19 July 2013

Australis Go Long Longwear Lipsticks

Overly late review for these lovely Australis Go Long Longwear Lipsticks, but I'm glad I've still made it for Winter!

I don't think I've mentioned these ever [again] since their feature in my Saturday's Swatches series! I'm not really one for matte lipsticks and as I've previously mentioned that the shade range just doesn't excite me... Too many browns and darks for my personal preferences!

Australis Go Long Longwear Lipsticks ($12.95) are available in 8 shades, ranging from brights to darks! They're packaged in black and pink plastic tubes... Pretty, huh?

Although I've said that the colour range is a bit iffy for me, I'm still quite happy that they've decided to include browns and darker shades! It's hard to find affordable brown/dark shades from the lower-end brands... They can have 23435 shades of pink, but not a single brown.. @_@!

All 8 shades are matte, and as I've tried them... I have to say that they glide on to be pretty damn grippy! The first time I applied each of these shades, I seriously chanted "please don't break, please don't break, please don't break" because they are that grippy! However, as they wear down, they do become creamier and less grippy. Strangely, I also found that they've became somewhat less matte too... which truly doesn't bother me because I'm actually not keen on matte finishes anyways.

Despite its creamy texture, you will still need to keep great care of your lips to rock these lipsticks flake-free! You can also use a lip balm, apply the shade and then powder to keep its matte finish if you'd like :P


Uber Cool -- When I saw this in the collection, I'd have to say that this shade did not capture one bit of my attention! But when I wore it, it actually doesn't look that bad. I only pick this shade for the days that I'm feeling more rebellious and unusual though... Hehe.

One thing to note about Uber Cool is that it applies to be bright, but slowly fades to be dull. Constant touch up for me, because I really like the brightness that it applies at. >_<

Boho -- is a brown colour, lookin' slightly muted. Pretty wearable, I'd say! Not as scary as it looks in the tube, but I definitely won't be reaching for this colour any time soon.. Not interested in browns. Pinks for the win!

Diva -- a beautiful and bold blue-based red! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how this looks on the lips! I do own other similar shades, but not at this brightness! Like others, Diva applies to be pigmented and all, but because of the red colour.. it's better to pair this with a lip liner despite its fantastic lasting power and feathering- and bleeding- resistant formula.

[to be updated]

Easy Chic -- Here's a nude for all you nude lovers........ Wait. What? Easy Chic is the only beige toned nude from this collection, but it's a bit deeper, darker with muted brown tones... I think the muted brown tone makes it a pretty awkward in-between colour for alot of skin tones.

Preppy -- the second nude of the collection, but pink-toned! Yaaay! I love nudy pinks! This one is quite wearable too.. for me anyways! I don't find that it makes me look overly dead, which is ALWAYS a good thing.

Trendy -- Here's the other pink in the collection of shades, but this one is seriously.... an IN-YO-FACE colour! It's a VERY bright Barbie pink shade, which reminds me of a colour that Shanxo (on YouTube) would sport. This shade is definitely not one for my skin tone, but I actually quite like it! Mainly because I don't have a shade of pink like this that has that bright (almost neon) spice to it :P I'm still not 100% sure if I'd wear this shade at all though..

Ghetto -- is a dark, vampy burgundy red. I'm pretty sure you know that I'm not one for darks, so this shade definitely gave me a slight shock when I first applied it. It does apply to be quite deep and dark, but I also noticed that it's actually a really nice berry colour to sport when it's dabbed on. Don't you worry! ^_^ I will bring this shade into use...

Glam -- another dark from the collection, but this one is less pink/purple than Ghetto. It's more red/brown and is also deeper! I don't glance at this shade too often... It's just not for me. At a sheerer application, it just looks muddy on the lips, so I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do with this just yet. I'm sure many of you girls would be keen on this one though!

That's all for the 8 shades! My favourite picks are: Uber Cool, Diva, Trendy and Preppy!

I didn't pin point down the lasting time for all shades, but most lasted a good 4-7 hours with light snacks! Bigger meals  I also found that I could wear these alone with only little feathering and rarely any bleeding around the lips ^_^ Just needed to touch up here and there!

Have you tried any of Australis' Go Long Longwear Lipsticks?!
Which shades are your favourite picks?!

Disclaimer: Products mentioned in this post were provided for review consideration only. All opinions mentioned within this post belongs to me and remains to be uninfluenced and unbiased.

13 July 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Australis Rockstar Lipsticks

GOD. I've been very lazy lately! @_@

I used to felt joy as I pranced around Priceline's cosmetics section, but I've been so much of a home-body that I actually refuse to leave the house, even just to the post office to grab a form! :( Yeap. That's me for ya, and that's also the reason why I've missed SO many new launches in my latest launch post!

However, yesterday, as I was browsing around Priceline to see what's new... I've spotted Australis' spankin' new Rockstar Collection! If I could remember correctly, Australis has never "labelled" their limited edition releases.. But now that they do, I do think it adds a nice touch to the brand! Would you agree?

No press images online, so this will have to do! :(

The collection features 4 new lipstick shades and 4 new nail polish shades -- all which are pretty damn in yo face! I'm not even kidding you... The shades are holy golly bright... They're NEON! @_@ Don't believe me? I have evidence!

Electro, Teen Pop, Gangsta, Grunge

From arm swatches, here's a shade-y rundown for ya:
  • Electro -- BAM! Straight up electro orange. No red tones, no pink tones. Just straight up orange!
  • Teen Pop -- Extremely BRIGHT cool-toned bubblegum pink.
  • Gangsta -- A purpley-pink orchid colour. 
  • Grunge -- A dark, vampy bruised red lipstick for all my dark lip lovers! Reminds me of my NYX Round Lipstick in 'Bruised'!

Of course, I'd love to swatch the nail polishes for you also, but I'm not keen on picking up any of the shades... I am a broke puppy. It's okay though! I've managed to persuade my sister into buying a shade of Rimmel's Apocalips when we were at Priceline.... Plan A worked out... Now to persuade her to pick up a few of Maybelline's new Whispers lippies.. LOL. I kid!

What are your thoughts on Australis' Rockstar Collection?
Are you a keen bean, or na?

For me, I might just have to pass on Australis' Rockstar Collection for now... Too bright and bold for my liking really! 

08 July 2013

Latest Nail Fave: COVERGIRL Wine To Five

Don't mind me.. I've been obsessed with dark reds on the nails lately. Yeah.. I'm finally on trend with the seasons for once! :P For a looong time now, I've always strayed away from any dark nail colours, simply because they're just not my thang.

However, all that quickly changed after I spotted COVERGIRL's Wine To Five at my local Target! Let me tell ya.. when I whipped it on, the next thing I did was rammage through my stash, hoping to find any comparable shades.

Sadly, I couldn't find any lacquer from my stash that compares to this shade. I've found a bunch of dark reds though.. Eeep. Maybe I'll do a stash swatch post soon for them red nail lacquers!

The thing that makes Wine To Five so different from the rest is that the colour a darker deep red, but also borders purple in a way that's.... very complicated to explain. My head hurts just thinking of ways to explain this colour :( In a way, it's like the colour of a red/purple onion, I guess! Or to described it more accurately (and awkwardly), it's like the reddish colour of a purple brush! :|

Topped with Australis' Eureka Glitter Top coat

The formula applies effortlessly, which is what I do expect from such a dark colour anyways. It also lasted for a fair while before chipping, so that's a big yaaaay!!

So perfect for Autumn/Fall! ^_^!!

Quite happy that I've found a dark nail colour that I really really like! Can't wait to play around with it a bit more when I have free-time on my nails (as I'm constantly trialling)!

What is YOUR go-to nail lacquer for the cooler seasons?
Are you a season-trendy? 

Off to watch World War Z now... Toodles ma poodles!

06 July 2013

Saturday's Swatches: Australis Pretty Pastels Palette

Saturday's Swatches have been off for a few weeks now.. Unfortunately, I've ran out of palettes and eyeshadows to swatch! I'll have to dig through my stash again, but meanwhile, please give a round of applause for our guest today -- Australis' Pretty Pastels Palette!

I've won this from Sandy's YouTube/Blog giveaway some time ago (thanks Sandy! ^_^!), but I believe you can still find the palette at Priceline for $9.95 (currently on sale for $7.96 at Priceline).

As expected, the lighweight palette is packaged in Australis' killer colours -- black and hot pink! I like that the palette itself is pretty thin and isn't too big, but still feels quite sturdy. The palette itself comes with 3 eyeshadow shades, a blusher shade, a bronzer shade, a fixed shade of pressed powder and a VERY clear and big "HD-quality" mirror.

As you can tell, all three shades are wearable neutral shades! I've decided to compare some of these shades to a selective fewer from Urban Decay's NAKED Palette:

  • #1 -- This one swatches to be a bit chalky, but makes SUCH a pretty sheen over the lids. It reminds me of Urban Decay's Virgin the most, but this one by Australis has a shimmery finish rather than that pearly finish in comparison to Virgin.
  • #2 -- This shade is like.. a grey-toned taupe colour. It swatches to be sheer on my arm, and also applies to be almost the same... I can't find a similar shade from UD's Naked for this particular shade.
  • #3 -- Reminds me of Dark Horse, except that this Australis' shade is more neutral toned than Dark Horse. This particular shade is very pigmented, and also has alot of fall outs so please be careful!

Ok! Onto the blusher, bronzer and face powder...
  • Blusher: Such a pretty dusty pink colour! It swatched to be a tad sheer, but actually applies to be quite pigmented! It also has a matte finish. I actually don't have anything similar to this colour in my stash, so this is a nice addition! 
  • Bronzer: This bronzer shade has a shimmery finish, but when applied, it passes off as almost a luminous finish. It's much more ideal to use this to 'bronze' rather than to 'contour', not only because of the finish, but the colour is also a bit off. I can use this [and get away with it] at a lighter hand, but with a heavy hand, it tends to look a tad orange and pink-toned.. X_X
  • Face Powder: I think this MAY be the same face powder from their Fresh and Flawless compacts... which I really like! It's smooth to apply, and also gives a flawless heavy-duty look! 

Overall, I like the soft-toned palette! It's a handy palette for those who prefer minimal make-up looks, or for those who are starting out with make-up even! It'd be better if they had these palettes available with different shades of pressed powders though.. Or perhaps replace the pressed powder with another universal face/eye product. A powder highlighter would be PERFECT for me!

That's all for today's Saturday's Swatches post! I'm trying to get back into a consistent blogging schedule, so sorry for the random updates! ^_^

On a brighter note, it's not rainy today, so I will be able to go to Sunday markets tomorrow! I haven't been there in 3 weeks or so! Eeep!

Catch you guys in 2 days~

03 July 2013

NEW Beauty Box: Violet Box -- June 2013

It's been yooooooonks since I've posted about any subscription boxes! For me, subscription boxes can be a little repetitive and most of the stuff that comes with it, I don't even use. However, I'm always a happy chap when I hear that a new beauty sub box is in the market!

Violet Box has just launched their very first box not too long ago, and they kindly sent me one too! Waking up to surprise packages are ze best, but how does the box compare?

Packaged in a beautiful (I mean it!) black and purple box, the box contains "4-6 premium beauty and lifestyle products every month".

The box contains a few slips: the products' listings and prices, their introductory slip of Violet Box and 2 other slips promoting products from some of the included brands.

A close look at the products that I've received..

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser 50mL (sample) -- RRP $23.95/200mL
I had a few of these and I don't mind more. I felt like Violet Box would've scouted and known that other boxes gave out ALOT of these already though!

CK One Color Cosmetics, Gloss Eyecolor (full size) -- RRP $25.00
Yaaaaaaaay for make-up! Too bad, it's not a product that I'd use. Maybe if the colour wasn't a bright, poppy green.. Something along the lines of bronze or gold would be perfect :( 

Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT (sample) -- RRP $120/100mL
Received this in 1.2mL, which is okay. It has a really nice, clean and fresh scent!

John Plunkett Glyco Peel (full size) -- RRP $28.95/15mL
I've heard of these products before! Correct me if I am wrong, but they are apparently not your average exfoliater. There's a spice to it that makes it somewhat stronger than normal exfoliaters, therefore, they can only be used at night time. I don't mind this, to be honest!

LashControl Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix (full size) -- RRP $25.00
I surely don't mind an extra clear mascara/brow gel to my beauty stash. My Australis' one is lookin' grosser and grosser as the days go! The packaging has a rubbery bit in the middle, which allows you to squeeze and control how much product you'd like on the wand.

Argonia Hair Oil Travel Cuties (sample size) -- RRP $34.99/100mL
Received this in 5mL.. I already have soooooo many hair oils at home. I'm not sure when I'm gonna get to this.. Meep. My hair is also really thick and it's such a tiny bottle.... but we'll just have to wait and see!

I can't say I'm overly impressed with Violet Box this month, but that's just my personal beauty preferences. I don't use eyeglosses and I wouldn't do green on the eyes. I also don't use hair oils... 

So all in all, I don't mind these products, but truthfully, none of them excites me. The value of the products may surpass the price you pay for the box, but... I'll see how they go in the next month!

Did you subscribe to Violet Box?
What are your thoughts?

Violet Box's monthly subscription costs $22..95 a month, but you can also find their other monthly packages at their official website.

Disclaimer: Product was provided to me for review consideration only!

01 July 2013

Drugstore Cosmetic Launches for Australia -- July 2013

God... It's already July guys.. Five more of these launch posts and I'll be starting on 2014! Time flies by SO quick.. It's unbelievabubble.

I haven't been posting lately, because my laptop's hard drive broke down. Had to get it replaced (costed a whopping $170!), so I'm starting this month with not a penny to spend. X_X Sad..

But for those who has no buying restraints... here are some awesome cosmetic launches to look into!

Chi Chi adds 6 spankin' new shades to their existing collection of Viva La Diva Lippies ($18.95)! They are available in mattes and cream finishes, and as you can see, some deep plums/purples for your wildness!
  • Game On (matte)
  • Chekin In (matte)
  • Lady Bump (matte)
  • Countes Turn Me On (matte)
  • Let Me Tempt You (cream)
God knows what the last shade is called.. They've forgotten to include it :(

More matteness from Chi Chi with their Creamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks ($16.95/14 shades)! These are intensely pigmented, long-lasting matte lip products which applies to be creamy and bright.

If you're not one for mattes, then they also have these Glossy Lip Stains ($16.95/5 shades) which are described to be pigmented, lightweight stains for the lips. The 3 products from the middle to right reminds me alot of Australis' Pout Pastes, except that the red isn't as bright! What do you say?

Physicians Formula is hitting back this month with quite a few bronzers and blushers, and these are probably the sexiest of them all!
  • Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Bronzer ($29.95) -- duo-toned bronzer that features a golden glow, giving off a radiant and healthy glow. 
  • Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush ($21.95) -- same deal, but this is a luminous duo-toned blush. 

  • Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powdered Bronzer ($29.95) -- a bronzer that reacts to light and the skin's natural pH levels, supposedly to suit your very own skin tone.
  • Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powdered Blush ($21.95) -- Same, same!

  • Physician Formula Mineral Wear Talc-free Mineral Correcting Bronzer ($29.95) -- 3-in-1 mineral correcting powder, brightener and bronzer. The swirl designed of the complementary shades is supposed to "brighten" the skin -- pink tone highlights, yellow tone adds warmth, orange tone brightens. 
  • Physician Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Season-to-Season Bronzer ($29.95) -- a multi-coloured bronzer which features 4 bronzing tone for your convenience to customise your own shade.

Of course, they also have a pH Matchmaker Powered Lip Gloss ($19.95) that has an in-built LED light inside the cap. The lip gloss itself, is also suppose to adjust to the light and pH levels of your lips.. Only available in 1 shade.

Sportsgirl rocks back with the 3D Caviar trend with their to-be-released Nail Sprinkes ($7.95)! Available in Silver, Black and Multi.

Woop.. Almost forgot to mention that Rimmel's famous Apocalips Lip Lacquers ($15.95/8 shades) have already hit the Aussie shores! It's a rich, intense and pigmented liquid lipstick with a glossy finish! According to the reviews that I've read, they are deemed to be lightweight and non-sticky.. Sounds pretty good, in my opinion!

Not too many launches this month, but they all are pretty interesting, don't you think? From pH blushers and bronzers to almost a handful of liquid lipsticks to check.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?
Liquid lipsticks -- yay or nay?

I feel iffy about Physicians Formula's launch. That's 4 bronzers and 2 blushers that's going to be hitting the shelves. I have a gut feeling that they're all gonna be duds, LOL. All these pH-products never workkkkk! The Sexy Glow range surely does look nice though.. although the prices aren't so nice. 
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