30 May 2014

Nivea Soothing Cleansing Mousse for Dry & Sensitive Skin

When it comes to make-up removal, I've almost always reached for wipes. They are the best when it comes to convenience, especially after a loooong night and all you're looking forward to is passing out in bed. However, when it comes to deep cleansing, I'd turn to Nivea's Soothing Cleansing Mousse.

I've had this in my collection for a while now, but as I've said, I'm just always too lazy. It does the best job at removing my make-up out of all the products I have. It's described to be suitable for "dry & sensitive skin", which is totes me. I have combination skin, but I care a lot more for the drier areas.

As a mousse cleanser that pumps out foam, I'd expect this to be drying (as foam products generally are). It's not though, at least in the way I use it. 

Although, it suggested to "rinse off with water after gently massage it over your face with eyes closed", I prefer to use this with a cotton round. Yeap. Pump it on the round, and proceed to use as I would with other liquid make-up removers.

In my opinion, it works best this way! And not to mention, I get to see results... which I'd prefer over just washing away my make-up. It's a "mind over matter" kinda concept, but... I'd still prefer using it in my own way. Hahaha..

The thing I like about this is that it's pretty true to its claims. It deep cleanses the skin gently, whilst leaving it feeling fairly moisturised. I'm happy if it doesn't dry out my skin, so to have it feeling somewhat prepped after make-up removal is really a big fat plus for me! Not to mention that it also doesn't sting around my eye area.

In all, it does its job, is affordable, accessible and you get 150mL of products! Definitely a product I'd repurchase, and would recommend.

Foaming make-up removers: Love or loathe?
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Disclaimer: This product was provided for review consideration yonks ago. Totally forgot where, when and from who. This post features my very own uninfluenced opinions.

08 May 2014

Nail Art with Face Of Australia's Screen Siren Collection

A short post and bit of self promotion today, for my sister's Instagram. BUT, before I lose ya, just take a look at all the manicures she worked on using FOA's Screen Siren Collection.

Yes. Originally, it was a parcel sent to me to review and swatch by Face Of Australia (link here >), but my sister is just ALWAYS ahead of me.

Every nail products I get sent, she opens them, swatches them, posts them on her Instagram and just goes ahead with all her nail art ideas... -_-'

But she did a pretty good job, so I thought I'd share with you some of her NOTDs..

I loved this manicure when she showed me. I love the simplicity within it, although I couldn't really work out how she painted the feather....

I wouldn't be able to do this in a million years!

She used Monroe here by the way!

I was in the toilet brushing my teeth when she over-excitedly rushed in to show me her nails... I've no idea what she did here, but it looks great too! The pattern looks time-consuming to do, but when I asked, she assured that it's very easy and simple to do and went ahead to explain to me a million steps on how to achieve this manicure.... thinking that I'd remember.

She used Isn't It Delicious?

This is my next favourite after the leaf manicure!

A tropical lookin' gradient with an added leopard patterned for the accent nail.

She used Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend and Some Like It Hot.

And then, there's her leopard nails using Bombshell and Travilla.

I should really get her to guest post or be the nail art face of this blog, since I wouldn't be able to do anything like these in a million years... Hahahaha...

She's @bailmynails on Instagram. If you do decide to follow her, please tell her I said hello, and in addition, tell her that she should clean her room instead of doing nail art and reading manga all day.

*Exposes all her bad habits and chores she needs to do on her social networking platforms*

Just kidding! :P

03 May 2014

Saturday's Swatches: Ulta3 Lip Paints

It's no biggie that I've been out of the beauty blogosphere lately. Therefore, not very updated with new products.

One of the most interesting launches that I've missed are these Lip Paints by Ulta3! I had no idea they had these (for a few months now, may I add) until I stumbled across a post about them as I scrolled down my blogging feed last Monday.

I squeaaaaaaaaaaled. I never thought they'd release a range like this, so it was very unexpected for me. Especially when they are known for their nail lacquers, rather than make-up range. 

These looked promising though. From the swatches I saw, they looked great in terms of pigmentation. Knowing that they are only $5.95 a pop, I thought, "why not?!". 

So here's what it looks like...

The range consists of 6 brighter shades, but I only picked two out of the six. The other shades looked great too, but just not for my sister and I :P Therefore, we settled with these two...

Expressive Fuchsia, Radical Red

However, since I was there, I thought I'd swatch the other shades too and share them here :P Don't judge me!!!

Expressive Fuchsia, Manic Mauve, Extreme Pink, Loud Purple, Radical Red, Electric Orange

At first swatch, they remind me much of Rimmel's Apocalips Lip Lacquers, but just not as thick. I hope these Ulta3 ones will settle down a bit though, and not glide around the lips too much like the Apocalips. 

Also, I'd love to own a light pink shade, but Extreme Pink in this range is just too cool-toned. It'll look very iffy on my skin, which was the reason why I skipped it. I also really like the look of Electric Orange, but I know I won't ever wear it anywhere! 

Loud Purple, is... very loud. Purples are nice, but this one looked very.... indescribably bold. On the packaging, Manic Mauve looked like a very pretty berry colour, but when swatched, I felt like it looked too brown and dull.... Eeek. 

Therefore, I ended up only picking 2 out of the 6!

If you are keen on these, head to Ulta3's Facebook Page, click their Store Locator and you'll be able to filter through stockists which has these lip paints. Just remember to let me know...

Which shades are you guys keen on?
Are you a fan of lip paints at all?

Ulta3 Lip Paints, $5.95, 6 shades, check their Facebook page for stockists.

01 May 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- May 2014

Hello wello, HAH! Not late for this month, how unexpected, right?

Skipping my uni work for this post, so of course it won't be late....! There are not many launches this month though... Sadly.


Ulta3 CC Cream ($8.95/2 shades)
BAM! Ulta3 with their newest product, a CC cream. Ulta3 has always been a well-loved brand for their nail polishes. Their make-up? Not so much. Strange (and a bit shocking) to know that they've introduced a CC Cream, as CC creams are generally new to the Aussie market. Wonder whether they'll nail (#punny yo) this one, or whether it would just be another CC tinted moisturiser?

Ulta3 describes this to be, a complexion correction cream that helps to correct colour-related skin issues. Has a foundation-like coverage, and is buildable. Also protects the skin against sun damage.

Ulta3 Speckled Nail Polish ($3/6 shades)
This was released last month, and I believe, has already made a big hit on many beauty blogs. Limited edition collection which features fine black pepper particles and large matte glitter pieces on pastel-coloured bases. I really like the idea of this since trying <name> by Illamasqua. Too bad I couldn't find it at my local Ulta3 stockists.. Bummer!

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Colour Vibrations Glitter Mania Collection ($6.95/8-9 shades)*
I'm actually not too sure how many shades are released in Australia for this collection, but the whole collection consists of 8-9 shades. The price, I've gathered from Chemist Warehouse's catalogue. They are $4.95 RIGHT NOW (save $1.96), so get them now on sale while you can!

What they look like, apparently.

"Pretty" would be an understatement to describe how they look. Gaaaaaahhhhhh. 

Physician's Formula
I've said last month, that it seems that PF is just continuously releasing similar products over and over again. Here's your quarterly doze, I guess...

  • Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush ($21.95) -- A "perfect blend of complexion-boosting blush tones to brighten and enhance the skin tone" whilst adding a touch of radiant colour.
  • Nude Wear Glowing Nude Powder ($29.95) -- Provides weightless coverage, and features a multi-coloured paeltte of nudes...... Not sure how I'm suppose to use this as a "powder" actually. Four shades of nudes o_o
  • Nude Wear Glowing Nude Bronzer ($29.95) -- Features a "complexion boosting multi-coloured palette of bronze hues" for the most natural looking healthy bronze flow. 

Not sure about the products, I don't want to be too biased against them. Their prices are ridiculously high that I may as well remove their brand from these posts to be honest. Not very "drugstore", ya know?

Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara ($24.95)
"Made from 100% natural origin lash extension fibers", whatever it means, this mascara is supposed to lengthen, amplify and curl the lashes for an "unbelievable 3D effect".

Lashes naturally appear thicker, longer and more lush and gorgeous for up to "24 hours".

Meh meh meh!!

  • Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin CC Colour + Correction Cream ($25.95) -- CC cream with a "ground-breaking" formula that features 70% of organic ingredients. Corrects + cares for the skin, in a lightweight formula which blends effortlessly. Evens out the skin with radiance. Lasts all day.... they say.
  • Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin CC Curl + Care Mascara ($24.95) -- What. The. Heck? CC mascara. Contains 70% organic ingredients, curls and volumises the lashes. All day wear. But still, what the heck? WHAT IS A CC MASCARA. 

NP Set Contour & Define Cream On The Go ($27/3 shades)
One of those products that is supposed to conceal and even out the skin tone, but added to that, NP Se describes that it's also suppose to "define and lift [our] natural contours". It's a lightweight cream formulated with some fancy vitamins and antioxidants. No idea why the packaging says C+D Cream though. 

Designer Brands
  • Extend a Brow ($12.99/2 shades) -- Silly name, but the product doesn't seem too bad! It's a brush-on brow enhancer, with a "silky-fibre formula". Provides a fuller and more defined look.
  • Quick Dry Nail Polish ($7.99/20 shades) -- A high gloss nail lacquer that touch dries in 30 seconds. Features a precision brush that ensures streak-free application. 

Great, that's all for this month's launches then!

Your thoughts on these products?

The Physician's Formula products don't interest me too much, so skipping right pass them. Definitely gonna hunt down Ulta3's Speckled Nail Collection though, and heading to Chemist Warehouse soon to check out sales on Sally Hansen's glitter-babies!

For anyone looking for Ulta3's Speckled Nail Collection, head to their Facebook page. Their store locator can filter limited edition products too! Super handy!!

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