07 February 2013

5 Superstitions for Chinese New Year

Hey guys! A non-beauty related post today..

So, I've been cleaning the house for the past 2 days for the upcoming Chinese New Year as all cleanings must be done before Chinese New Year, traditionally. Why?

It is commonly believed and that sweeping on Chinese New Year will sweep away the New Year's fortune! So often, if you're from a family or community that celebrates CNY, you'd often hear that sweeping and other form of cleanings are prohibited on Chinese New Year! I've always been interested in cultural superstitions and taboos, so I thought I'd share a few that I know of to keep you guide for the upcoming New Years! Hahah ^_^ Let me know if you know any others too!

  1. For the New Years, the first guest to greet you at your home will determine your fortune for the year. This is the reason why my family stay away from entering anyone's properties on the first day of the year to avoid being blamed for their fortune for the rest of the year! Because of this, I know that some families often *select* their very first guest for the year... Weird, huh?
  2. No crying during Chinese New Years -- Chinese New Years is actually celebrated over quite a few days (up to 7-15 days) so depending on how many days families celebrate Chinese New Years... everyone are expected to stay smiley and happy! Absolutely NO crying, and this also goes fro children! It's believed that crying on CNY brings bad luck and unhappiness for the rest of the year! Oh, and that also goes to swearing or arguments... Oh god. Imagine being sworn at on Chinese New Years... I will kick ass if that happened to me!
  3. Pay off ALL your debts -- New year, new start! I don't know the exact reason behind this superstition.. Probably made up by those who lent money and never got paid back LOL!
  4. Red is the luckiest colour so rock it! Rock red clothes, red hair accessories, red fashion accessories, red lipsticks or red undies even! Basically.. the more red, the better! *Note: This is a common belief. I am not to be blamed if you look like a tomato on CNY. 
  5. No bad talks -- Here's a taboo for ya which is pretty self-explanatory :P No talking about death, ghosts, or anything considered "bad" or "dirty". I'm Vietnamese, but I know that Chinese people generally stay away from the number "4" on New Years for its similar pronunciation to "death" in Chinese which I thought was pretty interesting! 

That's 5 superstitions and taboos from me to keep you guided for Chinese New Year! It's time for YOU to shareeee~

Do you know of any superstitions/taboos for CNY?
How are you celebrating CNY?

Thanks for reading and I'm wishing everyone (who celebrates Chinese New Year) a Happy New Year. May the New Year of the Snake bring you fortune, good luck, wealth and good health! "Chuc Mung Nam Moi" & "Kung Hei Fat Choy"!


  1. These are all are very familiar to me, with the exception of number 1...did not know that one at all! & #3 I learned more recently than the others since I haven't ever had 'debt' until now xD I think the no crying taboo is just in general, always (at least in my family). But I guess it's even more frowned upon during the holidays.

  2. I've heard of those and I learn about them in school too haha :)
    Hurray for red packets! ;)

  3. I've actually never heard or bothered with these superstitions, but I'm sure everyone knows about number 4. I'm such a fail Chinese hahahah. '8' in Chinese always has a similar pronunciation to 'rich' :D


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