31 March 2011

Back2Basic: Skin products to suit your skin types/conditions (REVISION!)

Starting off, you need to know your skin type and condition(s) which you can read about here.
Where ever you see large pores and blackheads or means you're oily there.
Shiny areas on your face can also indicate your oily-ness.
Where ever flakes and scaly means you're dry there, keeping in mind that pores cannot be sighted for people with dry skin.

Normal Skin
These products would be mild and they would be used to maintain the skin condition.
  • Cleanser: Milk Cleanser
  • Toner: Mild Hydrating such as rosewater
  • Exfoliant: Enzymatic or granule (masks, peels and scrubs)
  • Mask: Cream masks
  • Moisturizer: Light weight cream

Dry Skin
These products are nourishing and hydrating to prevent premature aging.
  • Cleanser: Cream cleanser
  • Toner: Mild hydrating toner with no alcohol such as rosewater
  • Exfoliant: Enzymatic (masks)
  • Mask: Cream-based mask use for hydrating, lubricating and nourishing
  • Moisturizer: Oil-based, nourishing cream

Oily Skin
These products are used to balance oil flow, refine the pores and even the skin's texture.
  • Cleanser: Cleansing lotion
  • Toner: Water-based toner such as witchhazel
  • Exfoliant: Granule such as scrubs
  • Mask: Clay based mask
  • Moisturizer: Water-based light fluid moisturizer

Combination Skin
These products are used to balance the oil flow down the t-zones and hydrate and nourish the cheek area. If there is sensitivity, treat these areas with products for sensitivity.
  • Cleanser: Mlik cleanser
  • Toner: Mild hydrating toner such as rosewater
  • Exfoliant: Enzymatic (masks) or granules (scrubs)
  • Mask: Cream-based mask for drier areas and clay-based for oily areas
  • Moisturizer: Light weight cream

Other recommended products includes:
  • Eye cream
  • Neck cream
  • Serum or ampoule
  • Blemish cream
  • SUNSCREEN!! (important!)

OK. So what have we learnt so far? The most important thing I reckon you SHOULD imprint into your beautifool brains are:
  • AVOID CLEANSING LOTIONS AND FOAMING CLEANSERS (GEL) as they contain mild detergrent and foam (the sh"t you put into soap). What you do to your skin is stripping its moisture and all that stuff! So for oily people, you get more oily because your skin is producing MORE oil to make up the oil that was lost! And for dry skin, your skin already lacks oil so you're basically drying your skin out even MORE! Not recommended, not recommended :(
  • Use sunscreen to avoid wrinkles and sun damaged skin!
  • Oily skin is best for when you start to age as our skin will begin to dry out! So oily skin people benefit from having normal or moisturized skin when you age! Yay!! :D
  • Serums are medicated treatments which targets different skin types and conditions. For example! There's serums targeted for acne conditions, dry skin, dehydrated skin, etc.
  • You should aim to use products which states 'pH balanced' as it benefits your skin by protecting the layer of moisture being stripped off! Yay!

That's all I can think of... for now :)
I think that's the end for skin-care posts, however if you have any questions.. do leave a message!! I'll try my best to help, it not.. then.. boo! :(


28 March 2011

Back2Basic: Masks + Flagged Nails!

Another post on face masks! My previous post about face masks consisted of the benefits of all food ingredients which you can use to mix a DIY mask! You can read it here.

So.. there are many different forms of masks on the market today, such as: wax; cream; gel; and dry powders which are mixed with liquids. They are applied after performing an exfoliant on the skin to help improve and benefiting the skin, depending on which types are used! Such benefits includes tightening, refining, cooling, soothing, hydrating and nourishing.

There are two types of masks:
  • Commercial masks
  • Mineral masks

Commercial masks are products which have been pre-made by companies in tubes or simple mask-forms.

Mineral masks are of a powder consistency which needs to be mixed with a blender (scroll down for blenders). The benefits/effects of the mask depend on the individual components. Getting to the basics, mineral masks and their effect may include:
  • Calamine -- soothing action, cooling, slightly drying
  • Magnesium -- toning, soothing, cooling, slightly drying
  • Kaolin -- soothing, bleaching, drying, anti-septic [can be used to fade freckles slightly, is mixed with lanolin]
  • Fuller's earth -- drawing action, absorbs oil, cleansing, drying, astringment, antiseptic action, reduces inflammation

Now.. blenders!

Both these blenders can be used as toners by itself:
  • Rosewater -- mild, stimulating toner used to blend powders for dry, normal and sensitive skin
  • Witch hazel -- soothing qualities, mild astringent used to blend powders for oily skin

Now that's for tonight!! A Back2Basic post! I'll put up one more shortly about skincare advices! So please stay tuned :)
It'll be pretty much a revision so you know which products will benefit your skin!!

Yay!! I love these beauty lessons! Hope you do too!!

Oh and btw, I did flagged nails last night! I'm planning to do more heheh!
Tell me if you like? Any requests?

I fave the South Korean, South Vietnamese, Chinese and Turkish flag most!! Especially the South Korean one.. it was a lil bit hard to do because my black nail art pen was broken.. but ya! It's so pretty, I reckon hehehe!

Yours deerest,

27 March 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #4

Oh yay!

Sydney's weather has been s" lately and last Sunday.. it rained!! So I missed out on the markets last week! Boo! :(

But this week, I got quite a bit for $20...

This is the $15/$20!

Which includes...

L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Burning Rose which retails for $26.95!
I got this for Mummaphan because I know she has the hots for red lipsticks! Whereas, I'd just look silly! and plus... it'll just bring out the redness in my scars! Boo!

Natio Mineral Cheekbone Enhancer (highlighter) and I don't know its RRP :(

Maybelline's Eyestudio Mono in Silken Taupe which retails for $12.95

Maybelline's ColorSensational Lip Glosses in 5 shades!! :D Retails for $14.95 each!
I'm gonna add some of these into my upcoming giveaway! They are all BRAND NEW and still sealed!! Yay!! :D Can't wait till I try these out!

Next... Avon's Smooth Mineral Eye Shadow Stick in Amethyst!

Last but not least.... a MAC sample eyeshadow!

Now.. I don't know if this is authentic or not, but for $1.50, the pigmentation is amazing! Someone tell me if this is fake or not!

I did some research and apparently, MAC send these labelled samples to big celebrities.. so yup. I didn't find an 'Orange Pop' shade on the MAC site though.. I like it though, kinda poppy! Hehehe

I tried my best to compare the packaging with my MAC Studio Finish Concealer, on the packaging there's these raised words and it's exactly the same! Idk about the label though...

Besides these stuff, I've also got myself a dream dictionary for $5! Yay!! I can evaluate my dreams now :)

Ok!! That's all!

Till next time ladies!

26 March 2011

Back2Basic: Exfoliants

So... if you've been following on with my recent beauty articles.. I've started 'Back2Basic' posts which is everything you've got to basically know about skin care, etc.


Exfoliation is the process where cells are removed from the surface of your skin! There are two types:
  • Enzymatic exfoliants usually come in a mask or paste form, which is left on the skin to dry before being buffed or rinsed away. The protein in the skin is broken down by a variety of chemicals in the peel. So basically what it does is... it sits on your skin and munches away all the dead skin cells! It requires no scrubbing or whatever, so it's most suitable for acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, sunburnt skin and any broken capillaries conditions.
  • Mechanical exfoliants is usually available in scrubs and are usually water-based products with granular pieces which bumps off the dead skin cells, when scrubbed. There's a variety of different scrubs targeted for different skin types/conditions.

Benefits of exfoliation
  • The skin appears smoother and more even in texture
  • Extractions are easier to perform; dead cells are removed from pore openings
  • Better absorption of products
  • Stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin
  • Increases moisture in the skin

Contra-indications (conditions which prevents you from having task performed)
  • Open wounds, cuts, abrasions and bruises
  • Acne (depending on severity)
  • Sensitive skin (needs more attention)
  • Roaccutane or any drugs prescribed by a dermatologist (needs more attention because of skin conditions/changes caused by drugs)

That's all! I know there's a few home remedies for home-made exfoliants, so yap!
Going to sleep now...


24 March 2011

Handwriting Tag!

So, last night, I was tagged by Tezza from myteeefine.com for this handwriting tag!

Here it is!! As you wanted Tezza... LOL My unreadable handwriting!

1. What's your name/blogger name?
2. What's your blog's name/URL
3. Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".
4. Favourite quote?
5. Your favourite song?
6. Your favourite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
8. Tag 3-5 other people.

For my jersey, I forgot when you write the name, it's case-sensitive and I ALSO forgot taht my own writing has no proper case! LOL It's such a mixture of upper and lower cases that it's horrible. I have no idea where I got the idea from back in the days LOL!

But here it is... :( I was quite sad when I got my jersey.. LOL wtf
Eveyone think it's a secret message LOL FML I hope it at least made a word HAHA

Yay~!!! I'm gonna go do some make-up looks and have dinner! Have a great night, you guys!

Yours deerest,

19 March 2011

Review: Sdiseiho Double Eyelid Tapes + My take on Lady Gaga's Telephone Eye Makeup

Yes. I lied. I didn't post up a review on the cheap double eyelid tapes I bought many weeks ago...
However, here it is!

This is a cheap cheap cheap cheap brand. Not sure if I can classify it as 'fake' or not. However, here it is:

Comes with 50 pairs (100 separate pieces of tapes)

It's shaped almost like a crescent moon.

Here is a picture of what it looks like on my eyes...

At first, it's quite hard to get the hang of... and of course it feels quite weird when you first put it on! My eyes are used to the feeling of it now. I don't feel anything weird when I put it back on and I'm slowly getting the hang of it now...

It's very tricky when you're a first-time user like me!! It definitely takes a few tries before you get it.

Price: $1.00 (Free P&H) from this eBay user

It doesn't come with the tweezers so you'll have to get it separately.. however, I don't use tweezers. I use my nails to peel this off and sometimes, you could possibly bend the two sides/corners of tape which will make it more visible. Also, your fingerprint can be printed onto the eyelid tape which will make it less sticky and adds to the visibility.

Within its nature, it's quite visible already. Even when you apply this on correctly, it can be quite visible when you're up-close, face-to-face. However, in photography, it's quite invisible.

I DO recommend this for:
  • First-time users, just so you can know how it works and how to handle it properly.
  • People who wants to try out double-eyelid tapes just for fun. Because, it's cheap and affordable. So therefore... mmm.. you get me!
  • People who wants to permanently even out their monolids. You heard that many people say, when you wear this day and night for 6 months or so, you can get a permanent crease! And I'd say that it's true. So therefore, if you're just looking for something to achieve this idea, I'd recommend the cheapest at night and a higher-end branded tape in the morn' so it won't look too obvious!

  • I don't think this looks the best on eyeshadows. If you did your eye makeup and then applied this tape incorrectly, when you peel it off, there will be a printed mark of the tape. Adding to this, I don't see that it sticks really well on top of eyeshadows.
  • This is waterproof! So yay!! However, if for any reasons you decide to wear this while you're washing your face, be VERY careful to your eye area, because if you go ALL out, this tape can scrap your eye area causing possible irritations or redness.

So that's all!!

On another note, last night, I took hours to research any whack looks so I could try to recreate. And Lady Gaga's pop to mind. Here's a look in her Telephone Music Video.

Sharp start before dark and thick brows, big lashes and unexplainable smokey eyes.


Close up snapshot!

I don't have a pigmented blue shadow.. so I've used green instead! Like I saw before, I really can't snap snap a shot of the black eyeshadow as it's not the darkest 8(

Thanks for everyone's kind kind kind kind and sweet comments on my recent make-up looks. I really do appreciate it! And for anyone who doesn't feel the same, DO leave me a comment on how I could possibly improve it.. or any make-up challenges! I'd like to post it up whether it's a fail or not!!

Yours deerest,

18 March 2011

Nails Tutorial: Lime'mon

Hey everyone!!

My previous nail design and I just wanna do a tut for it. I know it's obviously kinda easy! But... it probably may seem hard if you look at it as a whole HAHHA

I used:
Two nail arts pen in black and yellow! (Because I LOVE yellow)

Creative's polish in Hop Pop Blue


STEP #1: Paint about 3/4 (or your desired portion) of the nail in blue. Apply two coats if you want!

STEP #2: Fill in the remaining with either a yellow nail polish or a yellow art pen.

STEP #3: Now, with a black art pen, just land the tip onto the side of the nail and carefully swipe to the opposing side.

Yay!! And there you have it!

Anyways, hope you've read my post about DIY food masks that I posted today.
Besides posting early, I've also spent time doing my sister's eye makeup for fun LOL!

Here's her so-called-model pose! Hah!

Now... BYE! :D

17 March 2011

Food masks DIY

As I promised most of you on my Twitter that I'd hurry up and do a post about different food ingredients which will help to benefit your skin when added to facial masks.

All credits to my two wonderful teachers who has given me the handouts!

So, I've actually tried this in class and my skin feels amazing after a cleansing routine, but it feels specially soft and even more amazing after the food mask!

Each mask targets different skin types and the mask my operator got for me consist of oatsmeal, yogurt, honey and egg yolk! After taking the mask off, my skin was SO soft and smooth.

You just mix all of these up in one bowl and then apply it to your face and leave for 20minutes before rinsing off. Depending no what you mix, it will have a different scent! Mine smelt so yummy though, I would've ate it hahaha!

Let's start!

*******PLEASE READ********

Directions: Combine a tablespoon of any one of these ingredients with a base mask, binder and essential oils.
- Binders are used to create the correct consistency so it doesn't smear around your hair and onto your hair or clothes.
- For pulped ingredients, blend enough raw ingredients to make a tablespoon of pulp. So if you wanted apple pulp, you'll slice apples up and blend it! If you don't want to blend, you can alternatively cook and then mash the slices of apples.

So here's the list for which ingredients are suitable for you:
  • Apple pulp: slightly acidic; soothes and gently exfoliates
  • Asparagus pulp: stimulating; dries up pimples
  • Brewer's yeast: excellent for oily skin
  • Carrot pulp: antiseptic; heals pimples
  • Celery juice: acts as a toner for tired or older skin
  • Cooked and mashed turnip: deep-cleansing
  • Egg white: astringent and drying for oily skins
  • Egg yolk: nourishes dry skin
  • Fresh fig pulp: an emollient and cleanses
  • Grated cucumber: cools, soothes and heals. Works as a mild bleach for sallow skin and freckles
  • Grated raw potato: helps clears blemishes and eczema
  • Honey: hydrates, softens, soothes and heals
  • Lemon juice (diluted in one part of water/one part of lemon juice): removes oil and gently bleaches freckles
  • Lettuce juice (blend lettuce leaves to a pulp, adding little water): soothes sore, rough skin; helps heal pimples
  • Mashed apricots: moisturizes, soothes and cleanses
  • Mashed avocado: deeply penetrating and nourishing
  • Mashed banana: nourishing
  • Mashed strawberries: slightly acidic and luxurious; cleanses
  • Mashed tomatoes: excellent for oily skin
  • Natural yoghurt (DO NOT USE FLAVOURED YOGHURT!): moisturizes and restores skin's acid balance
  • Orange juice: hydrating for older skin
  • Pear pulp: soothes and cools hot, sunburnt skin
  • Pineapple pulp: an astringent wash for oily skin
  • Watermelon juice: gently exfoliates, softens and deep-cleanses.

And here are your binders:
  • Finely grounded rolled oats (oatsmeal) <--- recommended
  • Dried milk powder
  • Kaolin (fine clay) powder (from pharmacies)
  • Wholemeal plain flour
  • Finely ground almonds

When do you apply masks? Here's the routine and make sure you don't use hot water:
  • Remove makeup (if needed)
  • Cleanser
  • Exfoliater (if needed)
  • Facial Mask
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer

So you apply the mask after exfoliating your skin if you wish to do so, or else jump straight to masks after cleansing. After facial mask, make sure to tone your skin and follow with your day/night moisturizer.

You definitely could mix anything together to suit your skin. This is a DIY mask! You must try this out!

If you do try these out, this is probably best to use 2-3 times a week! I still have recipe of masks targeted for different skin types, but I'll post that up later in a few days!

Meanwhile, try these DIY food masks!

Remember NOT to use flavoured yoghurt and I really recommend oatsmeal and yoghurt for everyone's masks' base! Also, remember to dilute your lemon juice before applying to face, it can sting badly for drier skin types and sensitive skin too!

Yours deerest,

P.S. Thank you for all your comments on my previous post!! I really do appreciate you guys dropping a phrase of thought or anything! Thanks for stopping by!

15 March 2011

Back2Basic: Foundations

As I stated, different textures of cleansers are more suitable for different skin types and conditions, this also applies to foundations.

Many of you ladies probably came across make-up artists, gurus and/or beauty bloggers stating that our face is like a canvas, in artistry. If you're like me with fewer skin conditions causing the skin to not be of a very smooth appearance, foundation is a MUST. It enhances the skin's appearance, cover up imperfections, even out your skin tone and provide a base for your make-up routine.


You'll always apply foundation over your moisturizer. If you have normal-dry skin, it's better to wait until your moisturizer is completely absorbed into the skin and if you have normal-oily skin, you're better off with an oil-free or an oil-absorbing moisturizer.

Foundations are available in many different formulations:
  • Oil-based (suitable for dry skin)
  • Cream-based (suitable for dry skin)
  • Liquid (all skin types)
  • Compact
  • Cake (medium-heavy coverage, extra powder, suitable for normal-oily skin)
  • Primer/base -- colourless

Each product offers a different finish, such as:
  • Matte gives a shine-free finish with a powdery appearance. It can look like a mask if applied too heavily. Mature skin should avoid to achieve a very-matte finish as it could accentuate wrinkles! With a matte finish, it's preferred that you should add some colour to your eyes and lips.
  • Semi-matte is the MOST wearable finish and allows our skin to have a dewy, healthy sheen. It's quite suitable for every day wear.
  • Sheer/tinted foundations gives a light and natural finish. It's most suitable for almost-flawless skin.

So I hope that helps you and I know it's a 'duh' post, but some foundation beginners don't know this! So excuse me :P

My room is SO messy at the moment! I might clean it up and do a room tour post LOL... honestly...

Hope you find this post helpful!

Yours deerest,

13 March 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #3 [pic heavy]

As you may know, I visit the Saturday and Sunday markets weekly, however more often the Sunday markets in Casula which is great!

I love the Sunday's markets better because Saturday is just too draggy and I really don't want to wake up on the first day of the weekends! Who does? Sleeping in for the win!

This is what Sunday markets usually look like:


(above) This stand was going crazy! Everything was $1 each!
It's all bits and pieces of everything in there.
And towards the left side, there are shoes and toys! All for $1 each!

(above) Shoes of many different brands. They were $5 each pair and as you see! Decent quality, but you're only lucky if you share the same shoe size as the owner 8(

(above) this Vietnamese store sells body and hair products!
They say its imported from America, so yup. Cheaper than in-stores.

(below) Cause I'm Australian like that.
These are fly whackers which is also known as the ultimate spanking weapons for Asian families... LOL pwned!

(above) oh my!! Imagine you having to set these glass items out!
And packing them in later.. the dude wins a patience award!

(below) these are scents, but I really don't know how it works :|

(above) cutesy ipod/iphone cover!! I want an iphone/ipod, just for this!

(below) Sex and the City perfumes $5 each!

(above) This stand sells chips and snacks.
I wonder where they steal it from, because they're either expired or a few more days till their expiry date lul!


(above) Mummaphan & I

And later that day, we had to chase the ducks around 8(
They're going for $15 each or 3 for $50 in my backyard LOL
Should've taken these to the markets Y_Y

So yes, that's what the place looks like basically! It's set out in rows and rows consist of stands and stands consist of bits and pieces of everything! Some owners sells stuff as if it's new! Their items gets so expensive and overpriced. Some owners sells underpriced stuff.. and I will show you what I've brought today :)


So today is Sunday and I've just came back after chillin' at the fish and chips shop with Mumma. She's gonna go out later, so I'd be all alone 8(

Anyways this is what I've brought today...

(above) Can someone tell me is this a shirt or a skirt? LMAO

These two items were up in the section with a sign "4 for $10". So I picked up these two items and Mummaphan picked up another two items for herself too. Yap. There were so many different brands and new-to-decent clothes in the section. I saw Lonsdale jeans, Cotton On, Entracete, Sussangrae and many many other brands. You know what's funny? I saw a shirt on the hanger from ASOS.com!
I giggled and was like 'WTF'. Hahaha! But too bad, the shirt wasn't pretty so I didn't pick it up :P

Walk walk walk.

A sweet girl was selling shoes for $2/pair! So I picked up two pairs for $4. She was so sweet! Poor girl, shoes are usually $5/pair.. so her shoes were under-priced and they're good as new..

You know what made me really happy? LOL

Keep scrolling...

I was look through a $1 box of cosmetics.

I found two Salley Hansen nail polishes which is obviously used, but that's okay. Because I picked up both for $2 altogether! Yay!

But this isn't what made me really happy...



Hooray! A Sephora item! For $1! These are new too! I'm super happy!

I also found a guy selling SMASHBOX Cosmetics. There were blushers, eyeshadows and tube of gel eyeliner for $15. I really wanted the gel eyeliner, but he said he couldn't sell it individually. It had to go with the pack. So... boo... He also sold PurMinerals items and some other brands which didn't leave too much of an impression.

Then I kept walking and walking, I saw a box of cosmetics again from another stall. There were these teeny tiny nail polishes from Estee Lauder. The packaging looks a little bit dusty but it's from their Pure Color collection. He insisted $5 for both tiny polishes, but meh.. I don't want it. Maybe next time.

I also saw Ben Nye's white liquid eyeliner, but didn't ask because I doubt it's any cheap. That guy knows his cosmetics well... as well as the Smashbox guy.

I really wished they were noobs so I could've buy them out LOL. Oh I'm evil! :3

Yes.. so that's all for this week's cheapies!
Have a good day everyone!

P.S. Did I tell you, I saw Zoya polish kits too? LUL dammit!

Yours deerest,
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