03 January 2011

NOTD: Crime Scene Inspired!

Hullo lovelies, at a blink of an eye, date is currently set on 4th of January!
Anyways, I've been so bored these days, instead of doing reviews, I've been painting my nails every fewer days.

And this is my nail for today. I love yellow & when combining it with black, it reminds me of those yellow plastic wraps that you can find at crime scenes for further investigations!

So.. yup! Here it is!

See the resemblence?!
Okay. LOL :(


  1. Ohh so this was why you were wondering what that yellow tape was called x) I still don't really know what it's called =/ Ah well, lol. Anyway this is a really creative NOTD, I like it :) If you made us guess what your inspiration was, the first thing that would have came to mind would be a bumblebee xD Hehe. You have really nice nail beds by the way!

  2. hahaha love the random post! hope you had a great new years!! :)

  3. Oooh I love the idea where you got your idea from! I love CSI shows =w=
    Anyway very creative of you :)


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