01 July 2013

Drugstore Cosmetic Launches for Australia -- July 2013

God... It's already July guys.. Five more of these launch posts and I'll be starting on 2014! Time flies by SO quick.. It's unbelievabubble.

I haven't been posting lately, because my laptop's hard drive broke down. Had to get it replaced (costed a whopping $170!), so I'm starting this month with not a penny to spend. X_X Sad..

But for those who has no buying restraints... here are some awesome cosmetic launches to look into!

Chi Chi adds 6 spankin' new shades to their existing collection of Viva La Diva Lippies ($18.95)! They are available in mattes and cream finishes, and as you can see, some deep plums/purples for your wildness!
  • Game On (matte)
  • Chekin In (matte)
  • Lady Bump (matte)
  • Countes Turn Me On (matte)
  • Let Me Tempt You (cream)
God knows what the last shade is called.. They've forgotten to include it :(

More matteness from Chi Chi with their Creamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks ($16.95/14 shades)! These are intensely pigmented, long-lasting matte lip products which applies to be creamy and bright.

If you're not one for mattes, then they also have these Glossy Lip Stains ($16.95/5 shades) which are described to be pigmented, lightweight stains for the lips. The 3 products from the middle to right reminds me alot of Australis' Pout Pastes, except that the red isn't as bright! What do you say?

Physicians Formula is hitting back this month with quite a few bronzers and blushers, and these are probably the sexiest of them all!
  • Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Bronzer ($29.95) -- duo-toned bronzer that features a golden glow, giving off a radiant and healthy glow. 
  • Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush ($21.95) -- same deal, but this is a luminous duo-toned blush. 

  • Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powdered Bronzer ($29.95) -- a bronzer that reacts to light and the skin's natural pH levels, supposedly to suit your very own skin tone.
  • Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker pH Powdered Blush ($21.95) -- Same, same!

  • Physician Formula Mineral Wear Talc-free Mineral Correcting Bronzer ($29.95) -- 3-in-1 mineral correcting powder, brightener and bronzer. The swirl designed of the complementary shades is supposed to "brighten" the skin -- pink tone highlights, yellow tone adds warmth, orange tone brightens. 
  • Physician Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Season-to-Season Bronzer ($29.95) -- a multi-coloured bronzer which features 4 bronzing tone for your convenience to customise your own shade.

Of course, they also have a pH Matchmaker Powered Lip Gloss ($19.95) that has an in-built LED light inside the cap. The lip gloss itself, is also suppose to adjust to the light and pH levels of your lips.. Only available in 1 shade.

Sportsgirl rocks back with the 3D Caviar trend with their to-be-released Nail Sprinkes ($7.95)! Available in Silver, Black and Multi.

Woop.. Almost forgot to mention that Rimmel's famous Apocalips Lip Lacquers ($15.95/8 shades) have already hit the Aussie shores! It's a rich, intense and pigmented liquid lipstick with a glossy finish! According to the reviews that I've read, they are deemed to be lightweight and non-sticky.. Sounds pretty good, in my opinion!

Not too many launches this month, but they all are pretty interesting, don't you think? From pH blushers and bronzers to almost a handful of liquid lipsticks to check.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned?
Liquid lipsticks -- yay or nay?

I feel iffy about Physicians Formula's launch. That's 4 bronzers and 2 blushers that's going to be hitting the shelves. I have a gut feeling that they're all gonna be duds, LOL. All these pH-products never workkkkk! The Sexy Glow range surely does look nice though.. although the prices aren't so nice. 


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on the Chi Chi new products - they look amazing!


  2. The new Chi chi products look great!
    And I had to mention that I love the release of the new maybelline products eg. their color whispers and the color tattoos metal collection! <3

  3. Wow the pH matchmaking products sounds cool; I'd like to see how it will work!

  4. I love the packaging of the Physicians Formula sexy boosters! The lipgloss looks tacky though... like for clubbing.

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  5. oh I hear the physicians formula stuff are actually really nice! The ph thing is usually all a gimmick but I trust that beautiful brand to reel in something super nice for us!


  6. I'm so excited about physicians formula products. They look so beautiful

  7. I've actually never tried a Chi Chi product, the brand just doesn't really excite me but YAY for the Rimmel Apocalips!!

  8. Cant wait to try out the physicians formula products! YAY


  9. Man, I really wish I could try some of these products! I've never been to Australia... I wish!
    Thankyou for following my blog while I was inactive! :)



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