24 February 2011

Overview of GEO Circle Lenses: Olive Series

Previously, I have posted about the Angel Series and the Nudy Series, so here is my analysis on the Olive Series.

I'm quite glad that I didn't put together ALL series into one post, else that'd be the longest essay/post I'll ever stumbled across and wrote.

So anyways, about the Olive series.

GEO Olive (OL-10*)

The GEO Olive Series is also most of the time known as the 'Wing Series'. In my last post, I forgot to mention to you that the Nudy Series is also sometimes known as the 'Nudy Quarters', but that should be fairly obvious.

Back to Olives, it initially came in four colours only. However, last year, they have released Olive Green to add to the collection which codes OL-103.

This series consist of a similar design to the Angels. They both have a rim/border and also rays coming out from their centre. However, the colour of the rim around each Olive design corresponds to the main colour itself. I'm not sure if that makes sense, I apologise for my super-duper bad English.

What I'm trying to say is that, Angel series ALL has a black rim, however, Olive Brown has a brown rim, Olive Purple has a purple rim and so on...

I really hope my English wasn't this terrible :(

I only have one pair from this series which is Olive Brown, so I really cannot tell you if other colours gives a great payoff or not and stuff like that. Reason for being is, when I sold GEO Lenses, my customers don't really look into the Olive series, mainly because the Angel, Nudy and Tri-colours are so much more wanted at the time. Adding to that, I didn't stock many Olives.

So here's my opinions and views on the Olive Brown, which you can take into consideration if you decide to purchase other colours, okay?

*Olive Brown (OL-104)

I really like this pair from the Olive Series. The light-brown colour on this particular pair matches my eyes so well, and I have fairly light eyes. I don't consider myself to have the darkest brown-eyed colour, however, not the lightest either. Probably some where in between the both. I love how this matches my eye colour, is comfortable to wear and offers me a VERY natural eye-enlargement.

Reason for it being not as harsh as the Angel series is for its lighter and more subtle colour and also having the frame around the design brown too makes it so much more wearable. I also LOVE that Olive Brown can be worn without makeup unlike other series [for my eye shape].

Also, as natural as it is, you surely WILL be able to spot it in flash photography and bright sunlight, just like any other pairs of contacts.

Flash photography

Outside/No direct sunlight

So I DO recommend Olive Brown for:
- People with lighter eyes who wants a natural eye-enlargement
- People with darker eyes who wants a some-what eye-enlargement + lighter coloured eyes. Keep in mind that if your eyes are darker, the lenses WILL show up on your eyes, so therefore, won't provide you the MOST natural, however, at least some-what natural.
- People who has brown eyes

I DO NOT recommend Olive Brown for:
- People who does NOT have brown eyes. I don't think that this series will give you a full coverage for your natural eye colour. Most likely, your natural eye colour will show up and it'll look funky that you have half-blue and brown eyes. So please take this into consideration.
- People with darker eyes who wants the same colour for their eyes, however, eye-enlarging at the same time.
- People who does NOT digg a natural look. Reason for listing this is because, some girls actually DO like to show people that they're wearing contacts. However, Olive Brown won't be the right pair for you if you have light eyes and want to show people that you're wearing contacts.

So overview of the series AGAIN!

*I have stated my experience with Olive Brown which is also known as Honey Wing.

*Olive Grey, on the other hand, is known as Ash Wing. Quite cool.

*Besides the two, there are no particular names for Blue, Green and Purple. And I do not know anything about the colour payoffs AT ALL.

- Natural Eye Enlargement
- Semi-dolly look

I personally LOVE Honey Wing to bits because it is SO natural on me, however, I haven't had a chance to try out other colours... 8(
Besides that, all recommendations and opinions are stated above. If compared to Angel Series, I DO prefer this more, because I'm not a gal who'd eyeliner and eyeshadow everyday 8(

This is an overview of GEO Olive/Wing Series. All products are bought by ME. This is NOT a sponsored post. Please consider that I have only tried Olive Brown/Honey Wing, so I cannot make a fair judgement over other colours of the series.

I apologise that the overview for this series is cut so short and not very informative! But afterall, if you're a girl who'd like the most natural light brown eyes, this is the pair you'd go for! I hope that helps you!

My next post will be either lip swatches, a review, nail tutorial or about skin! Tell me which one? Leave me a comment? Please tell me how this pic below looks! HAHA

Some people says its scary. Cool. Unique. Credits to KlaireDeLys.

Meanwhile, take care!

Yours deerest,

21 February 2011

Back2Basic: Identifying your skin type & conditions.

Most of the time you will hear many people quote, "Make up is a form of art and our bare faces, is like a canvas to do so". However, it is an essential factor that you prime and take care of the bare canvas that you already have.

In other words, it is important that you need to identify your skin type, skin condition, skin tone and any contra-indications. Let's break it down.

Epidermis acts as a barrier which protects the skin against the atmosphere.
Sebaceous glands are also known as oil glands.

1. Skin Types

You can analysis by sight and/or by touch. Make sure to check carefully around your eye areas for its elasticity so you can identify if whether you have any wrinkles or look skin. This will let you properly determine how much more support and extra care will be needed for your eye area.

Also, do remove ALL your make-up on your skin before the analysis as it can leave you an inaccurate answer -- not cool.

Now, feel your skin to see whether it's moist or oily, or dry -- another factor to jot down.


Normal Skin:
- Rarest skin type
- Clear complexion & even skin colour
- Soft and supple to touch
- High degree of elasticity
- Average thickness of epidermis

Oily Skin:
- Over-active sebaceous (oil) glands
- Often has a shiny appearance
- Thick epidermis
- Open pores, often comedones present
- Sallow complexion

Dry Skin:
- Usually pale in colour
- Epidermis is thin, pores invisible
- Often looks flaky
- Has under active sebaceous (oil) glands
- Fine lines may appear prematurely
- Broken capillaries may be present

Combination Skin:
Combination skin is usually recognised by a greasy/oily T-zone, however that's not always the case. Combination skin can always be a combination of ANY skin type. E.g. Normal + Oily, Oily + Dry or Dry + Normal. It can also be reversed to dry t-zone and oily cheeks... anything like that!

2. Skin Conditions

Note that EVERYONE must have a skin type, however not all people have a skin condition. So don't panic if these conditions doesn't apply to you, that just means you don't have any skin conditions at all! :P These are fewer examples of skin conditions:

Sensitive skin:
- Often accompanies dry skin, can be present in oily skin also
- Thin epidermis
- Reacts to external stimuli which can become red & blotchy
- Prone to dry, flaky patches & broken capillaries

Pigmented skin:
- Darker areas or spots on skin
- Results from uneven distribution of melanin
- Can be results of sun-damage, chloasma, hormonal imbalances or acne scarring

Dehydrated skin: (almost everyone has dehydrated skin)
- Lack of water in skin
- Looks dry, flaky and scaly. Feels tight.
- Prone to wrinkles and fine lines
- Can be presented on both dry and oily skin.

Couperose skin:
- A temporary or chronic redness appearing on the skin.
- Appears as small, dilated, bright red blood vessels on the cheeks, nose or chin.

It's important to know what skin type you have and your skin conditions as different skin care products or make-up products are designed to cater to a particular skin type/condition. And I'll get onto that soon after my next post, of course!

For your information, I didn't copy and paste this from the internet. This is the information I have actually learnt from the class I'm taking, however, the notes about the characteristics are copied and pasted directly from the notes provided by my teachers. ^^

Hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful!

Yours deerest,

20 February 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #1

Hello everyone! Let's take a break from circle lenses as I've been posting two detailed essays about circle lenses. I honestly wish I was THAT detailed in my High School Examinations :P But oh well!

Tell me what you do on weekends? Do you sleep in or wake up early for laps?

For me... On Saturdays, I wake up early with my mum at 7A.M and drive to Flemington which is quite far from where I live. In Flemington (or near), locates Sydney Markets where they have three shelters which sells flowers, fruits and another for almost like a 'garage sale'.

Mumma & I go to the garage sale shelter first. At the place you can find both new and old stuff! It ranges from second-hand to BRAND NEW clothes/items. I love going there to find cheap stuff. There's a WIDE range of items! From electronics to clothes and shoes. Just yesterday, I bought a new pair of JaysJays skinny jeans which is BRAND NEW with tags and a piggy bank! And for both items, I paid $5.

I also spotted Rubi shoes there, however, you have to be LUCKY to find a pair which will fit you. There are also heels and sandals. And books. Toys. Plushies. Cosmetics, barely any.. besides fake MAC of course. Summed up, you can find ALOT of items there!

Anyways, my favourite is Sunday, when I head to Casula which is also like a 'garage sale'. This place is better because I get SO lazy at Flemington since I have to go with mumma to fruit markets after. It's so crowded and so long in there. Not interested.

I go to Casula and find fewer cosmetic stalls! And clothes! I know, even though the clothes are second-hand. I still find them quite decent and wearable. It's nice because I have NO idea where the clothes comes from. So I'll never see someone wearing similar clothes to me :/

For cosmetics, there are both brand new and used items. But I only look for items which I can sanitized, or else they have to be brand new. Today, I found Mary Kay and Nutrimetics lipsticks which are up for $10 each (NIB). Outside, Mary Kays' are $27 RRP and Nutrimetics retails for $33.50. So it's quite a bargain! However, I didn't pick any up because I don't the shades.

There was also a time when Mumma found a Lancome foundation which is 3/4 full and the lady said I could take it for $1. Hahaha.

Hmmm any other great buys... I don't remember. I picked up a Mary Kay lipstick in Dusty Rose for $5 :) Quite good. I love the colour.

But TODAY! I found this!

I brought three 'xoxo' and two 'LOVE' blocks. I have left one of each in my sister's room and these three are mine! The lady had a few more of 'LOL' and 'L-O-V-E', but I only picked up five because I didn't have money :( The lady offered me $3 each for these, but I asked her if I could pick up five blocks for $10 and she politely agreed!

Yay! Bargain! I like! :D

I also found a store of second-hand WITCHERY clothes and shoes which are DECENT. Going for $10 each pair of shoes and $5 each piece of clothes. I don't like it though, so I didn't pick up any.

Yes... that's my buy of the week! You? Tell me about it.

Meanwhile for those who has not much to share, 'shower me with comments of love. I hope that they're all so rude that they get flagged'. LOL

Yours deerest,

16 February 2011

Overview of GEO Circle Lenses: Nudy Series

My last post was about GEO's Angel series > and today I'll be doing an overview on the Nudy series! Angel, Nudy and Tricolor (World/3-tone) is probably the most well known series by GEO because I don't know why.

Therefore, you'd probably find that posts about Angel, Nudy and Tricolor will be much longer! :D

GEO Nudy (CH-62*)
besides Nudy Golden Blue (CH-932)

The GEO Nudy series is available in 7 different colours (yes! Seven!): Violet/Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, Pink and least known, Golden Blue.

Unlike the Angel series, the Nudy series does NOT have a black rim around the edges! However, this does NOT mean that the Nudy design is smaller than the Angel design, when compared in diameter. Both series is 14.0mm in diameter. What I'm trying to say is, the design of the Nudies completely takes over the area of the black border, get it?

So for Nudies, the coloured pattern of each is what offers eye-enlargement, whereas, for the Angels, it's the black rim that's doin' the job.

Ok, so onto what the Nudies look like when worn (omg, they're starting so sound like a racial group). When worn, up close, you can see that my eyes look quite pixelated and often gives you a 'marble-effect' for your eyes.

If you examine closely into the design... Yes. It does consist of rays comin' out from the centre too which is similar to the Angels. However, the rays of the Nudies, are more subtle, therefore, making this series more wearable. There is also an extremely extremely thin black border around if you ask. However, this rim shows up to be really really soft and subtle when worn, so there's nothing to worry if you're not a fan of black rimmed circle lenses.

Also, for your information, I don't need to wear eyeliner for this, however I DO recommend a little mascara or at least, invisible lining OR tight lining. Keeping in mind that I have a normal-sized eye shape with double lids.

For color evaluations, ALL colours in this series has a GREAT payoff. Saying this, I mean, from a distance, you can definitely see the colour of the eyes, unlike the Angel series, where you can barely tell. But I'll outline anything that you need to know.

*Nudy Blue is my favourite. Hehehe you didn't need to know that, but okay :P I like it because it looks quite natural on me and I LOVE the color's payoff! Love!

Here's a close-up:

* For Nudy Purple, I will only be able to see it when close-ups. Not so much for a distance though. Surprisingly, this is how Nudy Purple turns out on camera. Like a pinkish-grey. But it's not like that at all IRL :/

*If you're looking for hazel eyes, don't try Nudy Brown. It just looks like pixelated brown eyes. Nothing like hazel. Read on to my next few posts and I'll mention which ones are hazel :D

*Nudy Grey is one of the most popular selling pair from this range, however, I don't recommend it. Because the colour payoff isn't THAT great. Of course you can see it, however, not to the point where it 'wows' me.

*I have never tried Nudy Pink, Nudy Green and Nudy Golden Blue, therefore there's nothing I could tell you about.

- Eye enlargement
- Natural-dolly look

I personally prefer this series over the Angel. I like how it gives suc ha great color payoff and it serves the idea of the Angel series, just as well. It also offers a dolly-look when worn, however, is more natural-looking. Therefore, I have written 'natural-dolly'. If you're up close, you can see the pixelation, however, it doesn't bother me really and there's nothing that I would complain about these lenses in flash photography.

This is an overview of GEO Nudy Series. GEO Nudy Blue and Nudy Purple, I have worn, however ALL other coloured pairs are comments I retrieved from my customers when I sold lenses. Besides their comments, I have seen them worn the pairs occasionally and these are my comments/opinions. Please consider that it matters from people to people due to a variety of factors such as eye colours.

I hope you found this post helpful and clears up your decisions to purchase GEO Nudy Series. I have NOT called this post a 'review' because a review would typically include the comfort and detailed features. In this post, I have outlined briefly about the colours and patterns.

Next post to come: the Olive series.

Yours deerest,

13 February 2011

Overview of GEO Circle Lenses: Angel Series

So every beauty bloggers out there MUST know or at least, came across what circle lenses are. If not, read one of my very first posts HERE >

Now that you know what circle lenses are, let me introduce you to one of the most popular circle lens manufacturing companies, GEO Pty Ltd. You probably would know that I mention alot from this company in previous posts. Anything that you want to know about the company, I have already linked.

Today's post is going to be explaining the difference between fewer designs released by GEO, however, doens't include the recent released designs such as Berryholics or Hurricanes. I will be skimming through: Angel, Nudy, Two Tones, Tri-colour, Tearful and Olives (Wings).

Yes! Let's start!

GEO Angel (CM-83*)

The GEO Angel Series comes in five different colours. Basically, most series comes with 5 colours: purple, blue, green, brown and grey.

The Angel design consist of a black rim/border and has little rays shinin' out from the centre of the pupil. The rim/border designed is for the illusion of eye-enlargement. As stereotypical about Asians having small eyes, these rims offer an illusion of eye-enlargment and usually IS the key point of Circle Lenses. Saying this doesn't mean ALL circle lenses offer eye-enlargement.

In addition, the 'rays' coming out from the pupil makes this series quite 'harsh'. What I mean is that, when worn, it makes you look very 'angry'. It makes you look quite scary and alien-ish.

If you have small to normal eye size, without eyeliner, it will make your eyeballs look like it's popping out. Too big to be framed with just the size of our small-normal sized eyes. However, these are girls who can pull this off, but very fewer!

So I would only recommend this series to you, only if you wear eye makeup daily -- just because this series looks nicer if the eyes are more defined. And yes, I mean eyeliner, not just mascara... without eye makeup, the lens CAN look like it's too big for your eyes and yet, about to burst. Quite un-natural. Brrrrrr...

Argh! I hope that really makes sense! I'm SO bad at writing, really. Now onto each colour....

So out of the series, I have tried Angel Brown & Angel Blue.

*The colour is quite natural for Angel Brown, however, I still dislike the rays and rim which makes the who design quite un-natural. I used to wear this on school days with little mascara and it still made me look like a freak. So alien-ish. However, the colour of this pair shows up really well.

*Angel Blue is MUCH disappointing when I was looking for a blue which would stand out as much as it disappointed me. The colour showed up as a DARK blue which almost looked quite grey-black. The only times you would be able to see the blue is in flash photography or in bright sun light.

*Angel Purple, when worn on my friend shows up clearly as a dark purple. However, not too dark where you cannot see it. It's dark but you can still see it.

*Lots of people like Angel Grey and you can say that, it's most likely to be the top-selling pair from the whole series.

*Angel Green shows up with a decent colour, a little bit better than blue. However, still the same old, you can't see much unless you're up close.

- Eye enlargement
- Dolly-look

I don't personally don't like this series. As much as I look for a dolly look to wear on occasions, I don't like this because of the design. It made me looks angry! And sometimes, I can see the rays when wearing the circle lenses. What I mean is, in my vision, I could see little bit of the design... so yes. Quite weird.

This is an overview of GEO Angel Series. All product were bought by ME. This is NOT a sponsored post. Please consider that this is within my experience and opinions, therefore, it matters from people to people.

I hope you found this post helpful if you're looking into the GEO Angel series!
I apologise that there is no pictures and photos because my Angel Brown, I have thrown out! and Angel Blue, I have gave it away!

I will post about the Nudy series soon!

09 February 2011

How to: Bun your hair using no accessories!

As promised, I'm gonna show all you ladies with medium-long hair how to bun up your hair in this sweaty Sydney weather (not anymore) using nothing!

I know some of us are probably unforgettable to bring hair ties or clips. Or sometimes [what I hate most], the times when the weather suddenly changes from cold to hot and you have NOTHING with you at all to keep your hair out of the way!

So here's a how-to video for you. I know I'm bad at directing but please do bear with me!

You don't need any pens or clips or whatever to bun your hair up like this, so it's really convenient!

I like to do this bun on the side and up high, more cute! :) And sometimes I clip up my fringe when I have a bad hair day. So this is one of my hair-dos to run to for a bad hair day.

To accessorize this, I put on my hair tie around the bun and I have fewer different hairties! So I'd like to change. I'm looking for more hairties though! I'd love to collect them!

Below is a picture of me using a chopstick. I know some of you may be unfamiliar to this, but us Asians [or maybe just my family] DO use chopsticks. They're not literally those eating chopsticks! I'm unsure where this have originated from. I'm sure it's Asia but I don't know if anyone uses it or how popular it is. But there ARE chopsticks which are produced for hair buns!


Credits here >

There are also other accessories such as the Chinese hair pins. I'm sure if you watch the Chinese dramas, you'd know what I'm talking about.

Credits here >

Once again, I hope I helped you!
Have a good night!!

06 February 2011

NOTD: Lime'mon

Hi everyone!! Before the hair bun tutorial! This was my NOTD before camp!

I love the green combined with yellow! It's not really a green.. kinda teal or aqua! Yup... I love it! But it chipped off way too fast because I wash too many dishes at camp!

Will post for you soon! Lav lav lav lav!

Oh!! And Happy Lunar New Year!
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