13 March 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #3 [pic heavy]

As you may know, I visit the Saturday and Sunday markets weekly, however more often the Sunday markets in Casula which is great!

I love the Sunday's markets better because Saturday is just too draggy and I really don't want to wake up on the first day of the weekends! Who does? Sleeping in for the win!

This is what Sunday markets usually look like:


(above) This stand was going crazy! Everything was $1 each!
It's all bits and pieces of everything in there.
And towards the left side, there are shoes and toys! All for $1 each!

(above) Shoes of many different brands. They were $5 each pair and as you see! Decent quality, but you're only lucky if you share the same shoe size as the owner 8(

(above) this Vietnamese store sells body and hair products!
They say its imported from America, so yup. Cheaper than in-stores.

(below) Cause I'm Australian like that.
These are fly whackers which is also known as the ultimate spanking weapons for Asian families... LOL pwned!

(above) oh my!! Imagine you having to set these glass items out!
And packing them in later.. the dude wins a patience award!

(below) these are scents, but I really don't know how it works :|

(above) cutesy ipod/iphone cover!! I want an iphone/ipod, just for this!

(below) Sex and the City perfumes $5 each!

(above) This stand sells chips and snacks.
I wonder where they steal it from, because they're either expired or a few more days till their expiry date lul!


(above) Mummaphan & I

And later that day, we had to chase the ducks around 8(
They're going for $15 each or 3 for $50 in my backyard LOL
Should've taken these to the markets Y_Y

So yes, that's what the place looks like basically! It's set out in rows and rows consist of stands and stands consist of bits and pieces of everything! Some owners sells stuff as if it's new! Their items gets so expensive and overpriced. Some owners sells underpriced stuff.. and I will show you what I've brought today :)


So today is Sunday and I've just came back after chillin' at the fish and chips shop with Mumma. She's gonna go out later, so I'd be all alone 8(

Anyways this is what I've brought today...

(above) Can someone tell me is this a shirt or a skirt? LMAO

These two items were up in the section with a sign "4 for $10". So I picked up these two items and Mummaphan picked up another two items for herself too. Yap. There were so many different brands and new-to-decent clothes in the section. I saw Lonsdale jeans, Cotton On, Entracete, Sussangrae and many many other brands. You know what's funny? I saw a shirt on the hanger from ASOS.com!
I giggled and was like 'WTF'. Hahaha! But too bad, the shirt wasn't pretty so I didn't pick it up :P

Walk walk walk.

A sweet girl was selling shoes for $2/pair! So I picked up two pairs for $4. She was so sweet! Poor girl, shoes are usually $5/pair.. so her shoes were under-priced and they're good as new..

You know what made me really happy? LOL

Keep scrolling...

I was look through a $1 box of cosmetics.

I found two Salley Hansen nail polishes which is obviously used, but that's okay. Because I picked up both for $2 altogether! Yay!

But this isn't what made me really happy...



Hooray! A Sephora item! For $1! These are new too! I'm super happy!

I also found a guy selling SMASHBOX Cosmetics. There were blushers, eyeshadows and tube of gel eyeliner for $15. I really wanted the gel eyeliner, but he said he couldn't sell it individually. It had to go with the pack. So... boo... He also sold PurMinerals items and some other brands which didn't leave too much of an impression.

Then I kept walking and walking, I saw a box of cosmetics again from another stall. There were these teeny tiny nail polishes from Estee Lauder. The packaging looks a little bit dusty but it's from their Pure Color collection. He insisted $5 for both tiny polishes, but meh.. I don't want it. Maybe next time.

I also saw Ben Nye's white liquid eyeliner, but didn't ask because I doubt it's any cheap. That guy knows his cosmetics well... as well as the Smashbox guy.

I really wished they were noobs so I could've buy them out LOL. Oh I'm evil! :3

Yes.. so that's all for this week's cheapies!
Have a good day everyone!

P.S. Did I tell you, I saw Zoya polish kits too? LUL dammit!

Yours deerest,


  1. Awww lucky girl! I want to visit that market lol, I don't think one in Adelaide would be anything like that :( If I ever visit Sydney, I hope I can go there haha~

  2. OMG Good Heavens! What an awesome market you guys have over in Sydney! Here in Brisbane... I have not seen such market! Or maybe I'm blind ='( *cries in the corner* hahaha...

    When I come back to Sydney... hopefully it'll still be around for me to check it out! Wooh! =)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog ^^

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