28 February 2013

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- March 2013

HEY. This is going to be a long post... so hang on tight! We're jumping straight into recent launches AND next month's launches! Leggo!

Rimmel London launched a new Matte range of their Lasting Finish lippies by Kate Moss. Promises an all day wear of colour and comfort! Never tried them, but I have swatches here. Weird, huh?

Available now. 6 shades. RRP $12.95.
Bourjois has also launched more lippies! Their new "Rouge Edition Lipsticks" are described to be hydrating and moisturising on the lips whilst packing a punch of colour so if you're into vivids, brights, bolds (or neons even!) then this is for you! There's two reds, a fuschia, a peach, a brighter pink and a dimmer pink in the shaderange to choose from.

Available now/soon (I've seen transition of these to stores, but haven't seen stock). 6 shades. RRP $19.00

More lipsticks! Hello! It's a lip fest today, because this isn't even the last of this month's lip products LOL.

Face Of Australia (yay!!) adds two spankin' new shades to their Lip Quenches this March in "Peaches & Cream" and "Mocha Latte"! I've tried these lip quenches before, but I've never been a fan of the scent (apparently is because of the SPF30+). They're extremely pigmented though! Worth a look if you can stand the scent.. the SPF30+ is truly a big bonus I'd say.

Available soon. 2 new shades. RRP $9.45.

Next up -- Models Prefer! Last time I've heard from them was for their skincare range, but this time they're hitting us with their new lip PRODUCTS. Yes.. Products. Plural. With an 'S'. Exciting! :P The price tags of these lip products makes it even more exciting, actually.

In a nutshell:
  • Moisture Lust Lipsticks -- light coverage with an instant moisturising sensation once applied. Provides ultimate comfort when worn and conditions the lips! Available in 8 shades. RRP $11.99.
  • Infinite Colour Lip Liners -- Described to be transfer-proof, waterproof, non-feathering and long wearing. Available 5 shades. The white pencil you see in the photo is actually a clear lip liner so don't fret yet! RRP $7.99.
  • Runway Lipglosses -- A maximum shine and rich coloured lipgloss. Available in 6 shades. RRP $7.99.
All products are available now, exclusively to Priceline.

Available at Priceline in March

Essence strikes back with two new limited edition collections -- Circus Circus is one of them! "Circus Circus" stars:
  • Stay All Day Eyeshadows -- 3 shades. RRP $5.50
  • Liquid Eyeliners -- 2 shades. RRP $4.50 
  • Lip Lacquers -- 2 shades. RRP $3.50.
  • Lip Topper (pearly/glittery gloss to top off lipsticks or lipglosses) -- 1 shade. RRP $3.95.
  • Highlighter Powder -- 1 shade. RRP $5.95.
  • Colour Nail Polishes (duo nail polishes) -- 4 shades. RRP $5.50.
  • Nail Fashion Stickers -- 2 styles. RRP $3.95
  • Eau De Toilette (fragrance) -- RRP $9.90

Available at Target in March

Their other collection is called Home Sweet Home and it's oh so colourful! :P This collection seems more cute and girly!
  • Eyeshadows  -- 3 shades. RRP $3.50.
  • Long-lasting lipsticks -- 2 shades. RRP $4.50
  • Volume & gloss lip maximiser -- 1 shade. RRP $3.95.
  • Blush -- 2 shades. RRP $5.50.
  • Nail Polish Gel Shine -- 4 shades. RRP $3.50.
  • Nail Fashion Stickers Gel Shine -- 1 style. RRP $3.95.
  • Purse (?!?!) -- 1 style. RRP $4.50.
As per usual, there'll always be an item or two that I'm eye-ing! Looking at you pretty blushers!

 Hi L'Oreal!!!!! Hi BB. Hi CC. What? CC? What's CC?
  • L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Blush ($22.95) -- Australia's first BB blush. It's a transparent gel (played with this instores and it's like a rosy-tinted primer!) which transforms into a rosy pink colour upon contact with the skin's PH levels.
  • L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream ($26.95) -- What's a CC cream, you've asked? Well, it's like a BB cream with the additional colour-correcting (CC) ability. Described to reduce redness and match every skin tone... eh. 

I've almost mentioned L'Oreal's Nude Magique BB Powder in last month's launches. Thought I'd mention it again as it's now in stores!

RRP $26.95

There's also their Carresse Shine Stains! Don't forget! I have swatches here if you're interested.

RRP $23.95

They've also released a new limited edition Autumn collection for their Colour Riche Nail Lacquers which consist of a total of 5 shades! Do I have photos? Nope. Soz!

RRP $6.95. Available from February to September 2013. 

And last of the bunch! L'Oreal's False Lash Telescopic Mascara. In short, it's a fibre mascara with a gentle formula that lengthens, is comfortable to wear and won't smudge or smear. This one's exxy though!

Available in Black & a waterproof version. RRP $25.95. 

Only a few more products to go guys! Hang on tight!

BYS Glitter Dusts!
Basically, you just paint your nails and whilst it's still wet, dip your nails into the glitter dusts, wait to dry and brush off excess. Brush included. Seems pretty basic to me!

Available in 10 shades. RRP $7.95

Mode Matte Me Top Coat 
Nothing new with matte top coats, but it doesn't really hurt to have a matte top coat in your nail collection! Layer them over any colours and it'd be matte in no time! This one by Mode is a cheaper alternative to many other brands

RRP $2.45

Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner
Yay! I've received this in the mail from the PR. Reason why it's curved is so when you hold it, it's perfect fit with your index finger. It's holu golly pigmented as a felt tip. I've tried many felt tips and this one is extremely dark black. The tip is also very fine, but I do find that it creases easily. I've yet to trial its wear time, but once I do.. I'll have a review up!

RRP $14.95.

They've also announced their "to-be released products"! Pretty exciting!!!

Pout Paste reminds me ALOT of Sleek Paint Pouts or OCC Lip Tars even, whereas their "All Over Face & Body Tint" could possibly be something similar to MAC Face & Body Foundation, don't you think?!

Rimmel Metal Rush Nail Polishes
These came with the Kate Moss matte lipsticks. I'm not too sure how many shades there are, but they're already at Priceline! From what I see, they seem to be a range of duochromatic nail lacquers!

RRP $6.95 (I think!)

So that's all for next month's launches! Keep in mind that those Australis products are just sneak-peeks. I have no idea when they are launching so when I do, I'll let you know!

Which products are you EXTREMELY excited about?!
Which products have you already tried?

I personally love the little blushers from Essence's Home Sweet Home Collection!

26 February 2013

L'Oreal Color Riche Carresse Shine Stains Swatches

Yes! L'Oreal Colour Riche Carresse Shine Stains are now available in Aussie! I've seen them at Priceline and Big W.. and yes! I did it again! I've hit my local Priceline after uni and thought I'd swatch an arm full of these to show you :P

Of course, the girl who worked at Priceline approached me and asked if I needed help and told me that these shine stains really do stain! We had a good talk about the stains and she was really nice about everything. LOL. What I really mean is... she was really nice and careless about me using up a fair amount of the testers on my arm.

The packaging of these are LUXE, yes?! Not sure about you, but I  love the golden packaging and the clear band, showing off the shades. So pretty and convenient, methinks.

However, unlike the wide shade range featured in the press image, only 8 shades made it across to the Aussie shores. Not sure where the others are. I guess they're lost at sea. Meep. 

Horrible swatch photos, you said? I know!!!!!! My camera has been having bad photo days (not really. I'm just a photography noob). Sad.

When I was playing with these, I felt like they're quite sheer, but the "Priceline girl" told me it's easy to build up. But then again, I felt like it's quite sticky so I couldn't imagine building up on this... it'd probably be thick and sticky, eh? I feel a bit "meh" about these, but if you're interested, here's a rundown of the shades:
  • 101 Lolita: Not exactly bronze. Not exactly peach. Not exactly sure what it is LOL.
  • 102 Romy: Warm-toned peachy pink which reminds me alot of Revlon's Lip Butter in Peach Parfait, but without the golden shimmers and Romy is just more pink than peach.
  • 103 Marilyn: Slighty cool-toned pink.
  • 200 Princess: A deeper corally-tomato colour.
  • 300 Juliet: A bold, medium red. 
  • 400 Eve: Warmer and darker berrylicious purple. 
  • 402 Milady: Sheerer pinky-violet.
  • 501 Bonnie: Burnt flamin' orange.

I've tried my best to describe these shades, but they're all so confusing as the pinks are so similar and some shades just seems like a "sheerer" version of other shades. Weird...... But what's even more weird and confusing is that these shades are named and numbered differently overseas. Super weird.

(natural lightings)

Anyways I won't be looking into these (even though they're hyped to be dupes of YSL Glossy Stains). I'm a bit skeptical for their sheerness. I have a feeling they won't even show up to their true colour because they're quite sheer and it'll wholely depend on my natural lip colour! They're quite $$$ for my budget anyways. Maybe I'd give it a go when they go on sale......but it'd have to be a REALLY good sale, to be honest. 

What do you think of these L'Oreal Carresse Shine Stains?
Have you tried them? Will you be trying them?

L'Oreal Carresse Shine Stains are $23.95 (AU) at Priceline, Big W, Target and other L'Oreal stockists. 

24 February 2013

Rimmel London Kate Moss MATTE Lipstick Swatches

Oops I did it again! Here's part 3 of Tram's swatching chronicles at the stores!

This time, we're looking at Rimmel London who has just launched a spankin' new range of Lasting Finish MATTE lipsticks by Kate Moss for Autumn 2013! If you're not from Australia, then you've probably had these lippies around you for a while now.. Let us know how you like it if you've tried it!

These Matte Lipsticks by Kate Moss are packaged in sleek red tubes with their signature embossed Rimmel London logo on top.. me likes! Although there are only 6 shades to choose from, I feel like they've pretty much covered the spectrum of "lip" colours -- pink, berry, red, orange and nudes.

(Natural lighting) Sorry, only 1 swatch photo because my camera was being a poop.

As much as I like the shade range, I personally won't be looking at any of these just because I have way too many lipsticks and I feel like I can easily find dupes of these in my collection. But if you're interested, then here's a quick breakdown:

  • 103: Dusky pink.
  • 106: Bold, deep pink. 
  • 107: Darker, deep rose with hints of violet
  • 111: Bright warm-toned red.
  • 112: Russet brown with reddish-orange tinge.
  • 113: EXTREMELY pale nude!

The shade that shocked me most from this range was the nude shade.. It's... err.. pale. In fact, it's too pale! I think only lighter skin tones can get away with this one, so if you've always struggled to find a nude lipstick that's light enough then you're in for some luck! Heh.

Besides that, a crucial point to consider is the scent. Yes, I... sniffed it. At the stores. Like an idiot. But I can guarantee that it smells yummy. It had a fruity scent to it so strongly consider that before you purchase if you prefer no fragrances in your cosmetics! We don't want any moola going to waste, ya know?

What do you think of the shade range?  Favourite shade(s)?
Let me know!

Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks are available now at Priceline for $12.95 a pop.

22 February 2013

Max Factor's Fantasy Fire Nail Polish wins "Miss Photogenic"

It's here, it's here! Today I'll be featuring one of the most raved about nail polish (well, I think so anyways) by Max Factor. As I'm writing this post, it's 3:14AM so please excuse my laid-back style and typos, if there's any!

So I've grabbed this nail polish when Max Factor had a $5 off sale at Big W (they no longer have these mini nail polishes included as part of their sales) which dropped its price down to $0.72. This nail shade 'Fantasy Fire' is one I've been lusting over for yonks after seeing SO many beautiful swatches over the web! I just couldn't bring myself to spend $5 on such a teeny tiny bottle so I'm glad I've waited out for a sale to grab the last bottle for myself.

Well, what do you know.. I'm glad I purchased this for 72 cents. Don't get me wrong! It's a BEAUTIFUL deep purple with beautiful reflects of red shimmers and this pretty blue sheen which gives off a very mutli-deminensional look.. Reminds me alot of galaxy desktop wallpapers I used to have on my PC (yeah, you know those days). I'd award this "Miss Photogenic" if I could really, because it truly looks amazing in photos! However, to be honest... it's not all THAT noticeable in real life, heh.

As much as I was hyped to try this particular shade, I won't be repurchasing it for it's nothing special in terms:
  • wear time -- lasted me 2-3 days before it started to chip
  • pigmentation -- it's extremely sheer, needs 4 thicker coats or 5-6 thin coats to hit opacity
  • size -- I wouldn't care for this so much if it wasn't so sheer. I've used this 4 times and it's almost finisheddddddd can ya believe?
The colour, however, is so gorgeous, but.. just not gorgeous enough to hit my repurchase list. Meep. I honestly thought I'd like this better! What a shame!

What do you think of Fantasy Fire?
Have you tried this shade or any others from the range?

20 February 2013

Collective Haul: Lush, Markets, Big W, IHERB

Collective haul post as mentioned in my previous posts! :P I'm super sorry for the late postings lately.. I've been spending my time playing Candy Crush Saga after I wake up so I've been lagging everything else! >_< So badass, I know!

Anyways, my first shop stop is Big W. In my previous sales post, I've mentioned that Big W is having their once-in-a-while $3 off Face Of Australia and Australis sale again. This time is better as Maybelline is also having a $4 off sale in which I wouldn't really care for usually, but....

  • Maybelline's Total Clean Express Eye & Lip Make-up Remover dropped down to only $2.72 from $6.72! Bargain! 
  • Also picked up a pack of Face Of Australia wipes for $1.94 methinks.
  • Totally forgot about Australis' Nail Polish Remover so I headed to another Big W the next day to grab the remaining two! These are the BEST nail polish remover and they were less than $2 each!

I've also collected a few items from the markets that's been lying around so I thought I'd include them too since there's not too much to seperate them in a different post! 

  • Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion (not the full size) -- I have the full-size of this at home and it smells DIVINE. The scent is unbelievably sexy.. I'm not even kidding. 
  • OPI "Fuji Weejee Fawn" -- Can't remember how much I got this for, but since it was so cheap.. why not?!
  • ORLY mini-sized "Grape Glitz" -- For blogging purposes again! I got this, a pair of booties wedges and some other miscellaneous stuff for $5.. So I pretty much got it for free since the seller usually sells his shoes for $5 per pair!
  • Paper Scissors Rings -- Picked this up for $4 at Parramatta when I was prancin' around as I was shopping for gifts for a friend.
  • Real  Technique Brushes from Iherb.com -- Can't remember how much these were, but my sister asked me to grab her a set of brushes, so I thought I'd pick some for myself too :P Carted the Powder Brush and their VERY well loved Blush brush that I've heard much from the blogosphere. 

Whilst I was at Parramatta, I also stopped by Lush!
  • Ended up getting him the "I Love Juicy" shampoo for a friend which was $12.95 for the smallest size.
  • Two steam tablets for the face for dry skin. I'm not sure how keen I am on these to be honest.. $2.50 per tablet. Has anyone tried them?
  • The lovely Lush girl gave me a free soap sample! Yay!

I've also been shopping for shoes! I didn't think I'd include these shoes in this post, but since it's a 'collective' haul post, I thought I'd share!

Grabbed these two pairs from the markets for less than $5 each. If you live in Sydney, then you must hit up Paddy's markets in Flemington on Saturday morning for cheap stuff uleh!

As for this lovely pair of black and blue heels.. these were from Big W for a marked price of $20, but I scanned these for $15! Yay! I love the colour combo and the fact that it's not too tall. I can't wear high heels, I don't think so! Meep!

That's all for my collective haul! I'm off to play Candy Crush Saga now.............. Been stuck on level 147 for one whole day! I've never been stuck this long!!!! :(

Thanks for reading everybuddy, I'll speak to you guys soon! I'm heading off to Benefit's cosmetics event tomorrow so make sure to follow me on Instagram (@the_beautifool) for updates!

18 February 2013

Recent Empties -- Feb 2013

YEY! My first empties post for 2013! I'm glad I'm getting somewhere with my stash. Of course, I still do add products here and then, but lately, I've been trying to use up whatever I can.. whether it be skincare, cosmetics or haircare!

Yes! Four whole packets of facial wipes! Three by Face Of Australia in which I've already repurchased and one by Lacura, a brand that you can only find at Aldi. They're actually okay for $2.50, but they're not that moist for the face so I wouldn't recommend it nor would I repurchase! I'm actually happy that it's not as bad as Australis' wipes for it's price :P

For the other products, I've got to the skincare sample set by Trilogy that's been hanging around forever. Their products were okay and their Rose Hip Oil definitely saved my skin when it acted up, but I still like Sukin's Hydration Booster better so bye bye Trilogy. You served me well though.

As for Australis' See Ya Later Nail Polish Remover.. Let me just say.. It's probably one of the best nail polish removers! I've already repurchased and a collective haul post is coming your way! :P

Nutrimetics Restore Intense Anti-Ageing Night Creme* has also been a great product, but way outta my price range. Meep. It's a lovely night creme though.. rich, creamy and moisturising! I wouldn't deem it as a holy grail product, but definitely something to look to if you've got the bucks for it!

Another night cream and sample I've finished is by Nivea. Their Visage Q10  Night Cream felt quite soothing the first time I've tried it, but it was just average after that so I'm passing up this one too.

Last product is a cosmetic product! You're probably wondering how I've cleaned the BYS Blusher SO well that there's not one bit of powder intact with the pan... Well.. I didn't. What happened was.... I dropped it, smashed it, and dropped it again so it's pretty much scattered allllll over my floor. It's a cheap and pigmented blusher though! I love its luminous finish so if that's your thing then give it a go!

Those are all the products I've finished "recently" *cough* since last year, but I've been too lazy to post about it *cough*

OH. Totally forgot about the Nature's Care Paw Paw Balm.. I only used it twice, but it's going because it's super runny and liquid-y. It sucks. Nuff said.

What products have you finished recently?
Have you tried Lacura, the Aldi brand?

*Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) were provided for review consideration. However, all opinions within this post are of my own and remains unbiased and truthful.

16 February 2013

Maybelline ColorSensational VIVIDS Lipstick Swatches

Heya! I was hanging around Fairfield's Big W yesterday as I was in search for more of Maybelline's Total Clean Express Eye & Lip make-up remover which are on sale right now for $2.72! I've actually already picked up 3 bottles and some Face Of Australia wipes, but I thought I'd stock up. I'll have a collective haul post soon!

So after I finished at Big W, I took a stroll down to Chemist Warehouse to see what's up! I headed towards Maybelline's stand and they actually HAVE the new Maybelline Vivids Lipsticks in stock! 

I must admit I do want to get my hands on some for their rave reviews and fantastic range of shades, but I truly can't afford right now :P Anyways, I have swatches for all you guys who DO want to own them! Yes... I swatched an arm full and sat outside of Chemist Warehouse (whilst waiting for Mum) taking photos like it was a normal thing to do.. Pretty sure everyone thought I was a freak!

(natural lighting) Pink Pop, Fuchsia Flash, Vivid Rose, Hot Plum

(natural lighting) Shocking Coral, Electric Orange, Vibrant Mandarin, Neon Red

Here's my nooby take on the description of these shades:
  • Pink Pop: Incredibly pale cool-toned pink.
  • Fuchsia Flash: Bright and bold cool-toned pink which leans fuchsia (no doubt!).
  • Vivid Rose: Bright and bold medium rose pink.
  • Hot Plum: A pinky-plummy purple.
  • Shocking Coral: A pinky-coral with that spice of neon. Mmm. Reminds me of Sportsgirl's Fruit Tingle.
  • Electric Orange: Orange. That is all. 
  • Vibrant Mandarin: Not exactly a mandarin colour. Somewhat similar to 'Shocking Coral', but less pink-toned. I'd like to call this one the true coral of the bunch!
  • Neon Red: Orangey-red. 

Natural lighting

With flash

That's it! Eight bold, bright and beautiful shades! I'm eyeing you Shocking Coral and Vibrant Mandarin...

Which shades are YOU eyeing?
Have you tried these lipsticks yet?

RRP: $16.95 at (Australia), $7.49 (US), £7.19 (UK).

13 February 2013

Some Outstanding Sales (14 Feb 2013): Priceline, Big W, Target

SALES POST! It's been a long time since a bunch of good sales have hit the department stores' shelves! I always stray away from posting these post if there's only 1-2 good deals because it's just not enough!

However, there's SO many this fortnight... so cheers to our pockets, boyfriends or lovers!

1. PRICELINE: If you're a haircare freak, then here's one for you! Spend $50+ and receive a haircare goody bag! Ends 25 Feb 2013.

2. PRICELINE: Buy 1 get 1 free for Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner 750mL. Ends 25 Feb 2013.

3. PRICELINE: 3 for 2 on Revlon Face Range. Ends 25 Feb 2013.

4. PRICELINE: Save $7 on Physician Formula cosmetics range. Ends 25 Feb 2013.

5. PRICELINE: Buy 1 get 1 free for BE (Beauty Essentials) Skincare -- Priceline's very own skincare range. Ends 25 Feb 2013.

6. PRICELINE: Spend more than $19 on Bourjois and receive a free gift including Bourjois Blusher. Ends 25 Feb 2013.

7. BIG W: $3 OFF Simple skincare range -- their wipes drops to $3.94. Ends 27 Feb 2013.

8. BIG W: $10 for COVERGIRL mascaras, eyeshadows and eyeliners -- for anyone who'd like to try their latest Lash Blast Clump Crusher mascara then here's the chance! Ends 27 Feb 2013.

9. BIG W: $3 OFF Face Of Australia cosmetics -- PERFECT chance to purchase try their latest launch, Budge-proof Eyeliners which drops to $7.95! I also highly recommend their make-up wipes, nail polishes and liquid eyelinerEnds 27 Feb 2013.

10. BIG W: $3 OFF Australis Cosmetics! I highly recommend you to check out their See Ya Later nail polish remover. Skip their make-up remover wipes though. Ends 27 Feb 2013.

11. BIG W: $4 OFF Maybelline. GREAT deal if you're keen for their new Vivid lipsticks or their Total Clean Eye Make-Up Remover which drops to $2.72!! Excludes Baby Lips and Nail Polishes. Ends 27 Feb 2013.

12. TARGET: $19 for Max Factor Liquid Foundations -- if you're a keen bean for any of their liquid foundations including their latest release "Face Finity" foundation which I've tried and I'd say it's more like Revlon Colorstay. So if you like Revlon Colorstay, then that's to check out! Ends 27 Feb 2013.

13. TARGET: Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price on Revlon cosmetics INCLUDING their new Suede Lipsticks. Ends 27 Feb 2013.

DEAL VS DEAL (best buys for corresponding products' offers between stores)
  • Rimmel Nail Polishes -- 2 for $10 (Priceline) vs. Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Target). Target wins.
  • L'Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Cream -- Retails for $44.99 (Priceline) vs. $36.89 (Big W). Big W wins.
  • Max Factor Lip Products -- $7 OFF (Priceline) vs $5 OFF (Big W). Priceline wins.

So that's all for this fortnight's sales! I'm wondering what next fortnight will bring to us! :D For this fortnight, I will be heading out to my Big W for $2.74 Maybelline make-up removers, $1.84 Australis nail polish removers.

Where will you be heading, and what products will you be picking up? 

11 February 2013

Simple Valentine's Day Manicure

Sorry for the 2 days of being MIA guys! I've been addicted to Candy Crush Saga app lately... Started two days ago and got hooked! Didn't even think I'd be posting today to be honest... Ya I know. So silly!!!

So anyways, I didn't think I'd give nail art a try for V'tines (aka Single Awareness Day) this year AT ALL! Just because I'm truly your biggest nail art noob! But hey, next thing you know.. I whipped out a nail art brush to give it a whirl and I actually nailed (oh, punny!) something presentable :P

Doesn't look TOO bad right?! >_<"

For the base colour, I've used Australis' Nail Polish in 'Satine' that I've purchased from the markets for a mere dollar.

Australis' nail colours have always been both hits and misses for me! Some shades applied beautifully, but some were gloopy as hell. I actually don't know how I feel about Satine. It sure isn't thick and uneven like most Australis' nail lacquers I've tried, but it's quite sheer. I feel like you need to put that extra bit of effort in to get a flawless opaque finish.

Nevertheless, I still really like this vanilla shade and will definitely keep it in my collection, not to mention that I've been wearing it for 5 days now and I've only got VERY minor tip wear!!!!

Initially, I didn't think I'd like it at all because it'd be too contrasting on my darker-toned hands, but it actually looks really subtle and it's just one of those nudes that makes your nails look clean and polished, ya know? One coat of this one would also be GREAT for french nails!

I also used a regular black nail polish and a coral colour by Australis called 'Titania' which I haven't had time to trial yet so... I'll keep you updated on that as soon as I get a feel on its long-lasting time!

What's on YOUR nails this Valentine's Day?

07 February 2013

5 Superstitions for Chinese New Year

Hey guys! A non-beauty related post today..

So, I've been cleaning the house for the past 2 days for the upcoming Chinese New Year as all cleanings must be done before Chinese New Year, traditionally. Why?

It is commonly believed and that sweeping on Chinese New Year will sweep away the New Year's fortune! So often, if you're from a family or community that celebrates CNY, you'd often hear that sweeping and other form of cleanings are prohibited on Chinese New Year! I've always been interested in cultural superstitions and taboos, so I thought I'd share a few that I know of to keep you guide for the upcoming New Years! Hahah ^_^ Let me know if you know any others too!

  1. For the New Years, the first guest to greet you at your home will determine your fortune for the year. This is the reason why my family stay away from entering anyone's properties on the first day of the year to avoid being blamed for their fortune for the rest of the year! Because of this, I know that some families often *select* their very first guest for the year... Weird, huh?
  2. No crying during Chinese New Years -- Chinese New Years is actually celebrated over quite a few days (up to 7-15 days) so depending on how many days families celebrate Chinese New Years... everyone are expected to stay smiley and happy! Absolutely NO crying, and this also goes fro children! It's believed that crying on CNY brings bad luck and unhappiness for the rest of the year! Oh, and that also goes to swearing or arguments... Oh god. Imagine being sworn at on Chinese New Years... I will kick ass if that happened to me!
  3. Pay off ALL your debts -- New year, new start! I don't know the exact reason behind this superstition.. Probably made up by those who lent money and never got paid back LOL!
  4. Red is the luckiest colour so rock it! Rock red clothes, red hair accessories, red fashion accessories, red lipsticks or red undies even! Basically.. the more red, the better! *Note: This is a common belief. I am not to be blamed if you look like a tomato on CNY. 
  5. No bad talks -- Here's a taboo for ya which is pretty self-explanatory :P No talking about death, ghosts, or anything considered "bad" or "dirty". I'm Vietnamese, but I know that Chinese people generally stay away from the number "4" on New Years for its similar pronunciation to "death" in Chinese which I thought was pretty interesting! 

That's 5 superstitions and taboos from me to keep you guided for Chinese New Year! It's time for YOU to shareeee~

Do you know of any superstitions/taboos for CNY?
How are you celebrating CNY?

Thanks for reading and I'm wishing everyone (who celebrates Chinese New Year) a Happy New Year. May the New Year of the Snake bring you fortune, good luck, wealth and good health! "Chuc Mung Nam Moi" & "Kung Hei Fat Choy"!

05 February 2013

NEW Illamasqua I'mperfection 'Fragile' and 'Freckle' Nail Polishes

Hey there Delilah! You know I usually don't post about higher-end brands, but this is something kinda different I would say! I was actually [luckily] invited to Illamasqua's  launch event last Wednesday to check out their new collection called 'I'mperfection'.

A shot of their beautiful speckled eyeliner look! On my must-try list it goes!

I've always wanted to give Illamasqua's products a go, especially ever since they've begun with their "Fair Price for Beauty" campaign as their prices drops to be around Revlon's price range. But for me, that's still out of my price range. I'm probably the biggest beauty-on-a-budget blogger you'll ever know! :P

Anyways, I was given an opportunity to try out their I'mperfection nail varnishes! At the event, I was told that Illamasqua varnishes are usually very opaque, but these new ones are on the sheerer side -- which is true, I'd say!

They are sheerer, but not too sheer! I only needed about 3 coats for an opaque coverage and I think it may just be a good thing that it's sheerer, because once you layer coats over coats, the black speckled rounds will look "faded" which adds dimensions to the look altogether... if you digg that.

As for its application and wear time -- these two shades I own lasted a good 4 days with minor tip wear (I know, I know. I usually don't trial wear times because I use peel off base coats which gives inaccurate results, but I was so excited that I quickly whipped these out on the train ride home from the event without any peel off base coats >_<" Story of my life!) and I really had no problems with its application for its consistency is on the thinner side and is non-streaky and non-gloopy. The brush is also easy to use. No problemo, but like glitter nail polishes, these speckles can be a painnnnnnnn to remove!

Onto swatches!!

Fragile is a speckled soft sky blue. I've actually never really looked into light blues, just because I personally don't like the look of blue nail polishes on me and not to mention my hands are pretty dark so I wouldn't even think about LIGHT blues. BUT.... when I wore this.. I thought it looked pretty good >_<" I wouldn't wear the light blue colour alone, but with the speckles? Yes. Definitely!

Pretty cute, yes? ^_^ The other shade I received was...

Freckle, which doesn't look too appealing, does it? :P It's a yellow-based tan colour with the same black speckles which reminds me ALOT of cookies and cream... or iced coffee even! I honestly don't mind this colour, but it's definitely not my favourite. I think it does make a nice neutral to wear on the nails, but I'd like to see the speckles pop against the base colour.. so it's a meh for my personal preference!

Overall, I personally think these nail polishes are something different. They're good quality and are nice to add to any's nail polish collection, but I can't afford its price tag and I'm not a BIG fan of speckles so I won't be looking. If you're a keen bean and can afford it, then go wild!

I know that they also have a green lipgloss in this collection, which I'm really keen on! "Why so bold Tram?", you've asked? Because!! Not only can you wear it alone on its own, but you can also combine it with any coloured lipstick to mix your own shade! Like, when you mix it with red, it turns to a berry colour... cool right?!?!?!?!

What do you think of Illamasqua's I'mperfection collection?
Will you be getting your hands on any products from this collection?

Illamasqua Limited Edition Speckled Nail Varnishes retails for $22.50, on counter now at Myer.

Disclaimer: Products were provided for review consideration. All opinions expressed within this post are of my own and remains uninfluenced. Please refer to this site's disclosure policy. 
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