29 January 2011

Recent Haul #1

Hey everybody!! I'm going camp tomorrow and won't be back till the end of the week!
So first of all, I hope you ALL have a happy and safe Chinese New Years with your family and friends! Maybe the Year of the Rabbit bring you success and fortune! And food! Please have a great time :D

And remember.. KEEP SAFE!! :{!!!

Yup yup. Anyways, this is my recent haul.. even though just a few items, I'd like to show you!

1. Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pen
2. Maybelline Lipstick in Healthy Rose (I'm unsure which line)
3. Manicare Beauty Blending Sponge
4. Manicare Blending Airbrush
5. Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Plaza Pink
6. Manicare Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Well.. Manicare @ Priceline was having a '3for2' sale on the Manicare range... Which means you grab 3 items and receive the 1 which costs the least, for free! My aim to put my hands on this stippling brush as it looks promising and I've heard reviews.

How promising does it look?! :D

Yup.. so besides this brush, I've also grabbed an eyeshadow blending brush, and the blending sponge. I was gonna get a foundation brush, but I figured I barely even use foundation brushes anymore! I'm also already happy with my GLOSS Professional foundation brush too.. No point. So I decided to 'upgrade' my eye makeup brushes instead! Heh..

Now.. this eyeliner! I love putting on my eyeliner these days because of this eyelining pen! It's SO easy to use and I can create the thinnest lines with this thing! I prefer it more than liquid liners, just because it's too time consuming [for me].

Hehehe.. so as you know, lippies! I love love love pinky lipstick shades. And I saw these for a good $5 each, so I must get! The left lippie seems to be more shimmery... Not sure too much about shimmery lipsticks really. But it looks good! :D

That is all! I will teach you how to put your hair into a bun without using any tools or clips or whatever, I mean NOTHING! Okay?

Promise is a promise :)

Stay safe everyone!
Let's end this post with what I found, while online shopping!! :(

It's upsetting when you have to pay more! What kinda sale is that? LUL

Yours deerest,

17 January 2011

Rambles: MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42+

So as most of you have probably heard... BB creams, lately, have been a rising product in Asia and many Youtube bloggers e.g. Bubzbeauty, Frmheadtotoe Jen & MzJackieChu have had some sort of experience with.

So, what IS B.B. Cream?
B.B. Cream is short for Blemish Balm Cream and is a product which provides a light-weight coverage with many combining properties such as skin whitening, anti-wrinkle and a bunch of other goodies. Being unsure where it's originated from, it's actually quite popular in South-East Asia and in fact, only Asian companies manufacture these BB Cream (excluding Maybelline from Singapore, of course).

There are many many many brands out there, such as Skin79, Dr. Jart and a thousand others. The only international company I know which makes BB Cream is Maybelline, but the product itself is NOT distributed internationally. Only in Singapore or Malaysia, I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong but I DO know that for sure, there IS a Maybelline BB Cream.

Anyways, a few years ago, I've tried out Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42+ in No.23.
I don't have it anymore because I've passed it to a bestie who found it to work on her really well :) since it didn't work out for me..
I bought it after watching Bubzbeauty's review and after a long time of using. I'm unsure how long, but surely more than a month.

At that time, I still had my acne, and I don't remember if it broke me out or anything as my skin was always breaking out. So applying it, I don't know whether it got worse or not.

About MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream:

M Perfect Cover B.B Cream No. 31 SPF42 PA+++
$32.90 / 50ml

SUPERB COVERAGE of facial blemishes Multi Functional 3-Way COVER B.B Cream!!

Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection (SPF 42 PA+++)
Sourced from here>

My skin conditions at the time: My skin was very oily a few years back. It wasn't until I went on Roaccutane that my skin started to dry up and now my skin conditions has definitely went for a whopping 360 degrees change.

When applied: I'm unsure if I have got darker or light over the years or anything, but right now, I am about a NC25-NC30. I'm much more of a warm undertone. When applied on me, it didn't cover very much of my acne or anything. I definitely didn't see any whitening at all, but it didn't make me tan easily either. It was just neutral. The coverage was definitely very very sheer. And when applied, it had a grey cast over my face, no matter where I applied it.
I'm REALLY unsure about the oxidized finish. Besides that, it made my skin look very shiny and at the time, it was Autumn, but some days were very hot.

However, for my friend! I saw her apply it yesterday with her fingers and realised that it looks VERY nice on her. It matched her skin very nicely with no greyish cast. And I don't notice anything about the oxidized shade after a few hours. She doesn't need to much coverage at all so the BB cream suited her VERY well! :) And she also said she liked it very much and the shade really matched her skin tone too! I'm really unsure about her MAC shade though since she doesn't use foundation :P

So that's the experience we both had. It differs for our skin conditions and our needs. So yes.
Unlike my friend, I seek for a heavier coverage so the product wasn't for me. I prefer tinted moisturizers over the Missha BB Cream really. I haven't tried other BB creams yet so I can't tell you.

But this was my experience with oily and acne-prone skin with Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in shade #23. I think there's a shade #31 now if anyone wants to give it a try :P

Research for swatches and reviews!
Apologies for no swatches because I no longer own the BB Cream :P

Yours deerest,

05 January 2011

My Acne History + Roaccutane experience

Hey girls! So it's Wednesday today, let's call this a 'Warm Wednesday' post LOL (I'm so lame). Let's get a little bit more warm and cozy hahah. SO, you're gonna ask "How?". Alright, I'll start off with telling you about my acne history.

Hahaha, okay, excuse me for the horrible joke.

Okay, so I just wanted to be a little bit more open today.

I know there are many people who suffer from acne during their teenage years and I understand that it can pull down your self-esteem and cause you to be more self conscious. The reason why I wanted to do a post about this is because, I looked in the mirror today and noticed that my acne has completely gone away, though I'm left with thousand of red scars which still makes me feel hella horrible.

I remember years ago, in 8th grade, when I looked in the mirror, my entire forehead was covered with cystic pimples, and my cheeks were just horrible. But I didn't care at all. I was so careless then.. I don't even know why I never cared about my skin.

From 8th grade till 10th grade, I was told lots of remedies of how to cure your acne, such as scrubbing your face with lemon juice... and using a bunch of other stuff on your face such as methylated spirits (?!). But that didn't help at all! And then I went on and followed Bubzbeauty religiously and tried her home-made masks tutorials. Unfortunately, as much as I love her, the masks just didn't do anything for me.

And then, I went on and tried the famous famous Pro-Activ which costed me $90 (?), but unfortunately, it did jack for my skin. Lucky they allowed us a 90-days refund if it didn't work and I returned mine back on the very last day. If you ask me what did Pro-Activ do for my skin, I couldn't remember, but I just know that the solutions and toners didn't work for me at all. My skin conditions stood the same. So that's my experience with Pro-Activ. However, I have two friends who tried Pro-Activ and it worked wonders for them. So if you'd really want to try, do some more research and decide! Who knows.. I might be one of the minorities.

After that, I really wanted to try Chinese herbal medicine (I think that's what it's called), however, my mumma never had time to cook the medicine for me, so I never had a chance to try it either.

Hmmmm.... what else is there?

After trying things that didn't work, I don't know why but I started drinking lots of water. And I mean. ALOT! I would drink 2 bottles at school and lots of water at home too [daily]. It was great because eventually my acne went away half-way thru 11th grade. To add to this, my skin cleared up SO wonderfully and I was SO happy.
If you never had acne, you would never understand how WE feel. The feeling that people walk pass ya and look at ya as if you're somewhat abnormal was horrible. And when people talk to you, they'd look at your pimples instead of looking into your eyes! It's like they're talking to my pimples instead! It was the most horrible experience.

Well, my clear skin lasted for a short time, until I started breaking out again at the end of 11th grade. I continued to break out from November 2009 till maybe July 2010?

And that's when I passed many more experiences. I remember walking around in Casula with my mum and there was this Vietnamese couple who walked pass us. And then suddenly, the lady ran to us and tapped us on the shoulder. And kindly suggested that I should go and check out this doctor who would be able to help me ALOT with my skin problems. It was very kind of them, however, it wasn't great knowing that other people probably thought the same. I mean, they walked pass and noticed my face full of pimples, then that would go for every other person too right? How embarrassing for me, at the time.

I also remember EVERY single time I was to go shopping with my mum and when she bumps into someone she knows, ALL the ladies would greet her first and then turn to me, look at me, and say "Gosh, my does your daughter's face have so much pimples?".
You don't know how HORRIBLE it was, to be there, out in an Asian community, and have someone saying that about you, and other people who walks pass, overhears it and gives you the strangest looks. To make it worse, you know our Asian parents talk as if they're screaming, so... have you pictured it yet?

Anyways, my face right now, isn't breaking out anymore. I stay up till 3am these days and my skin doesn't break out. I no longer have big cystic pimples, even when my 'time of the month' strikes.

How did I do it? I'm here to tell you today :)

A good guy-friend of mine have always kindly suggest that I should go and see a dermatologist, and this was ever since May 2010. He described to me what it was like and also mentioned that they will send you to go get a blood test. As soon as I heard 'blood test', I immediately refused to go. I was scared of having blood tests, just because my sister always come home with BIG bruises after blood tests. It looked too horrible and too painful. I'm sorry but I cannot!

And then it was probably around August 2010 that my cousin decided to take me to a dermatologist (I didn't know it was dermatologist) until I got there. And booking the appointment already, I had to go.

The progess
You'll need to go and see your GP (family doctor) and have them refer you to a dermatologist. I'm pretty sure that you cannot go to a dermatologist, yourself. You will need to be referred.

The first time I went, it cost me $150 and they gave me a receipt which could be claimed back at Medicare! And when I went to claim, I received a $60 refund, which meant the appointment only costed $70. I'm sorry if I got the pricing wrong, but I shouldn't be too much off.

However, times after that, each time would cost me $75 and I would be able to claim around $30 back from Medicare. So it was great. It was cheap and all to see a dermatologist. I thought it would cost me a fortune, but thank god!

My dermatologist prescribed me Roaccutane 20mgs and Clindatech Solution. I was told to take Roaccutane twice a day, one capsule in the morning and one at night. And Clindatech Solution must be applied on a cleansed face in the morning and night.

The experience with Roaccutane
I'm still on Roacc. but I can tell you that, the first two months or perhaps, the first month I was on Roaccutane religiously, my skin was SO dry! It wasn't normally dry, it was VERY VERY VERY VERY DRY! Sigh I cannot put a strong enough emphasis on how dry my skin was.

This is my image from B.LIV products review.

OKAY, LOOK AT THE FIRST PICTURE! That is what my skin would look like AFTER mosturizing! My skin before moisturizing would be ten times drier! Dry to the point where it flakes and all! I would be applying moisturizer at school so many times a day!

To make things worse, my lips were as dry was my skin! And I would always have a lip balm with me which never helped! This is where my fave lip balm kicks in hehehehe! During this time, I have tried Softlips and Nivea lip balms, however, both never worked. And my cousin gave me her lip balm which she said was her favourite! It was Blistex Lip Conditioner and it's GREAT! I always carry this lip balm around with me. It's inexpensive and available locally at most pharmacies.

Anyways, beside my flaky skin and super super super chapped lips. I didn't experience any hair-loss or anything else, although my guy-friend did.

NOTE: When you first take Roaccutane, I would say for the first one or two weeks, you would BREAK out like NO tomorrow. But that's the process of how it works. It would break you out FIRST and then start to clear up. So if you're deciding to go on Roaccutane, don't threat if this happens!

And also, there were times when I ran out of capsules and never bothered to buy more.. my skin started to break out again. Just a little bit though! So do remember to buy it when you've ran out! Don't be silly like me :P

Off to Clindatech...
Clindatech is an acne solution gel. I will describe to you this in a more detailed post when I do a review. I'm just gonna go through it very briefly now though...

I'm really unsure whether Clindatech has contributed to the dryness of my skin, but one thing for certain is that after applying it on at night, when I wake up, there would be no more redness within my skin. Because I've used this together with Roaccutane, I'm really unsure if this has helped me with any skin conditions. I just know that my skin would sting ALOT and BURN when I applied this!

So lastly...
I do recommend you that you should see a dermatologist ASAP if you're suffering from acne. I prefer to spend my money on something that's been proven by science than home remedies and stuff!

Please leave me a question in the comment below if you have any!
Till next time, please remember to have safe days and drink lots of water!

Yours deerest,

03 January 2011

NOTD: Crime Scene Inspired!

Hullo lovelies, at a blink of an eye, date is currently set on 4th of January!
Anyways, I've been so bored these days, instead of doing reviews, I've been painting my nails every fewer days.

And this is my nail for today. I love yellow & when combining it with black, it reminds me of those yellow plastic wraps that you can find at crime scenes for further investigations!

So.. yup! Here it is!

See the resemblence?!
Okay. LOL :(
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