24 February 2011

Overview of GEO Circle Lenses: Olive Series

Previously, I have posted about the Angel Series and the Nudy Series, so here is my analysis on the Olive Series.

I'm quite glad that I didn't put together ALL series into one post, else that'd be the longest essay/post I'll ever stumbled across and wrote.

So anyways, about the Olive series.

GEO Olive (OL-10*)

The GEO Olive Series is also most of the time known as the 'Wing Series'. In my last post, I forgot to mention to you that the Nudy Series is also sometimes known as the 'Nudy Quarters', but that should be fairly obvious.

Back to Olives, it initially came in four colours only. However, last year, they have released Olive Green to add to the collection which codes OL-103.

This series consist of a similar design to the Angels. They both have a rim/border and also rays coming out from their centre. However, the colour of the rim around each Olive design corresponds to the main colour itself. I'm not sure if that makes sense, I apologise for my super-duper bad English.

What I'm trying to say is that, Angel series ALL has a black rim, however, Olive Brown has a brown rim, Olive Purple has a purple rim and so on...

I really hope my English wasn't this terrible :(

I only have one pair from this series which is Olive Brown, so I really cannot tell you if other colours gives a great payoff or not and stuff like that. Reason for being is, when I sold GEO Lenses, my customers don't really look into the Olive series, mainly because the Angel, Nudy and Tri-colours are so much more wanted at the time. Adding to that, I didn't stock many Olives.

So here's my opinions and views on the Olive Brown, which you can take into consideration if you decide to purchase other colours, okay?

*Olive Brown (OL-104)

I really like this pair from the Olive Series. The light-brown colour on this particular pair matches my eyes so well, and I have fairly light eyes. I don't consider myself to have the darkest brown-eyed colour, however, not the lightest either. Probably some where in between the both. I love how this matches my eye colour, is comfortable to wear and offers me a VERY natural eye-enlargement.

Reason for it being not as harsh as the Angel series is for its lighter and more subtle colour and also having the frame around the design brown too makes it so much more wearable. I also LOVE that Olive Brown can be worn without makeup unlike other series [for my eye shape].

Also, as natural as it is, you surely WILL be able to spot it in flash photography and bright sunlight, just like any other pairs of contacts.

Flash photography

Outside/No direct sunlight

So I DO recommend Olive Brown for:
- People with lighter eyes who wants a natural eye-enlargement
- People with darker eyes who wants a some-what eye-enlargement + lighter coloured eyes. Keep in mind that if your eyes are darker, the lenses WILL show up on your eyes, so therefore, won't provide you the MOST natural, however, at least some-what natural.
- People who has brown eyes

I DO NOT recommend Olive Brown for:
- People who does NOT have brown eyes. I don't think that this series will give you a full coverage for your natural eye colour. Most likely, your natural eye colour will show up and it'll look funky that you have half-blue and brown eyes. So please take this into consideration.
- People with darker eyes who wants the same colour for their eyes, however, eye-enlarging at the same time.
- People who does NOT digg a natural look. Reason for listing this is because, some girls actually DO like to show people that they're wearing contacts. However, Olive Brown won't be the right pair for you if you have light eyes and want to show people that you're wearing contacts.

So overview of the series AGAIN!

*I have stated my experience with Olive Brown which is also known as Honey Wing.

*Olive Grey, on the other hand, is known as Ash Wing. Quite cool.

*Besides the two, there are no particular names for Blue, Green and Purple. And I do not know anything about the colour payoffs AT ALL.

- Natural Eye Enlargement
- Semi-dolly look

I personally LOVE Honey Wing to bits because it is SO natural on me, however, I haven't had a chance to try out other colours... 8(
Besides that, all recommendations and opinions are stated above. If compared to Angel Series, I DO prefer this more, because I'm not a gal who'd eyeliner and eyeshadow everyday 8(

This is an overview of GEO Olive/Wing Series. All products are bought by ME. This is NOT a sponsored post. Please consider that I have only tried Olive Brown/Honey Wing, so I cannot make a fair judgement over other colours of the series.

I apologise that the overview for this series is cut so short and not very informative! But afterall, if you're a girl who'd like the most natural light brown eyes, this is the pair you'd go for! I hope that helps you!

My next post will be either lip swatches, a review, nail tutorial or about skin! Tell me which one? Leave me a comment? Please tell me how this pic below looks! HAHA

Some people says its scary. Cool. Unique. Credits to KlaireDeLys.

Meanwhile, take care!

Yours deerest,


  1. I love the Honey Wing lenses :) They're one of my favourites <3 I like how you did a 'do' and 'don't' recommend thing :D

  2. Hehehe Me tooo! Absolutely one of my tops besides Tricolour and Nudy Blue :) Thanks Jenn! x

  3. OMG sweetie how have you been?! thank you for finding my writing 'adorable' hahaha i appreciate it. :)

    that last pic is so superhero-ish! fierceness! ;)


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