24 February 2013

Rimmel London Kate Moss MATTE Lipstick Swatches

Oops I did it again! Here's part 3 of Tram's swatching chronicles at the stores!

This time, we're looking at Rimmel London who has just launched a spankin' new range of Lasting Finish MATTE lipsticks by Kate Moss for Autumn 2013! If you're not from Australia, then you've probably had these lippies around you for a while now.. Let us know how you like it if you've tried it!

These Matte Lipsticks by Kate Moss are packaged in sleek red tubes with their signature embossed Rimmel London logo on top.. me likes! Although there are only 6 shades to choose from, I feel like they've pretty much covered the spectrum of "lip" colours -- pink, berry, red, orange and nudes.

(Natural lighting) Sorry, only 1 swatch photo because my camera was being a poop.

As much as I like the shade range, I personally won't be looking at any of these just because I have way too many lipsticks and I feel like I can easily find dupes of these in my collection. But if you're interested, then here's a quick breakdown:

  • 103: Dusky pink.
  • 106: Bold, deep pink. 
  • 107: Darker, deep rose with hints of violet
  • 111: Bright warm-toned red.
  • 112: Russet brown with reddish-orange tinge.
  • 113: EXTREMELY pale nude!

The shade that shocked me most from this range was the nude shade.. It's... err.. pale. In fact, it's too pale! I think only lighter skin tones can get away with this one, so if you've always struggled to find a nude lipstick that's light enough then you're in for some luck! Heh.

Besides that, a crucial point to consider is the scent. Yes, I... sniffed it. At the stores. Like an idiot. But I can guarantee that it smells yummy. It had a fruity scent to it so strongly consider that before you purchase if you prefer no fragrances in your cosmetics! We don't want any moola going to waste, ya know?

What do you think of the shade range?  Favourite shade(s)?
Let me know!

Rimmel London Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks are available now at Priceline for $12.95 a pop.


  1. Kate Moss' range always smell so nice! Wow there aren't many shades to choose from but my favourite is the bright red, 111. I don't think I can pull off matte lips though, my lips will probably flake and look disgusting! The nude shade is incredibly pale and looks like it'll only work on the fairest of skintones! I don't think I'll take the plunge from this range anytime soon either :)

  2. Wauw, the colors look gorgeous! Can't wait to see them in the Netherlands. Will definitely check them out :) Thanks for the great review x

  3. They look great (thanks for the great swatches), but like you I think have dupes for everything but the nude. Maybe if Priceline has a great sale.

  4. Ooo matte...I want the red ones! :D I have not seen these on the display sadly...any of the kate moss lipsticks..I do hope they come soon! Great swatches :D




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