06 February 2011

NOTD: Lime'mon

Hi everyone!! Before the hair bun tutorial! This was my NOTD before camp!

I love the green combined with yellow! It's not really a green.. kinda teal or aqua! Yup... I love it! But it chipped off way too fast because I wash too many dishes at camp!

Will post for you soon! Lav lav lav lav!

Oh!! And Happy Lunar New Year!


  1. Gorgeous design. Tute on how to do it when you return from camp please! Also, how about washing up gloves to preserve that pretty design?


  2. omgsh your nail designs are so creative! love the contrasting colours :)

    youuuuuu have super duper long hair toooo missy!
    and i know what you mean about two dimples. you got dem viets who make fake dimples in vietnam LOL...they look really fake.

    hope all is well bubby <3

  3. Love the nails. I've been painting my nails those 2 colors lately.


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