27 September 2012

Colour Me In: A Purple FOTD & Manicure

'Colour Me In' is a series of posts in collaboration with Alice of ArsyParsy, Tezza of Myteeefine and Amanda of Thai-Tales!


Hey there my poo poo heads (actually something I'd say in real life)! :P

A twist on the usual swatches and reviews today! Today's post will feature a purple FOTD on my younger doo-doo head sister, Dung.

I woke up today and got straight to it! I pulled out a few purple eyeshadows with its complementaries and worked my magic on her.. LOL. I kidz. I'm not that great with eyeshadows.. :(

But I managed to whip up a presentable purple FOTD on my sister, here it is..

Yeap! To create this look, I used...

  • Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Lust (Limited Edition) -- I received this from a giveaway, and I'm pretty sure it's L/E! I used the bottom four shades.
  • Mode Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in 'Grape'
  • Face Of Australia Lip Quench in Lychee Crush (as base)
  • MAC Prolong Wear Lipstick in Unlimited (applied over the top)

And of course, to finish off.. I have this beautiful purple nail lacquer to show you! 

Breath taking, isn't it? 

It a deep foil-y purple lacquer, with silver shimmers by Mirenesse, called 22 Charleston Me from their Bullet Proof range.

The formula and chip resistant wear is amazing. I've worn it for three days in the photo and it still looks fresh!  Remember to check back this space within the upcoming weeks for in depth reviews!

Your turn to tell me..

How do you incorporate purple into your make-up routines?

Whether it be eyeshadows, lipsticks or blushers(?!)..

With the never out of trend purple, make sure to jump over to my fellow bloggers' site for more purple'licious   posts! This week's posts includes Alice's whip up of her favourite purple lips, whilst Tezza will show off a purple boxed blusher (guess?) and Amanda's many ways to wear purple lipsticks!

Sydney IMATS 2012: Tag & Wishlist

Sydney IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show) is a make-up trade show featuring international brands/companies to exhibit, live demonstrations by international make-up artists, international guest speakers, masterclasses, showcases of make-up masterpieces and student competitions!

Sydney IMATS 2012 will be held at the Sydney Convention Centre on the 29th and 30th of September 2012! Yay!

Tickets can still be purchased here.


I can't believe it's been 1 year since the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend! Last year was the first time I went to IMATS and attended ABBW with Alice, Tezza and Amanda where we met for the very first time!

Although it's been a year, I still feel grateful and happy that ABBW happened (thanks to Kimmi, Jacie and event sponsors) -- where I was able to learn about beauty blogging and how to work with PRs!

Anyways, it's been one year and we've only reunited (altogether) once and it was at Tezza's 21st birthday! Boo! I really cannot wait to see them this weekend! Yipeeeeee!

I actually filmed an IMATS tag video last month on my YouTube channel (yes, I have a YT channel!) and here it is!

I know I have alot of make-up and that I'm on a make-up ban, but have I told you that it excluded IMATS & market hauls? LOL! :P

Here's my IMATS wishlist for this year, based on the list of exhibitors and from what I saw at IMATS last year...

1. Inglot Matte Lipsticks -- At first, I was really keen on Illamasqua lipsticks, but as they won't be exhibiting at IMATS.. I've moved onto Inglot! I've never tried Inglot products, except for a few eyeshadows, so this will be exciting!

2. Ben Nye Creme Rouge Wheel -- I purchased a bruise wheel from them last year, but only saw their blush wheel after when I got home! Super excited to have a look at their cream blush wheel as I've been wanting to try out cream blushers for yonks and this wheel looks not only convenient, but also of great quality!

3. OCC Lip Tars -- I have a few shades jotted down to make sure I remember which shades to look at, at IMATS! Divine, Trollop, Queen, Grandma, Memento and Hush! Hopefully they are discounted at IMATS, that'd be great :')

4. Inglot AMC Lip Pencil -- I'm in need of some lip liners in my life! I've tried Australis' lip liner, but it's not that great.. so now is the time! Coming for you AMC lip pencils!

5. Mehron Spirit Gum Adhesive -- Halloween is coming and whilst we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia, I still like to create scary make-up looks! I have liquid latex and scar wax at home, all I need now is spirit gum! This would be greaaaaaat! Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

6. Sue poo (not pictured LOL) to come down to Sydney so we can go to IMATS together 8(

Yeap!! That is all! Your time to shine...

Are you attending Sydney IMATS 2012? What's on your wishlist?

Link me if you have a wishlist! 

Thanks for reading!

26 September 2012

Biore Refresh Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes Review

Heya, this is probably unbelievable, but ever since I started using make-up, make-up wipes are probably my least favourite to use. Sure they're convenient, but they're just so pricey in the long run.

So I was sitting home one day when a big PR box arrived at my doorstep.. here are some shocking fun facts upon receiving and unboxing the box..
  • The young postman who delivered this box of Biore goodies was shockingly cute! HAH! Hi.
  • The box was so shockingly big and heavy........... thought it may have been a bomb. I kidz. Na!

Anyways, back to what's relevant!

I don't think I've ever came across make-up wipes which are as moist as these.. which was a hit of surprise. These wipes can remove all my make-up without irritating my eyes and skin. Sometimes make-up wipes can sting my skin and eyes a tad, but these wipes didn't so I'm super glad (whew that rhymed!).

However, I didn't notice any difference in my skin's texture and luminosity, as the wipes are described to be 'textured', helping to exfoliate whilst cleansing the skin.

Adding to that, these Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes had a very different scent to the previous Biore wipes that I used, the ones in the green packaging.. The scent is bearable, but I do prefer no scents.

To conclude, I also want to share a shocking fun fact... Biore Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes are $8.99 (25pk) which is double the retail price in comparison to many other brands... Pricey!

Will snag a few packets when I spy an awesome sale, because I felt really comfortable with them. So comfortable that I could head off to bed straight after.. something that I'd never consider doing.

 I know there are many Biore lovers out there! Share with me your favourite pick!

Biore Refresh Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes retails for $8.99 (25pk) at Priceline, Target, Big W, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies.

Disclaimer: This product was provided for review consideration only. I am not obligated to mention, review or post about this product. All opinions within this post remains uninfluenced and 100% truthful.

25 September 2012

Week in Photos: Priceline Pout Day, Beauty Editor's Workshop, Sister's Formal, Moon Festival, DIY


I haven't updated about myself in yonks! Mainly because my life [everyday] is just so exciting (not at all) that  I don't have anything to really blog about... LOL. But!

This past week has been super exciting and fun for me so I just really want to share with you! Here's photos and short captions to show you!

Wednesday 19th September -- I was kindly invited to Nutrimetics Colour Wardrobe event! I only get invited to beauty events [probably] 4 times a year so I was super excited for this! Even skipped TAFE for it..

The event was fun and helpful where we learnt about our undertones and discussed which colours suited our complexion more -- in terms of fashion and make-up!

Later in the day, got back in the area from Sydney CBD and had me some Meet Fresh (dessert) at Cabramatta! First time trying it and it was alright! Had a great catch-up session with Alice form Arsyparsy!

Thursday 20th September -- Skipped TAFE again for Priceline's Pout Day at Martin Pl (Sydney) for 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty. I wasn't able to attend any events earlier so I HAD to skip TAFE for this!

Went with Tezza @ Myteeefine.com Had a mini make-up tutorial session (10 minutes) whilst participating in the Guinness World Record attempt and we made it baby! World's largest make-up class of 261 participants! Yeap. You heard me!

Also met Amy @ Beauty In A Bottle!

Also walked the pink carpet at the event. Yeap! Hittin' the red carpets in no time guys!! ^_^

After the event, I quickly left to get back in time to do my sister's and her friend's make-up for formal! Have a look at her awesome hair do for prom/formal!

Braids and flowers! Pretty amazing for $55 (at Elegant Beauty in Cabramatta)

I did make-up for the girl on the left and my sister (on the left!). What do you think guys? ^_^

Friday 21st September -- Priceline's Beauty Editior's Workshop!

Attended this event with Tezza too! It was located at Martin Pl, in a bright pink portable building! Really impossible to miss!

Got our hair done! Pretty curls!!!

Sunday 23rd September -- Moon Festival (Tet Trung Thu) at Cabramatta! I actually only went for the yummy spicy fishballs! The same stall also had deep fried squids and holy cow, they were nice!

Monday 24th September -- DIY!

YEAP GUYS! I've been SO desperate for a new nail storage/organiser. I hate seeing my nail polishes stored in boxes. I FINALLY found all the correct materials to put this DIY nail polish rack and shelf together!

A quick google will get you to many DIY videos and posts. I will update soon for any readers who are around my area (Liverpool, Sydney), on where to purchase the materials! :')

Hehehehe! That's all! I'll be back with beauty posts soon guys --- Hope everyone has been well! Let me know what's been happening for you also!

Tram --

22 September 2012

Lust-have: Mirror Nails

See? I told you I've been a nail lover... yeap. Slowly transforming this blog into a nail blog guys! I kidz.

This week's addition to my lust-have is probably a big wow-ing! Or maybe not, maybe I'm just behind on this, but I REALLY want to give 'mirror nails' a go!

I mean.. wouldn't you?!

Look at these stunning photosssss... It makes me want em so bad!

Photo credits: Goose Glitter

Product image: Rebel Nails UK

Photo credits: MakeUpTalk

OK. Question is.. where and how to get such perfect mirror nails! There's a few ways that I've came across as I was browsing and researching up the same question.. Here we go..

1. Get Minx'ed like Jacie did! Kinda exxy ($60, Jacie mentioned), but you're getting it done by the pro's! ;)

2. Purchase some nail foils and wraps for a DIY Mirror manicure! I've been looking up and down, right and left for these silver foils and the closest I've seen (in Australia) is by 1000 Hour. It's their Gold and Silver Nail Foils. RRP $15.95 each.

3. Mirror nail polishes! I know that Maybelline has one (which is certainly not available in Australia) which you might have to purchase over eBay. China Glaze and Stargazer also has one of their own! BYS (Australian brand) also one, but I've seen swatches and they just look very... er. metallic.

I wouldn't mind me some kickass mirror nail foils/wraps! What do you think?
Did you just add these mirror nails to your wishlist too?

What do you think of mirror nails? Yay or nay?!

Thanks for reading! ^_^ Wishing everyone a safe and sound Sunday!

20 September 2012

Colour Me In: Blue Eyeliners -- What? Who? Where? How?

'Colour Me In' is a series of posts in collaboration with Alice of ArsyParsy, Tezza of Myteeefine and Amanda of Thai-Tales!


Hey there my lovelies! So sorry about last week's post being postponed! We were all so busy that we couldn't catch up with last week's post. But that's okay! We're back now!

This week's colour is 'blue' and I've chosen blue eyeliners to do! Don't freak out though -- blue eyeliners are actually not as scary as you think they are, and are nothing like the hard-to-pull-off blue eyeshadows!

Let's talk what, who, where, how and why!

WHAT are blue eyeliners?
Well, blue eyeliners are blue eyeliners........... LOL very nice Tram, very nice! But don't forget that blue eyeliners comes in different tones and finishes too! Most make-up users associate blue eyeliners with brights and bolds but hey! Let it be sky blue, pure blue, cyan or navy.. they're still blue eyeliners, so don't you forget!

WHO can sport blue eyeliners?
Doesn't matter what eye color(s) you have, blue eyeliners are for everyone to sport... at their own flattering shades and tones. It really does take much time for you to figure out which shades you prefer the most.

But in general, ladies with brown, hazel, and green eyes should have no problem with blue eyeliners. As for blue eyes, I would suggest going for bronze shades rather than blue. Problems with blue on blue eyes are:
  • It may take over your eye colour rather than making it 'pop'
  • Depending on how you wear the eyeliner, it may look awkwardly and overdoing-ly blue

But of course, you can still experiment with blue eyeliners! Just make sure that if you like to make your eyes pop, then always opt for a blue shade lighter than your eye colour.

My eyes are naturally brown and my favourite to use are navy eyeliners -- really makes my eye colour pop! It took me a while to find the 'right shade', but since then.... the brand no longer makes that same shade! T_T

WHERE to find blue eyeliners?
You can find blue eyeliners from most lower-end brands here in Aussie! I actually own two blue eyeliners and they are from Australis and Prestige.

Australis (left), Prestige (right)

Australis Stay Put Long Lasting Eyeliner in Atlantic -- is a very bright blue which lasts quite long, but unfortunately doesn't have that 'soft' formula as I can really feel it when it glides on. No longer matters though as this is from yonks ago and is now discontinued! They have a newer blue shade called 'Bluebird'.

Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Surf -- is a darker royal blue shade. I haven't used this too much, but the formula is okay. It glides on well, is fairly pigmented, but creases too much on me. Not very sure if it's 100% waterproof..

HOW to wear blue eyeliners?
How to wear eyeliners! Yay! Fun [camwhoring] part! There are many fun and flattering ways you can wear blue eyeliners... Leggo!

Firstly! You can wear darker blue eyeliners smudged and smoked out on the bottom lash line! It's a softer look which still incorporates the blue hue! I've used the Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Surf here..

Or, you can go wild! Make your eyes pop with a bright blue liner! I do think it's very cute and quirky, which is totally appropriate fro the Spring and Summer to come! Of course, this is with the help of Australis' Stay Put Eyeliner in Atlantic...

Or you can also do double liners, which I would definitely sport any day! It's a fun way to use coloured eyeliners -- simple and fun but less 'out there' (for me anyways as my crease is very teeny!).

Yeap -- so that's that! I hope you've enjoyed this week's post! Let me know...

Would you/do you wear blue eyeliners?

Which is your favourite look?

Thanks for reading everyone! I'll keep you posted on more reviews and all soon!

Meanwhile, don't forget to clickety-click over to Amanda's swatch post of some of the most refreshing and beautiful ocean blue eyeshadows, Alice's simple & easy to-do blue eyeshadow tutorial and Tezza's show of beautiful blue nail polishes!

Dislcaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. 

18 September 2012

Australis 3-in-1 Make-Up Remover Wipes Review

Hey gals! So this review is super, super late! I've actually finished two packs of 25 wipes and a review still isn't up for your reading pleasure.. meep.

I've purchased three packets of Australis 3-in-1 Make-Up Remover Wipes a while ago when Big W had their $3 OFF sale which got these wipes down only to $2 each pack. Cheapo!

And as an Australis fan, I could not be any happier with $2/pack, expecting them to be of impressive quality, although I saw some very disappointing reviews at BeautyHeaven when I was prancin' around the web.

Australis claims that these wipes 'cleanses, tones and moisturises whilst gently removing all traces of make-up'. These wipes are soap, alocohol and fragrance free and is suitable for all skin types.

Sounds awesome!

However, I'm very, super, extremely (that doesn't make sense, but I don't care because that is how I feel) disappointed with these wipes. The first fewer wipes are actually okay, they're somewhat moist, but still dry in comparison to the many other wipes I've used from other brands.

After the first fewer, it just becomes drier and drier, and then it's like there's no more make-up remover anymore that it's just tissue. So then it doesn't remove make-up anymore, let alone toning and moisturising..

Meep. Super sad!

I'd like to think that I've picked up some bad ones, but I purchased three, and they're all the same! Somewhat moist the first fewer wipes and then there's just tissue.

Sad to say, but I'm not even over-exaggerating.... *sad face at Australis*

I'd still be your little happy chappy make-up fan though!

Have you tried Australis' Make-Up Wipes?
Whaddo you think?

Australis 3-in-1 Make-Up Remover Wipes retails for $4.95 per pack of 25 wipes, available at Priceline, Big W, Target, Kmart and selected pharmacies nationally.

16 September 2012

Lust-Have: Max Factor's Fantasy Fire

Hey beauties! So sorry for the lack of posts in the past fewer days -- my mood has been like a roller coaster! I think it may be due to stress by my studies and personal stuff... -_-

Anyways, I think I'll be sharing with you guys every often about what's on my lust list! I usually wouldn't have a lust list as most products I want are usually from lower-end brands that I could afford...


I've put myself on a cosmetics ban... so I'm slowly building up a beauty lust list now :(

First on my lust list is Max Factor's Mini Nail Polish in Fantasy Fire! I've mentioned it in my most recent launch post -- New Drugstore Products for Aussies (September).

Yeap this is it!

Yeap, I know. It doesn't look too appealing in the above press photo. LOL! It's like a bad passport/I.D photo! Much more prettier in blogger swatches/photos though!

I mean, take a good look at these photos...

Photo credits: Nailipedia

Photo credits: The-swatchaholic

Photo credits: Nail Stories UK

Such a captivating shade! I can really say that it's lust at first sight... But I haz too many nail polishes!
Still so tempted! I mean.. it's only $5.95! Perhaps I should?

Would you?

10 September 2012

Face Of Australia Molten Metallics Collection in Gold, Bronze, Verdigris

Hi :)

I have a nail post to share with you guys today! Today's post [obviously] features Face Of Australia Molten Metallics Collection, which is a collection released back in 2011, before the Barbados Collection that I've posted about earlier this year!

The Molten Metallics Collection features 8 stunning shades and from what I see in other bloggers' swatches, there's about 3 shades that has added shimmers and 5 which are very true metallics.

I actually only own three shades in Gold, Bronze and Verdigris, so leggo!


Gold is one of those shades in the collection with a foil-y finish. It has a metallic base, with added silver shimmers which looks so beautiful! My favourite out of the three I own! It applies wonderfully opaque in two coats! 


Verdigris, to me is a very spooky shade. I'm not sure why!! LOL! I don't think I've seen such a shade like this in my life! It's like a dark warm-toned green with muted tones. Err.. you gotta see for yourself, but unlike Gold and Bronze, Verdigris is a true metallic that I'd prefer with 3 coats for a more opaque finish. 


Like Gold, Bronze is also of the same foil-y finish! The shade is like a burnt warm-toned brown, with lotsa shimmers. Applied nicely with two coats -- no problemo! But I didn't like this shade as much as I love the finish... It looks kinda old on my hands... :(


The consistency of the polishes are thin, but surprisingly don't apply to be sheer which means thumbs up for that! A second thumbs up for the brush! I loved that it flared out perfectly to the shape of my cuticles (?) :) 

As for wear time, these polishes lasted a good 4 days on my nails with minor tip wear!

Although this collection is from last year, don't fret! You can still purchase them online at Fashion Addict! ;) 

So let me know...

Which do you like better? Foil or metallic nail polishes?

Dislcaimer: Products mentioned in this post were provided by PR for review consideration only. I am not obligated to post, review or mention these products. All opinions remains uninfluenced and are of my own.

08 September 2012

Vixen Instant.... Eyeliner Strips?!

Happy weekend y'all!

Ok. So a few weeks ago I've received a care package from Vixen Body Art in the mail and believe me when I say this...I literally SQUEALED when I saw one of the products... Close your eyes and take a wild guess!

It's their Instant Eyeliner Strips!

I was so excited because I LOVE eyeliner art! But at the same time, I really suck at eyeliner art too.. and I don't think it could ever be helped! Purely because I have the patience of a 5 year old and my eyelids are VERY hard to work with... so it has never worked out :(

After receiving that package, I quickly found some time to try out a pair of eyeliner strip from their Burlesque 1. Here are some photos and short description..

Perfecto application!

Basically, they are eyeliner stickers. You just peel it off and stick it on. Quick and easy and you could really never go wrong. The product is very sticky, so don't fret! You can make as many mistakes as you want and it will still adhere :)

Lookin' a tad sloppy..

Expectedly, they did feel a tad unnatural on at first, but not at all irritating and sloppy looking if you apply it correctly (and it's really not hard at all)!

Awesome small-somes!

The downfall to this product is the stickiness as like I said, it's very sticky which also means that it could irritate your eyelids if you peel and stick on continuously! Also, I did find the inner corners of the strips irritating so I snipped it off and went over with a liquid eyeliner instead!

I've only used 1 pair for this post and saving the rest for special dress-up occasions!

What do you think of eyeliner strips? Would you give them a go?

Vixen Body Art Instant Eyeliner Strips retails for $8.95 with 4 pairs of strips.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by PR for review considerations. However, I am not obligated to review or post about the product. All opinions remains uninfluenced and are of my own. Please refer to this site's review policy.
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