28 March 2011

Back2Basic: Masks + Flagged Nails!

Another post on face masks! My previous post about face masks consisted of the benefits of all food ingredients which you can use to mix a DIY mask! You can read it here.

So.. there are many different forms of masks on the market today, such as: wax; cream; gel; and dry powders which are mixed with liquids. They are applied after performing an exfoliant on the skin to help improve and benefiting the skin, depending on which types are used! Such benefits includes tightening, refining, cooling, soothing, hydrating and nourishing.

There are two types of masks:
  • Commercial masks
  • Mineral masks

Commercial masks are products which have been pre-made by companies in tubes or simple mask-forms.

Mineral masks are of a powder consistency which needs to be mixed with a blender (scroll down for blenders). The benefits/effects of the mask depend on the individual components. Getting to the basics, mineral masks and their effect may include:
  • Calamine -- soothing action, cooling, slightly drying
  • Magnesium -- toning, soothing, cooling, slightly drying
  • Kaolin -- soothing, bleaching, drying, anti-septic [can be used to fade freckles slightly, is mixed with lanolin]
  • Fuller's earth -- drawing action, absorbs oil, cleansing, drying, astringment, antiseptic action, reduces inflammation

Now.. blenders!

Both these blenders can be used as toners by itself:
  • Rosewater -- mild, stimulating toner used to blend powders for dry, normal and sensitive skin
  • Witch hazel -- soothing qualities, mild astringent used to blend powders for oily skin

Now that's for tonight!! A Back2Basic post! I'll put up one more shortly about skincare advices! So please stay tuned :)
It'll be pretty much a revision so you know which products will benefit your skin!!

Yay!! I love these beauty lessons! Hope you do too!!

Oh and btw, I did flagged nails last night! I'm planning to do more heheh!
Tell me if you like? Any requests?

I fave the South Korean, South Vietnamese, Chinese and Turkish flag most!! Especially the South Korean one.. it was a lil bit hard to do because my black nail art pen was broken.. but ya! It's so pretty, I reckon hehehe!

Yours deerest,


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