01 September 2012

Saturday/Sunday Steals #23

Yeap!!! Saturday/Sunday Steals are back! I haven't stopped going to the markets.. I just can't seem to remember to blog about them!!

Sometimes I actually find bags of stuff in my room and I'm like "Ohhhhhh!!! I bought ya from the markets two weeks ago. Woopsies!".

So this haul is from yonks ago! It's bits and pieces I've gathered over the weeks from ages ago! I really can't keep track so let's just leave it at that. LOL. >_<"

First of all, I passed a Clean & Clear Morning Burst Skin Brightening Facial Scrub for $2!! I actually have this at home, still brand new.. but since it's so cheap, I just couldn't let it pass.. :( Told you I'm a hoarder!

And more nail polishes! One by OPI (doesn't have a label so I have NO idea what it's called!) and Essie's Haute As Hello, from a Summer 2010 Collection.

...Rimmel London 60 Seconds in Euphoria and Creative Nail Designs (CND) Polish in Vintage Jeans!

Not finished yet! Sportsgirl Nail in Cobalt, I think! I doesn't have a label but I was so curious as the shade is so pretty, so swatches came up -- I think it's Cobalt! Also a ZOYAn # nail polish for $2 called 'Renee', from a Summer 2009 Collection!

Last, but not least.. I also found two little blushers! Yay!! More to my blusher collection!

I picked up Canmake Cream Blusher in 05 Sweet Apricot for $1 and Australis' [regular] blusher in Cinnamon Frost for 50c!

Unbelievabubble right? ......Even I was shocked when I saw the blushers for so cheap!

Any bargains you've found lately and would like to share?

Leave me a comment!

Speak with you soon! x


  1. Woooow so cheap!! :O
    Where did you find that canmake blush?? I didn't even know they had canmake here!

    1. I don't think they have Canmake here! :( Only available online.. boo!

  2. Loving the Canmake cream cheek <3 and the essie nail polish :)

  3. That Canmake blush is such a steal! Awesome job!

  4. whereabouts in sydney did you find all these awesome steals??!



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