26 June 2013

The Jojoba Company Gentle Cleansing Balm

Kay. I've been in bed snoozing for the past two days because it's been SO wet and gloomy in Sydney here.. Don't mind me, ya?

I've been meaning to post about The Jojoba Company's Gentle Cleansing Balm ($29.95/100mL) for the looooongest time. The thing with skincare products are that... I'm always thinking.. "I'm going to post about this tomorrow" and that thing goes on for.. um.. a few weeks. Next thing you know you... BAM! Cleanser finished and no product left for me to photograph.

What I've just told you was what exactly happened to my beloved Love Lettuce Face Mask by LUSH. Sad times, really!

Anyways, I've figured that I'd stop using the cleanser until I get the review over and done with... so my skin right now is disastrously dry and tight. LOL.

Horrible lighting, I know... What can I do with these grey clouds? :(

The Jojoba Company's Gentle Cleansing Balm (97% natural, they say!) claims to "leave the skin feeling cool, calm and hydrated" whilst "dissolving make-up and impurities of the skin's surface". Comes in a nifty pump-bottle which locks and also has a cap -- perfect for travelling.

I've been using this cleanser for about... a month, but definitely not everyday and also NOT twice a day (as suggested). I use one pump everytime I cleanse and I'd have to say that it's a very quick cleanser to finish, even if I'm using it once a day. After about 1.5 weeks of using this daily, the bottle is almost half finished :(

The formula, however, is VERY gentle and doesn't lather up into foam. It's actually hydrates, soothes and leaves my skin feeling supple! Back when it was less "wintery", my skin loved this! I could just use this cleanser and say "PFFT" to moisturisers like a boss. However, as we're almost a month into the winter season, I had to quickly cling to my moisturiser for the extra hydration.

Overall, the cleanser does pretty much what it claims to do -- soothe, hydrate, calm (I'm not totally sure what they mean by "cool" though.. Eeep)... Besides the "make-up removing" part. This cleanser is WAY too gentle to remove a single bit of make-up, so I have no idea why The Jojoba Company decided to chuck in that claim. It scales the product down, methinks.

Nevertheless, it's a lovely cleanser for all skin types. Doesn't leave the skin feeling tight because it's ULTRA-gentle. A cleanser can never be TOO gentle right?!?!?!?

Have you tried ANY products from The Jojoba Company?

YAY!! Now I can actually start finishing up this cleanser! I can't wait to show you guys waht I've managed to finish over the past fewer months.. My bag for "empty products" have been sitting in the corner for yonks!

Disclaimer: Product was provided for review consideration only. All opinions/comments mentoned within this post remains to be unbiased and uninfluenced.


  1. This sounds fantastic! I always have to stop using the products so I can review them haha

    Sarah xx

  2. Wow this cleanser must be super gentle then if it doesn't remove make up o__o It would be great not having to moisturise your face after cleansing hahaha

    Vanity Corner // Giveaway

  3. I've been loving a few products from the Jojoba Company at the moment! Their products are so gentle! I really like the sound of this one, might have to give it a go! xx

  4. I've never tried this before, but it sounds like I will have to now!

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  5. I love the jojoba company's products. I use the pure oil as my first cleanse in the evening as my makeup remover. Cheaper than the one ur using and lasts a lit longer. It dissolves eye makeup even waterproof leaving my normally sensitive eyes fine and lashes conditioned. I love it! I also use this a couple of nights a week as a moisturiser. It really helped the texture of my skin. I also use the jojoba bead cleanser / exfoliant . Love that also and only use a tiny bit and very gentle. I had samples of some of their other products, their bamboo exfoliant was too harsh and not keen on their day cream but love love love their serum ( expensive so just enjoyed the samples!!) their night balm is delightful also! Their serum is on par with jurilque's herbal recovery lotion which is the best however is now too pricey. Really enjoy their products :) great blog btw :)


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