04 September 2012

DIY Peel Off Base Coat for Nail Polishes

Not too long ago, I stumbled across an Instagram photo by @musicalhouses featuring a tip for DIY peel off base glue which is very much of a dupe for the latest beauty hit, Essence's Peel Off Base Coat from their 'Ready for Boarding' collection. Have you heard?

I've seen a few bloggers featured reviews of Essence's Peel Off Base Coat and I thought that it was such a wonderful product... only to learn that it's very easy to recreate at home by PVA glue.

It won't work with glue sticks -- just PVA glue! Any brand of PVA glue!

So as I was at Woolies just the other night, I thought I'd pick up a bottle of Elmer's School Glue which costed a mere $2.50. Cheapo!

And then applied it all over my nails... with very thick coats!

Wrong wrong wrong! Thin coats are more than enough of what you'd want as it dries faster and works about the same! So please make sure to apply just thin coats!

The PVA glue ended up drying out clear which was awesome! You should make sure that you have a smooth and even layer of PVA glue as base coat to work with since it does very much effect the smoothness of the finish look. Just look at my middle nail... T_T

After that, just apply your nail polishes like the norms and wait for it to dry!

Then when you're sick or wanting to change nail colours, just simply peel off the base coat and along will come the rest of the nail.............. polish! 

So that's as easy as ABC, right?

It's a fabulous base coat idea for those stubborn hard-to-remove glitter nail polishes and marble nails and I truly thank the blogger/person who thought of this idea!

Ok.. this was a short post, but I do urge you to read Musical Houses' informative post on this as she does speak about the health concerns, detailed dupe comparison and concerned questions about its lasting power as the glue itself IS 'washable'!

Very informative! You should give it a click! 

Have you heard of this idea? Would you try it?

I'm actually on work placement at the moment, so I cannot wear nail polishes whilst working with children. Therefore I cannot try and absolutely have no idea how well this DIY base coat would last.. If you have tried, please share with us in the comments how long the base coat lasted!


  1. That is so cool!!! Thank you so much for the tip :D It always takes me aagesss to remove my nail polish!

  2. Haha I do this sometimes, I've got some cheap Ulta3 base coats that are pretty terrible and peel off but I always thought it was bad for the nails to peel off (but I guess nail polish remover isn't exactly good either). Definitely gonna give that post a read!

  3. THIS IS SO COOL! I'm definitely trying this. I hate cleaning my nails so this is perfect. Linking this to a friend who I know loves changing her polish often. She'll be thankful, I'm sure!

  4. I haven't done this with PVA before, but I've used the Essence peel off base coat, which is pretty much just PVA. I find that the more layers of polish you have over it the better, because then the polish comes off in one big chunk - which is so satisfying :p I'm able to wear the same nails for 3 days before I have this immense urge to peel them off (like I said, it's very satisfying!) but I'm sure you could get more days out of it if you wanted to. Also, I pretty much wash dishes every night and bath my kiddo, so if you didn't have to soak them in water for about 30mins every night, you would definitely get more wear out of them.


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