05 February 2013

NEW Illamasqua I'mperfection 'Fragile' and 'Freckle' Nail Polishes

Hey there Delilah! You know I usually don't post about higher-end brands, but this is something kinda different I would say! I was actually [luckily] invited to Illamasqua's  launch event last Wednesday to check out their new collection called 'I'mperfection'.

A shot of their beautiful speckled eyeliner look! On my must-try list it goes!

I've always wanted to give Illamasqua's products a go, especially ever since they've begun with their "Fair Price for Beauty" campaign as their prices drops to be around Revlon's price range. But for me, that's still out of my price range. I'm probably the biggest beauty-on-a-budget blogger you'll ever know! :P

Anyways, I was given an opportunity to try out their I'mperfection nail varnishes! At the event, I was told that Illamasqua varnishes are usually very opaque, but these new ones are on the sheerer side -- which is true, I'd say!

They are sheerer, but not too sheer! I only needed about 3 coats for an opaque coverage and I think it may just be a good thing that it's sheerer, because once you layer coats over coats, the black speckled rounds will look "faded" which adds dimensions to the look altogether... if you digg that.

As for its application and wear time -- these two shades I own lasted a good 4 days with minor tip wear (I know, I know. I usually don't trial wear times because I use peel off base coats which gives inaccurate results, but I was so excited that I quickly whipped these out on the train ride home from the event without any peel off base coats >_<" Story of my life!) and I really had no problems with its application for its consistency is on the thinner side and is non-streaky and non-gloopy. The brush is also easy to use. No problemo, but like glitter nail polishes, these speckles can be a painnnnnnnn to remove!

Onto swatches!!

Fragile is a speckled soft sky blue. I've actually never really looked into light blues, just because I personally don't like the look of blue nail polishes on me and not to mention my hands are pretty dark so I wouldn't even think about LIGHT blues. BUT.... when I wore this.. I thought it looked pretty good >_<" I wouldn't wear the light blue colour alone, but with the speckles? Yes. Definitely!

Pretty cute, yes? ^_^ The other shade I received was...

Freckle, which doesn't look too appealing, does it? :P It's a yellow-based tan colour with the same black speckles which reminds me ALOT of cookies and cream... or iced coffee even! I honestly don't mind this colour, but it's definitely not my favourite. I think it does make a nice neutral to wear on the nails, but I'd like to see the speckles pop against the base colour.. so it's a meh for my personal preference!

Overall, I personally think these nail polishes are something different. They're good quality and are nice to add to any's nail polish collection, but I can't afford its price tag and I'm not a BIG fan of speckles so I won't be looking. If you're a keen bean and can afford it, then go wild!

I know that they also have a green lipgloss in this collection, which I'm really keen on! "Why so bold Tram?", you've asked? Because!! Not only can you wear it alone on its own, but you can also combine it with any coloured lipstick to mix your own shade! Like, when you mix it with red, it turns to a berry colour... cool right?!?!?!?!

What do you think of Illamasqua's I'mperfection collection?
Will you be getting your hands on any products from this collection?

Illamasqua Limited Edition Speckled Nail Varnishes retails for $22.50, on counter now at Myer.

Disclaimer: Products were provided for review consideration. All opinions expressed within this post are of my own and remains uninfluenced. Please refer to this site's disclosure policy. 


  1. I really love the look of these nail polishes! The choice of colours are so unique!

  2. Pretty nail polishes!! 4 days is pretty good.

  3. Ooo these look pretty but not really liking the yellow/tan shade.

  4. These are so pretty!! I love the blue, but think the tan is pretty too - it does remind me of cookies and cream!
    I still probably wont be buying these, as there are so many pretty indie polishes I want to get that are cheaper.

  5. Not a fan of Freckle at all but Fragile is to die for! I'm usually not big on blue shades either but Fragile looks quite pretty. Thanks for the review! :)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling that way about Freckle and Fragile! :P

  6. That is SOO cute! :D Fragile looks like a speckled robin egg, how cute!! And Freckle looks like mocha chip ice cream :)


    1. OMG Angie! I did NOT know what a Robin Egg was until I googled it. Omg LOL, it does too! Spot on descriptions of these colour! Good job! Hahaha ^_^

  7. I agree with you in saying that we're not big fans of speckled polishes but ever since I saw this collection, I really wanted to try it! Thank you for the review!


  8. you have really pretty nails. these polishes look nice.



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