04 July 2012

Saturday/Sunday Steals #21 -- A $5 Haul

Hi everyone!

It's been a holy golly looooooooooooooong time since I've updated my weekend steals. I think the last time I updated was May and that was because I haven't been getting alot of items from the markets.. so Im not willing to post about a haul of two or three items.

I'll make sure to do a collective post for that, but today's post features some products I've purchased only for 50 cents each!

I've got...

Nivea's Summer Beauty Firming Gradually Tan Body Lotion in Fair-Medium. I actually have never ever used tanners at all. I'm not sure if it will be okay to use this as a body moisturiser.... I don't know. Probably not? But I might give this a try sometime.. maybe. 

I also got Bomb Cosmetic's Handmade Soap in The Refresher, which is a UK brand. I'm not a big 'soap' person, but this does look interesting and it's cheap, so why not?! Maybe this will make me change the way I feel about soap?

I purchased two of Sportsgirl's Here Today Tanned Tomorrow Gradual Self Tanner. One brand new and sealed and one somewhat used. I gave the brand new one away and I'm left with the somewhat used one.. I'm not sure if I'd ever bring this into use... Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. I'm just a lil happy hoarder, k?

And there were also some items I purchased without checking! Something was wrong with me that day that made me think they were all *brand new* or have only been used a few times. I purchased Sukin's Body Lotion as I'm wanting to try out new products from the brand, but there's only about 1/4 of the bottle left! Silly me, but for 50cents and the hygienic packaging, that should be okay! 

I also got this Essie Nail Polish in Hi Maintenance. Holy moly, when I googled it, I found out it was from Essie's Spring 2008 collection which is.. It's ok. It's just a nail polish!

More Sukin products (yay!!).. Their Eye Serum. I'm actually finishing up my Burt's Bee Radiance Eye Cream, so it's nice to be able to try Sukin's one! 

There was two of Sukin's Hydrating Mist Toner, so I purchased them both! It's an okay product and I'm hoping to review it soon. I think the main reason I wanted it was for the handy, re-useable packaging. It'd be great for me to contain my brush cleaner!

One last product I purchased was Dermalogica's Clean Start All Over Clear spritz which was actually expired! So I cleaned out the product inside and I love love love the spray bottle! I'm not sure what I'll be using it for, but it will be handy for something!

Happy lil hoarder is me  ^_^


  1. where is this at? 50 cents is so good! =O

    1. Hi! The markets I go to are called Trash & Treasure! Google will help you with the locations! :') It's a flea market.

  2. Where did you find Essie's nail polish?
    Nice haul, I'm a happy hoarder too :P

  3. I think I used the Sportsgirl tanner a few years ago!! I don't remember really liking it.... I think it smelt a bit and wasn't that good. But I really can't remember that much haha.

  4. Lovely blog.

  5. I don't think we have any markets like that in Perth; you picked up some steals! The Sukin products seem promising; my skin is suffering during the cold so I'm taking more notice of skincare, heh. :P xx

    1. Ah! You can always search up flea markets in Perth! :) Glad you are taking care of your skin! :P Your skin seems flawless anyways :P

  6. those suken products look really interesting. would love to try those

    1. They're pretty awesome! It's a shame that they are not available internationally!


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