30 December 2010

My take on 2010! Ready for 2011!

Being so inspired by Ailing, I'm gonna post the moments of 2010 too! Only a few because this year wasn't so great. If you've followed me for a while now, you'll know that somewhere in june or july till august, I was posting so many rants up about problems with friends. blah blah blah!

Anyways, please do a post of your moments of 2010 too! It can be about anything! Family.. relationship.. friends! I follow quite a few people and I remember reading posts about them being engageddddd! Oh cute stuff!

Please share me your posts too!

#1 Graduated high school!
After 13 years of school, I've finally graduated this year. The graduation ceremony was held on the 21st of September and I was the designer of the booklet cover! Hooraay!!

I don't know what to say besides telling you all that I'll miss school very much! I remember entering school on the very first day and shifted immediately to someone I knew, Shanny. And we'd stand together every single morning just because we don't know anyone (well I didn't). Until we met friends and gradually move on with school life. Turned from groups to groups, passed my teenybooper stage & then matured, become more respectful with more manners!

Year 12 Formal was included in this package too!

#2 Discovered beauty blogs & creating one for myself
I'm happy that I've created this blog (January 16th)! I've met so many new people like... Tezza, Mish, Susie, Georgina, Jennifer, Ailing, Natasha & of course, I already know my school friends Alice & Viv! There are many more people I've met who's been very generous. I remember for the rant postings.. there were gals who read (even tho the post was very long) and commented some encouragements! I appreciated it very much! Thank you SO much!

All I can say is I wish everyone a Happy New Years! Remember to stick to your resolutions and have a safe New Years with your family & friends.

#3 Getting my P's
I still can't believe that I passed my driving test! I can drive now!! However, I don't have a car, so I only use my cousin's car... sometimes. I remember the instructor telling me that I had 9 mistakes... if I had one more mistake, I would've failed!
So that was the biggest fluke for me!

#4 Got over my depressed stage
Yay for getting over the time of your life! I used to be very depressed when I was in 9th grade and it went on for about 1.5 years! Towards the end of 10th grade, I made a good girl friend who I love love love love! I remember hanging around with her at the time.. we just sat on the same table, I was really alone and she looked at me one day and asked 'Why are you always so sad?'. I loved the fact that she cared, though I didn't know her really well! Appreciates it very muchies *tears

And this year hasn't been so great, in March, I've became upset and it pulled my mood down till after I graduated. I've been very happy these days that I don't have to face fewer people anymore. I love being happy now! I used to never know how people are always so happy, but I just became more and more optimistic and looked at life from another point of view! It's great!

#5 Found my friendship group!
I've met lots of people throughout my school life and like everyone, could draw a line to separate the goodies and the not-so-good. Finally found my group of friends who I could stick to this year! I'm so happy :P

I love my girlfriends cause they were always there for me and I never felt so much support in my life! Yay!! Everytime we're together, we don't gossip! We just joke around about each other, sing, dance, be weird & reminisce about school life! And shopping! :P

#6 Hanging out with my neighbour
So... I know when I say neighbour, you'll think of a typical Asian dad who lives next door LOL :( My neighbour is actually only one year older than me :P It's great because we talk about each others' lives without having to know who we're talking about. Which means.. no drama. blah blah blah And he's a good friend :] I'd say. Someone I can hang out and talk to everyday without having to walk too far LOL! Love love love!

We've been arguing quite alot these fewer weeks but it doesn't stop me from saying that he's one of the best thing which happened in my life :P Love yaaaaaa Davina :]~

#7 Kebubba!
It was unexpectedly when we started talking!! I'd always the one starting the conversation with him on MSN, and then we talked more and more and now it's normal! He finally starting to nudge me on MSN too whenever he talks. So I no longer have to be the one who always shows initiative! Yay!
Right now, we're talking on MSN via mic and he keeps making these goddam weird sounds which I can't even focus on writing a paragraph about him! Goddamit !!! Angry.
He's been a great friend too!! I love how he thinks like a girl.. Sometimes when he asks me something, I say 'No' and he actually knows that I mean 'Yes'.

Love you too Kebubba ^o^

#8 I quit drinking!
I used to drink drink drink [alcohol] at parties ALOT. However, after March, before I turn 17. I quit drinking!! I no longer thrash myself at parties anymore because.... !

#9 COD addict!
I finally understood why boys love their Xbox or PS3 so much! I loveeeeee playing COD! I really want a XBOX sometime soon... :( Call of Duty is so much fun... sorry girls :P

#10 My acne has gone away completely!
Yay for no more breakouts! After my trip to the dermatologist and being on Roaccutane for 4 months now (?), I no longer have to suffer from cystic acne! I no longer break out from eating KFC or migoreng.. or staying up late :P
Finally a boost of confidence for me :P Yay! All I got to do now is get rid of these scars :P Yay!!!

That is all...
Please do a post of your highlights of 2010 too!
I'd love to know!! :]


  1. Aw this post was great! It made me smile, knowing that you've had so many happy moments this year :) Congratulations on all of your achievements too, especially your alcohol ban. Thanks for mentioning me (I think it's me, unless it's a different Jennifer? lol) and it was great knowing you too through blogging! You were one of my first followers and it really meant a lot to me, and it still does :D It's great how we're both in the same year level so I can definitely relate to many of the experiences that you had this year like formal, graduation and getting P's :D

    Best wishes for 2011 and I hope you have a very happy new year :) xx Thanks for being such a kind blog friend <3

  2. I agree with Jennifer!
    Many congatulations!!

    You don't seem to be a girl who drinks alot :P so kind of surprised that you used to drink alot of alcohol - well done for quitting ^^
    but I think you can still drink once in awile!

    You are such a tomboy for loving COD =w= x

  3. This is a really nice post. Congrats on all of your triumphs.

  4. COD addict. LOL

    youre cute!
    happy new years :)

  5. i'm glad you had an amazing year hon :)
    and im happy that i got to meet you through blogging as well!
    you're gorgeous , and i hope you have an amazing year next year <3!!

  6. Happy 2011 hun! :) It's been really fun getting to know you through your blog, I'm happy to have the opportunity <3

    Congrats on making it through 2010 with so many happy memories and achievements! Personally I'll always remember this year as surviving the HSC and graduating highschool hehe. :P

    P.s I used roaccutane last year too! While the side effects werent too bad for me, it's definitely worth the clear skin you get afterwards :) Glad it worked for you ^^


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