12 March 2011

Overview of GEO Circle Lenses: Tearful Series

G'day everyone! I've been blogging like a maniac these days. I just really want to the overviews of the GEO lenses over and done with and hopefully it's helpful for everyone who's looking forward to make a purchase on GEO Circle Lenses.

If you haven't checked out my previous posts, please do:
I think this is the last post that I will do for the overview and will be about the Tearful Series.

GEO Tearful (CM-838 and CM-839)

This series is perhaps, a long-lost forgotten series. I'm sure it had its time when it was all popular and all, same thing applies to the black circle lenses.

Not many people know of this series, but this was my second pair of circle lenses from when I started off. I was lured by the name 'Tearful' which is suppose to make your eyes look 'teary', no doubt.

Unlike other series, this series comes in the most natural colours: brown and grey!
There's really not much to say about this series, however, for pictures, click here >

Analysing into the design.. this series consist of a black border/rim, as you see. However, the black rim in this series are NO where as harsh as the Angels. It's very subtle and not that attention-capturing when worn, so therefore, you should have nothing to worry about.

There's three slanting flares from the rims and this is suppose to make your eyes looks 'teary', I suppose. This is a very unique design and is alot different from other series. It's quite unexplainable, but this series makes your eyes look really cool!

Definitely not recommended for people who look for a cover-up of their eye colours. However, this series is definitely going to enhance your eyes quite naturally.

Now, I have this is Tearful Brown, and as you may know, my eyes are not the darkest out of all eyes... when wearing Tearful Brown, I can see that the slanted flares is quite light, therefore, I do NOT recommend Tearful Brown for you if you have a dark eye colour.

If you have a darker eye colour, I recommend gray! It's a fun colour that will compliment your eye color more, instead of contrasting! However, if you like brown, go ahead!

On the other hand, if you have lighter eyes, you can play with both! Hooray!

This series offer:
  • Subtle eye-enlargement
  • Natural eye-colour enhancement

This is an overview of GEO Tearful series. All products were bought by ME. This is NOT a sponsored post. Please consider that this is within my experience and opinions, therefore, it matters from people to people.

Like I said, there's really not much to say about this series.. However, if you have any questions, please leave a comment!

I dont think I've missed any series.. unless you want a review of the animation series LOL jokes.
Hope that this post was helpful for all your circle lenses junkies!

Yours deerest,

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