11 July 2010

Circle Lens: GEO Tricolor (3-TONE) Green

As promised! GEO Circle Lenses in 3-tone Tricolor Green (CM-903)! Like Tricolor Blue, it does little eye-enlargment, so definitely NOT recommended for the dolly-look, but it looks quite natural without flash. However, I find it to look a little bit haunting IN flash photography..

I'm not really a big fan of green. It's harder to pull off than blue. In my honest opinion, I think Asian girls can pull of blue easier than green, unless you have full eye make-up on of course.

These photos were taken on my sister and she loves this pair of circle lens.

Without flash, the green looks more natural and soft, IMO.

Here is what they look like in full person hehe :)

Hope you enjoyed this post!

06 July 2010

GEO Circle Lenses: Olive Brown/Honey Wing

Havent been blogging in ages! I'm actually not suppose to be blogging but I miss it too much.. so here I am lol! I promised to blog about Tricolor Green, but then I just picked up Olive Brown, so I might as well.

Here are pics for Olive Brown which is also known as Honey Wing... Quite popular for its eye enlargement & natural colour.


The brown almost blends in with my natural eye color without flash. My eyes aren't extremely dark, so for those with darker brown eyes, you'll probably find this pair to be a little light.

Too natural right?
But it might suit some of you if you're looking for the natural look.
This series is ALMOST similar to the Angel series, however, instead of having a black rim, the rim of the Olive series are softer and are paired with the main colour.
So I find that this series is much more natural, however, still offers a dolly look.
I really recommend this brown if you're looking for natural-dolly looking eyes!

My favourite pair of brown circle lenses over Nudy Brown and Angel Brown.
Hopes this help!
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