11 June 2013

Nail Polish Hoard: Savvy, Models Prefer, Maybelline, COVERGIRL

I hate me sometimes.

I've always wondered which part of me decided to start my series of "Some Outstanding Sales" post. It'd only make sense if I was good at handling myself when great sales are around, right?

Well..... GUESS WOT? (I'm pretty sure you already know anyways...)

I am nowhere near good.. T_T It's a shame to say, but I just have to put this out there......... the goarder part of me has been taking over control these days! Since my previous sales post, I've immediately rushed out to purchase a bunch of nail polishes...

My first stop was at Priceline and these Savvy nail polishes (with a price tag of $3!) caught my eyes.. Picked up some pretty shade that isn't all that similar to what I have in my current collection.. err.. good, right?

Grey, Splash & Dash, Teal

Also snagged these two beauty packs by Models Prefer for only $5 each! BARGAIN!

I actually saw the black and white glitter polish from their larger set of 18 nail polishes first. Was very keen on it, but just wasn't keen on getting the WHOLE set for the sake of 1 nail polish, so I searched around to see if they had a smaller set or individual full size. That was when I found this pack of 2 for $5! SUCH a steal uleh.

The second pack is a better bargain, methinks. A powder blush and a creme blusher stick for just $5! It's a smaller sized powder blush, but I'm still happy with that. The smaller, the better! Mainly because I struggle SO hard to finish any full-sized blush.....................................

Na. I just want to be able to fit in more blushers. LOL..... Just kidding!

Well, second stop was at Chemist Warehouse for $1.99 Sinful Colour Nail Polishes, but I've searched two Chemist Warehouses and found NONE! The ladies said "they must haven't arrived yet", although the range is advertised in their current catalogue. What a waste of time...

Of course, that didn't stop me from making a trip to my third destination -- Target!

Initially, all I wanted to do at Target was to check whether Maybelline's $4 OFF and Covergirl's $3 OFF included their nail range......... but, um, this happened:

What can you say? Maybelline's $4 OFF deal surely does include their nail polish range -- making these drop down to only $1.95 each!

Sapphire Siren, Twilight Rays, Blue Freeze, Wine & Dined

Fierce N Tangy, Green with Envy, Pink Shock, Paint The Town

Checked these babies out, but I TOTALLY forgot to check whether Covergirl's nail polishes were included in their $3 OFF deal, so I went back......

...where this happened... =(

320 Midnight Magic, 230 Golden Opportunity, 190 Wine to Five

240 Coral Silk, 200 Always Naked, 285 Mint Mojito

The after sale price is $3 each for these. They also had a really nice bright candy blue in the range, but I thought.. How many bright candy blues do I really need?

So I picked up all these shades that are quite unfamiliar to my collection.. I'm lacking mints, nudes, foils, wine reds and light, peachy corals :P

Adding to this.. I've also got a huge market haul that I've yet to post about... SIGH. And there are more nail polishes there... >.>

If you are up for $2 Maybelline nail polishes or $3 Covergirl nail polishes,
NOW is the time!

If you're a sales lover, don't forget to check out my previous sales post! ^_^


  1. Haha! You're sooo like me! The Covergirl polishes are such pretty colours! I NEED SOME. So cheap. Look at the money you saved :P I do ;)

  2. Splash and dash looks so cool, i want it, kinda reminds me of a Revlon nail color :)

    Punky Bunny xoxo

  3. I loved your sales posts...I rushed out and grabbed a few things too :) Looks like you got some fantastic things! I grabbed the models prefer star dust polish too and absolutely love it! It's my new fave polish <3 I was so excited by it I didn't notice the blush kit, thing I need to visit priceline again! Cheers :)

  4. looks like you snatched up some great bargains, as always c:
    some lovely colors there. i am on a spending ban coz i'm going to HK in 2 days ^^ must resist

    à la foliee

  5. So many pretty things, it doesn't matter if you've spent a lot because they're all good brands at discounted prices, right?!!

    I've been eyeing the Maybelline Colour Show polishes and Covergirl polishes for a while now. I love Green with Envy by Maybelline!


    1. That is very true T_T Ok. Now I feel less bad.... LOL =D

  6. The Covergirl polishs are the best! I love them I also went on sales hunt yesterday and picked up some goodies http://corynleebeauty.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/myer-chemist-wearhouse-priceline-haul.html

    Please follow me back


  7. Great bargains - the last three covergirl polishes look gorgeous :) x


  8. I can relate to your pain ... but hey, at least they were on sale, right? That surely counts for something! At least now you've bought them, there's no point feeling guilty :p Enjoy your new polishes!

  9. The Covergirl shades are gorgeous! I've never tried any Covergirl nail polishes but I've been meaning to try them.

  10. Great haul!! I didn't see the MP blush pack when I was in Priceline last week :( I'll have to look this week. You're such an enabler ;)

  11. Those Models Prefer packs are soooo cute! Wanna see what the black and white glitter is like. And I want the blush duo now.

  12. I had gotten a fe sample of the Maybelline nailpolish during fashion week.
    Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.

    Do you want to follow each other? GFC, Bloglovin, FB, etc. Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow

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