream is surprisingly good [for now] and actually offers visible coverage! 

Most excited for: More launch posts and stuff that'll be coming in the mail, hopefully soon!

Wanting to try: Maybelline's SuperStay 14HR Lipsticks... *frowns* Click here for swatches.

As always: Posting up silly photos of my sister that I found on my computer from yonks ago. HAHAH.

New in the mail: My three Lip Butters from the Revlon Lip Butter Bump giveaway from a while ago, and Rose's giveaway that I won!

What's been playing: 2NE1's newly released single, 'I Love You' -- isn't as catchy, but I am SO in love with CL's voice! ^_^

Have a safe week erryonez!


  1. Hehe, 2ne1 <3 Really like that purple shade!!

  2. I've been wearing Revlon Lip butters everyday!! They are perfect for summer!!

  3. omg that nail colour is amazing!!!!!!!!
    Your sister is going to kill you when she see's you posting that. hahaha cuuuuuute~


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