30 May 2014

Nivea Soothing Cleansing Mousse for Dry & Sensitive Skin

When it comes to make-up removal, I've almost always reached for wipes. They are the best when it comes to convenience, especially after a loooong night and all you're looking forward to is passing out in bed. However, when it comes to deep cleansing, I'd turn to Nivea's Soothing Cleansing Mousse.

I've had this in my collection for a while now, but as I've said, I'm just always too lazy. It does the best job at removing my make-up out of all the products I have. It's described to be suitable for "dry & sensitive skin", which is totes me. I have combination skin, but I care a lot more for the drier areas.

As a mousse cleanser that pumps out foam, I'd expect this to be drying (as foam products generally are). It's not though, at least in the way I use it. 

Although, it suggested to "rinse off with water after gently massage it over your face with eyes closed", I prefer to use this with a cotton round. Yeap. Pump it on the round, and proceed to use as I would with other liquid make-up removers.

In my opinion, it works best this way! And not to mention, I get to see results... which I'd prefer over just washing away my make-up. It's a "mind over matter" kinda concept, but... I'd still prefer using it in my own way. Hahaha..

The thing I like about this is that it's pretty true to its claims. It deep cleanses the skin gently, whilst leaving it feeling fairly moisturised. I'm happy if it doesn't dry out my skin, so to have it feeling somewhat prepped after make-up removal is really a big fat plus for me! Not to mention that it also doesn't sting around my eye area.

In all, it does its job, is affordable, accessible and you get 150mL of products! Definitely a product I'd repurchase, and would recommend.

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Disclaimer: This product was provided for review consideration yonks ago. Totally forgot where, when and from who. This post features my very own uninfluenced opinions.


  1. Foam products are fun to play with but a lot of the time like with foam cleansers, I don't feel like it does much. This product looks cool and I'll defs check it out!

  2. I recently bought Marshmallow Foam by Napoleon and I'm really enjoying it. I haven't been a fan of foam cleansers but this makeup remover is great.

    1. Wow! Such a cute name, haha. I've never heard of it. Off to some research...

  3. I'm going to finish my makeup remover soon. I should check my nearest drugstore whether they have this Nivea or not. I'm not really sure we have it in our region :/


  4. I love foam skin care it always feels so soft on the skin!
    xo Holly xo


  5. Sounds like a great product, thanks for the review! I've never used a foam makeup remover before so I can't say whether I love it or loathe it but it seems like it's worth a try :)

  6. Hmmmm...interesting. This sounds like a great one to try out based on your review. I will check on this and see if my skin will love it too.


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