08 May 2014

Nail Art with Face Of Australia's Screen Siren Collection

A short post and bit of self promotion today, for my sister's Instagram. BUT, before I lose ya, just take a look at all the manicures she worked on using FOA's Screen Siren Collection.

Yes. Originally, it was a parcel sent to me to review and swatch by Face Of Australia (link here >), but my sister is just ALWAYS ahead of me.

Every nail products I get sent, she opens them, swatches them, posts them on her Instagram and just goes ahead with all her nail art ideas... -_-'

But she did a pretty good job, so I thought I'd share with you some of her NOTDs..

I loved this manicure when she showed me. I love the simplicity within it, although I couldn't really work out how she painted the feather....

I wouldn't be able to do this in a million years!

She used Monroe here by the way!

I was in the toilet brushing my teeth when she over-excitedly rushed in to show me her nails... I've no idea what she did here, but it looks great too! The pattern looks time-consuming to do, but when I asked, she assured that it's very easy and simple to do and went ahead to explain to me a million steps on how to achieve this manicure.... thinking that I'd remember.

She used Isn't It Delicious?

This is my next favourite after the leaf manicure!

A tropical lookin' gradient with an added leopard patterned for the accent nail.

She used Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend and Some Like It Hot.

And then, there's her leopard nails using Bombshell and Travilla.

I should really get her to guest post or be the nail art face of this blog, since I wouldn't be able to do anything like these in a million years... Hahahaha...

She's @bailmynails on Instagram. If you do decide to follow her, please tell her I said hello, and in addition, tell her that she should clean her room instead of doing nail art and reading manga all day.

*Exposes all her bad habits and chores she needs to do on her social networking platforms*

Just kidding! :P


  1. Wow your sister is so good at nail art! I'm absolutely hopeless haha

  2. Wow this is amazing, she's done a fantastic job! xx

  3. Wow your sister is really good at nail designs!
    She should be a guest on your youtube channel and show us some tutorials :)


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