16 February 2013

Maybelline ColorSensational VIVIDS Lipstick Swatches

Heya! I was hanging around Fairfield's Big W yesterday as I was in search for more of Maybelline's Total Clean Express Eye & Lip make-up remover which are on sale right now for $2.72! I've actually already picked up 3 bottles and some Face Of Australia wipes, but I thought I'd stock up. I'll have a collective haul post soon!

So after I finished at Big W, I took a stroll down to Chemist Warehouse to see what's up! I headed towards Maybelline's stand and they actually HAVE the new Maybelline Vivids Lipsticks in stock! 

I must admit I do want to get my hands on some for their rave reviews and fantastic range of shades, but I truly can't afford right now :P Anyways, I have swatches for all you guys who DO want to own them! Yes... I swatched an arm full and sat outside of Chemist Warehouse (whilst waiting for Mum) taking photos like it was a normal thing to do.. Pretty sure everyone thought I was a freak!

(natural lighting) Pink Pop, Fuchsia Flash, Vivid Rose, Hot Plum

(natural lighting) Shocking Coral, Electric Orange, Vibrant Mandarin, Neon Red

Here's my nooby take on the description of these shades:
  • Pink Pop: Incredibly pale cool-toned pink.
  • Fuchsia Flash: Bright and bold cool-toned pink which leans fuchsia (no doubt!).
  • Vivid Rose: Bright and bold medium rose pink.
  • Hot Plum: A pinky-plummy purple.
  • Shocking Coral: A pinky-coral with that spice of neon. Mmm. Reminds me of Sportsgirl's Fruit Tingle.
  • Electric Orange: Orange. That is all. 
  • Vibrant Mandarin: Not exactly a mandarin colour. Somewhat similar to 'Shocking Coral', but less pink-toned. I'd like to call this one the true coral of the bunch!
  • Neon Red: Orangey-red. 

Natural lighting

With flash

That's it! Eight bold, bright and beautiful shades! I'm eyeing you Shocking Coral and Vibrant Mandarin...

Which shades are YOU eyeing?
Have you tried these lipsticks yet?

RRP: $16.95 at (Australia), $7.49 (US), £7.19 (UK).


  1. Hmm.. I like Shocking Coral the best! I think it's the most wearable :P

  2. They look amazing! So excited to scout them out and hopefully they'll have a good sale soon! Shocking Coral and Vibrant Mandarin are on my wishlist!

  3. What! That's so cheap! @0@
    And they're such gorgeous colours!! Good job on the sale!! ^w^


  4. These are so gorgeous! I have Vivid Rose and want pretty much all the rest but haven't found them in stores yet. :)

    Thanks for the great swatches

    1. Ah! They're still transferring to stores methinks! You might be able to find them at the "bigger" Priceline stores Stephanie! :P I want all for me too!

  5. WOW! These are beautiful! I need to get my mitts on a few.

  6. I've heard so many good things about Fuchsia Flash that I might have to get it! But it's literally sold out everywhere...

    1. Aw! My Chemist Warehouse had heaps left! Duck into the bigger Priceline stores and Chemist Warehouse again to try your luck Nhi! X

  7. Wow those colours are so bright and bold! Vivid rose and shocking coral seem to be my favourite. Might get my boyfriend to head to Fairfield Chemist Warehouse to grab them for me hehe :D


  8. lol i love that you just stood there swatching away! i have shocking coral and vivid rose which i quite possibly my very fave lipstick at the moment but i would love to also get fuchsia flash and hot plum :) thanks for all the swatches!


  9. These shades are TRULY gorgeous. I need to get my hands (or lips for that matter) on these ASAP

  10. Oh my, I live in the Fairfield area too! These colours are so vibrant and .. vivid!! Haha wow. They're so pretty, Maybelline has sure done good with these, I've never really thought much of their lip products. But wowow!!


  11. Wow, they really ARE vivid!!


  12. Gosh, these look so pretty, I especially love the look of rose and mandarin!

    But I already have too many lipsticks as it is! Ah, the dilemma...


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