13 February 2011

Overview of GEO Circle Lenses: Angel Series

So every beauty bloggers out there MUST know or at least, came across what circle lenses are. If not, read one of my very first posts HERE >

Now that you know what circle lenses are, let me introduce you to one of the most popular circle lens manufacturing companies, GEO Pty Ltd. You probably would know that I mention alot from this company in previous posts. Anything that you want to know about the company, I have already linked.

Today's post is going to be explaining the difference between fewer designs released by GEO, however, doens't include the recent released designs such as Berryholics or Hurricanes. I will be skimming through: Angel, Nudy, Two Tones, Tri-colour, Tearful and Olives (Wings).

Yes! Let's start!

GEO Angel (CM-83*)

The GEO Angel Series comes in five different colours. Basically, most series comes with 5 colours: purple, blue, green, brown and grey.

The Angel design consist of a black rim/border and has little rays shinin' out from the centre of the pupil. The rim/border designed is for the illusion of eye-enlargement. As stereotypical about Asians having small eyes, these rims offer an illusion of eye-enlargment and usually IS the key point of Circle Lenses. Saying this doesn't mean ALL circle lenses offer eye-enlargement.

In addition, the 'rays' coming out from the pupil makes this series quite 'harsh'. What I mean is that, when worn, it makes you look very 'angry'. It makes you look quite scary and alien-ish.

If you have small to normal eye size, without eyeliner, it will make your eyeballs look like it's popping out. Too big to be framed with just the size of our small-normal sized eyes. However, these are girls who can pull this off, but very fewer!

So I would only recommend this series to you, only if you wear eye makeup daily -- just because this series looks nicer if the eyes are more defined. And yes, I mean eyeliner, not just mascara... without eye makeup, the lens CAN look like it's too big for your eyes and yet, about to burst. Quite un-natural. Brrrrrr...

Argh! I hope that really makes sense! I'm SO bad at writing, really. Now onto each colour....

So out of the series, I have tried Angel Brown & Angel Blue.

*The colour is quite natural for Angel Brown, however, I still dislike the rays and rim which makes the who design quite un-natural. I used to wear this on school days with little mascara and it still made me look like a freak. So alien-ish. However, the colour of this pair shows up really well.

*Angel Blue is MUCH disappointing when I was looking for a blue which would stand out as much as it disappointed me. The colour showed up as a DARK blue which almost looked quite grey-black. The only times you would be able to see the blue is in flash photography or in bright sun light.

*Angel Purple, when worn on my friend shows up clearly as a dark purple. However, not too dark where you cannot see it. It's dark but you can still see it.

*Lots of people like Angel Grey and you can say that, it's most likely to be the top-selling pair from the whole series.

*Angel Green shows up with a decent colour, a little bit better than blue. However, still the same old, you can't see much unless you're up close.

- Eye enlargement
- Dolly-look

I don't personally don't like this series. As much as I look for a dolly look to wear on occasions, I don't like this because of the design. It made me looks angry! And sometimes, I can see the rays when wearing the circle lenses. What I mean is, in my vision, I could see little bit of the design... so yes. Quite weird.

This is an overview of GEO Angel Series. All product were bought by ME. This is NOT a sponsored post. Please consider that this is within my experience and opinions, therefore, it matters from people to people.

I hope you found this post helpful if you're looking into the GEO Angel series!
I apologise that there is no pictures and photos because my Angel Brown, I have thrown out! and Angel Blue, I have gave it away!

I will post about the Nudy series soon!


  1. Thanks for such an informative post! I can't wait for your review on the Nudy series - I was actually considering getting a pair from that line because of how natural they look :)

  2. HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the comment, Tram! HAHA, Korean bbq is sooooo good! :D
    Ahhh, I have a pair of the purple Angel lenses and I don't like them as much as my other lenses because they just look too fake? And it looks sorta scary on! :P HAHAHA
    I hope all has been well. xx


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