20 September 2012

Colour Me In: Blue Eyeliners -- What? Who? Where? How?

'Colour Me In' is a series of posts in collaboration with Alice of ArsyParsy, Tezza of Myteeefine and Amanda of Thai-Tales!


Hey there my lovelies! So sorry about last week's post being postponed! We were all so busy that we couldn't catch up with last week's post. But that's okay! We're back now!

This week's colour is 'blue' and I've chosen blue eyeliners to do! Don't freak out though -- blue eyeliners are actually not as scary as you think they are, and are nothing like the hard-to-pull-off blue eyeshadows!

Let's talk what, who, where, how and why!

WHAT are blue eyeliners?
Well, blue eyeliners are blue eyeliners........... LOL very nice Tram, very nice! But don't forget that blue eyeliners comes in different tones and finishes too! Most make-up users associate blue eyeliners with brights and bolds but hey! Let it be sky blue, pure blue, cyan or navy.. they're still blue eyeliners, so don't you forget!

WHO can sport blue eyeliners?
Doesn't matter what eye color(s) you have, blue eyeliners are for everyone to sport... at their own flattering shades and tones. It really does take much time for you to figure out which shades you prefer the most.

But in general, ladies with brown, hazel, and green eyes should have no problem with blue eyeliners. As for blue eyes, I would suggest going for bronze shades rather than blue. Problems with blue on blue eyes are:
  • It may take over your eye colour rather than making it 'pop'
  • Depending on how you wear the eyeliner, it may look awkwardly and overdoing-ly blue

But of course, you can still experiment with blue eyeliners! Just make sure that if you like to make your eyes pop, then always opt for a blue shade lighter than your eye colour.

My eyes are naturally brown and my favourite to use are navy eyeliners -- really makes my eye colour pop! It took me a while to find the 'right shade', but since then.... the brand no longer makes that same shade! T_T

WHERE to find blue eyeliners?
You can find blue eyeliners from most lower-end brands here in Aussie! I actually own two blue eyeliners and they are from Australis and Prestige.

Australis (left), Prestige (right)

Australis Stay Put Long Lasting Eyeliner in Atlantic -- is a very bright blue which lasts quite long, but unfortunately doesn't have that 'soft' formula as I can really feel it when it glides on. No longer matters though as this is from yonks ago and is now discontinued! They have a newer blue shade called 'Bluebird'.

Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Surf -- is a darker royal blue shade. I haven't used this too much, but the formula is okay. It glides on well, is fairly pigmented, but creases too much on me. Not very sure if it's 100% waterproof..

HOW to wear blue eyeliners?
How to wear eyeliners! Yay! Fun [camwhoring] part! There are many fun and flattering ways you can wear blue eyeliners... Leggo!

Firstly! You can wear darker blue eyeliners smudged and smoked out on the bottom lash line! It's a softer look which still incorporates the blue hue! I've used the Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in Surf here..

Or, you can go wild! Make your eyes pop with a bright blue liner! I do think it's very cute and quirky, which is totally appropriate fro the Spring and Summer to come! Of course, this is with the help of Australis' Stay Put Eyeliner in Atlantic...

Or you can also do double liners, which I would definitely sport any day! It's a fun way to use coloured eyeliners -- simple and fun but less 'out there' (for me anyways as my crease is very teeny!).

Yeap -- so that's that! I hope you've enjoyed this week's post! Let me know...

Would you/do you wear blue eyeliners?

Which is your favourite look?

Thanks for reading everyone! I'll keep you posted on more reviews and all soon!

Meanwhile, don't forget to clickety-click over to Amanda's swatch post of some of the most refreshing and beautiful ocean blue eyeshadows, Alice's simple & easy to-do blue eyeshadow tutorial and Tezza's show of beautiful blue nail polishes!

Dislcaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. 


  1. The double liner is really good for people with monolids too who find it hard to work with eyeshadow! My friend has monolids and absolutely loves coloured liner!!

    1. Oh! That's true! I can imagine how gorgz they'll look on monolids! ^_^

  2. If you find prestige waterproof eyeliner creases, please try the total intensity one. that one is brilliant, possibly the best drugstore eyeliner :)! I like wearing dark blue eyeliner on my bottom lash line too :)!

    1. Aww!! Thank you Denise for the recommendation! I don't think I've seen Prestige around, but if I do, I'll definitely check it out! xxx

  3. Great suggestions, thanks! Looks great on you <3


    1. Thanks Natalie! You should give it a try some time too! <3

  4. You totally rocked the blue eyeliner! I am still too shy to wear colour liners but after seeing it look so well on you i'm going to give it a try!

    1. Oh boooo! It'll look great on you ;D Give it a go and report back! Hehe..

  5. This look looks amazing on you! I tend to not always wear blue eyeliners, being blue eyed myself, but sometimes a navy liner can look great with blue eyes! :D

  6. The blue eyeliner really does make your eyes pop! Gorgeous and I might try it sometime :)


  7. I love the colour of the Australis one! :)


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