27 September 2012

Colour Me In: A Purple FOTD & Manicure

'Colour Me In' is a series of posts in collaboration with Alice of ArsyParsy, Tezza of Myteeefine and Amanda of Thai-Tales!


Hey there my poo poo heads (actually something I'd say in real life)! :P

A twist on the usual swatches and reviews today! Today's post will feature a purple FOTD on my younger doo-doo head sister, Dung.

I woke up today and got straight to it! I pulled out a few purple eyeshadows with its complementaries and worked my magic on her.. LOL. I kidz. I'm not that great with eyeshadows.. :(

But I managed to whip up a presentable purple FOTD on my sister, here it is..

Yeap! To create this look, I used...

  • Wet N' Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Lust (Limited Edition) -- I received this from a giveaway, and I'm pretty sure it's L/E! I used the bottom four shades.
  • Mode Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in 'Grape'
  • Face Of Australia Lip Quench in Lychee Crush (as base)
  • MAC Prolong Wear Lipstick in Unlimited (applied over the top)

And of course, to finish off.. I have this beautiful purple nail lacquer to show you! 

Breath taking, isn't it? 

It a deep foil-y purple lacquer, with silver shimmers by Mirenesse, called 22 Charleston Me from their Bullet Proof range.

The formula and chip resistant wear is amazing. I've worn it for three days in the photo and it still looks fresh!  Remember to check back this space within the upcoming weeks for in depth reviews!

Your turn to tell me..

How do you incorporate purple into your make-up routines?

Whether it be eyeshadows, lipsticks or blushers(?!)..

With the never out of trend purple, make sure to jump over to my fellow bloggers' site for more purple'licious   posts! This week's posts includes Alice's whip up of her favourite purple lips, whilst Tezza will show off a purple boxed blusher (guess?) and Amanda's many ways to wear purple lipsticks!


  1. I think purple is a flattering colour on asian skintones :)

  2. i love purple eyeshadows! it's so perfect for that flirty girly as well as that smoky sexy look c;
    your sister is adorable

  3. Wow, so great!! <3 And I love the nails. (:


  4. Replies
    1. It's amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, isn't it!?!?!? I can't wait to show more swatches! ^_^


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