18 September 2012

Australis 3-in-1 Make-Up Remover Wipes Review

Hey gals! So this review is super, super late! I've actually finished two packs of 25 wipes and a review still isn't up for your reading pleasure.. meep.

I've purchased three packets of Australis 3-in-1 Make-Up Remover Wipes a while ago when Big W had their $3 OFF sale which got these wipes down only to $2 each pack. Cheapo!

And as an Australis fan, I could not be any happier with $2/pack, expecting them to be of impressive quality, although I saw some very disappointing reviews at BeautyHeaven when I was prancin' around the web.

Australis claims that these wipes 'cleanses, tones and moisturises whilst gently removing all traces of make-up'. These wipes are soap, alocohol and fragrance free and is suitable for all skin types.

Sounds awesome!

However, I'm very, super, extremely (that doesn't make sense, but I don't care because that is how I feel) disappointed with these wipes. The first fewer wipes are actually okay, they're somewhat moist, but still dry in comparison to the many other wipes I've used from other brands.

After the first fewer, it just becomes drier and drier, and then it's like there's no more make-up remover anymore that it's just tissue. So then it doesn't remove make-up anymore, let alone toning and moisturising..

Meep. Super sad!

I'd like to think that I've picked up some bad ones, but I purchased three, and they're all the same! Somewhat moist the first fewer wipes and then there's just tissue.

Sad to say, but I'm not even over-exaggerating.... *sad face at Australis*

I'd still be your little happy chappy make-up fan though!

Have you tried Australis' Make-Up Wipes?
Whaddo you think?

Australis 3-in-1 Make-Up Remover Wipes retails for $4.95 per pack of 25 wipes, available at Priceline, Big W, Target, Kmart and selected pharmacies nationally.


  1. As much as I love Australis, there's just no room in my heart for these wipes. They are so disappointing!

  2. Oh that sucks! :( I store my wipes (not Australis though) opening down, so the moisture sits at the very first wipe, did these just dry out in general though?

    1. Oh yes! I've tried that method too -- but these wipes just can't be helped :( Sucks..

  3. Aw... that's disappointing... Australis cosmetics are still good though ;) And at least you only paid $2/pack.

  4. Yes, I bought these chucked them away after using 4 or 5 of them. I added some odd make up remover to it before chucking it away, helped a bit.

  5. Only $2/pack :O Sadly the quality isnt that good
    I still think my Johnson's baby wipes and neutrogena makeup remover towelettes are the cheapest/the best <3

  6. Great review, sad to know they weren't as good.

    Love Emi


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