25 June 2014

New brand: Colour Theory HAUL!


OK. Had my last exam a bit more than a week ago. Typical me, never studied the night before. Instead, spent it prancing around online, catching up on one of my favourite blogs, Kitsch Snitch by Kat.

She has a post here, which featured a new budget brand called Colour Theory. Have anyone ever heard, or tried?

I've always received emails about Colour Theory, but never really cared for them. I'm biased and picky, especially against brands that are not stocked at department stores or chemists which are easy to access, such as Priceline and Big W. 

Reading Kat's post on the brand sparked a few interests in me, so off I went to check which stores stocked em.


Only two pharmacies stock Colour Theory?!
...And the first pharmacy has NO stockists near me. Okay, let's check the second pharmacy.. although it sounds completely alien to me. 

The second pharmacy didn't have a stockist near me neither. BUT, it has a stockist near where I was heading to the NEXT day. Yeap. It was opposite of my university, Amcal Pharmacy. Good stuff!

Headed there after my exam in the evening, picked up a few new products. Here they are:

Colour Theory Bronzer Summer Sun ($8/3 shades)
Saw this in three shades. They had a good shade range though. One cool-toned, one warm-toned and one which was darker than both, but also more neutral (the one I chose).

Colour Theory Lipsticks ($6)
Wide shade range, this one. I chose Fuchsia Frenzy and Pouty Pink. Fuchsia Frenzy for the finish, it was the mattest (although still somewhat glossy) and Pouty Pink for its easy to wear colour. Hoping to update you soon since I already have a slight impression of how it is.

Colour Theory Eyeliner ($4)
You're probably wondering why the hell did I choose blue. Well, I didn't really expect this colour to be as bright as it is. I expected to be like a dark navy liner, to make my eye colour stand out.. in which I was wrong. Double liner is probably the way to go, to make use of this. Zzz. 

But yeah, that's all for the haul. Cheap and affordable brand. Reminds me a lot of Ulta3 and essence. Still trialling around, so not much to say about the quality yet.

In case you're feeling keen on the brand, here is the link to their website which also includes their store locator!

OH! And here's a snap of me wearing Fuchsia Frenzy.. (^_^)/

Cya later alligator.

13 June 2014

FIFA Nails: Brazil vs. Croatia



Not a big soccer follower, but there's something about watching soccer matches... Or maybe it's just me being satisfied with finding an excuse to justify staying up late/waking up in the earlier dawn hours.

It's a bit late for me to start any new kind of blogging series since the first game's already over and there will be another three matches from tonight through to tomorrow morning.... Meh. Who cares! Give FIFA inspired nails a go anyways!

...With the help of my sister of course! I've mentioned her here and there on this blog. She's a big nail fan, so we decided to get together and work on inspired nails for as many matches as we could.

I'll start off with my take on Croatia's inspired nails! Here it is....

Alright, I'd take it. It's not that good. Or in fact, it's not good at all. T^T Especially when it's put up against my sister's Brazil-inspired manicure.... It's like one came from heaven, and one came from hell!

Aww!! I really like what she did. The nail art and colour combo. Mine looks like a mess.... But Croatia's flag is very hard!

In case you're wondering, the nail polishes I used for my Croatia-inspired manicure is:

  • Illamasqua Rubber Brights Nail Polish in Serenity | reviewed here >
  • Ulta3 Nail Polish in Lily White
  • Face Of Australia Pastels Nail Polish in Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy | featured here >
  • Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nail Polish in Double Decker Red | featured here >
  • Models Prefer Nail Polish in Little Black Dress
  • Le'lan Vital High Gloss Top Coat

Gahhhh! I'll put in more effort next time!

Stay tuned for our next post!


07 June 2014

[INDIE] Smudged Polish Nail Lacquer in Morbid

Indie polishes has always been one of those "must-try" products for me. Their gorgeousness and uniqueness is just a fresh breath away from in-store brands like Maybelline, Revlon and such. However, in saying so, I also really dislike online shopping, therefore have never bought from any indie brands.

Smudged Polish has always been a brand on my hit list, but I actually quickly scratched that thought after my sister purchased 2 lacquers [from Smudged] here.... To be truthful, we weren't impressed. Not one bit, hence I've never featured those lacquers she bought.

Overall, they just didn't apply as nicely and thickened up very quickly. Glitters were stuck at the base and were hard to reach, even after a good shake.

Not so long after though, my sister won a few new polishes from their Instagram giveaway! I was reluctant to give them another go, but after seeing how gorgeous it looked on my sister's nails... I just knew I had to!

The lacquer that caught my attention was...

Yes! This baby is called Morbid. Unlike Pastel Galaxy and Fuchsia Field that my sister purchased, this lacquer applies much, much smoother. The brush is roughly the same size as last time though, so they must've changed the formula.

Loool. Sorry, I know the polish around the top must look gross and thick, but the polish itself really isn't. The consistency is thin, but by no means is it sheer. The first coat applies looking a bit blotchy, uneven and sheer, but like most polishes, three coats will do the trick.

I do feel like I need to take an extra step for this polish to be at its best though and that is... finishing off with a hi-shine top coat. Something I've always skipped for my manicures,

Basically, the glossier, the better. I feel like it adds a lot to the jelly-like effect, and evens out the whole manicure.

One important aspect that I must mention about this lacquer are the square glitters it contains. Take a look at how packed it is in the bottle...

It's a shame that I couldn't get much of them on the brush. They just hugged the interior walls of the bottle, even after a vigorous shake. Sucha bummer really, because in the end, the lacquer simply looks like a black freckled polish. All I'm in for here, is actually the beautiful red base colour.

So yeah. Overall, I'm happy that their new formula is much easier to work with now. Not extremely impressive, but I'm really in love with the red base colour. It's just purrrfect.

I wished the squares were possible to reach though... I'd like to see how the whole manicure will look with the square pieces it's suppose to have!

YAY or NAY for this polish?
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Smudged Polish in Morbid, $7.00, available for purchase from their Etsy store.

05 June 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- June 2014

Another month, another drugstore launch post! Can you believe we're in June already? Time flying by way too fast!

Just been bumming around after exams. All day listening to my favourite radio station, KIIS Radio whilst getting updated with what's new in the beauty blogosphere -- all the new products, and the drama (this post makes me LOL). Sure feels good to have some free time to yourself, but I've also been snacking on A LOT of chocolate, so I've gained some weight too! Eeeeep.

Sipping on a hot chocolate as I'm putting this post together...


Australis SmokifEYE Eyeliners ($7.95/4 shades)
Australis' NEW eyeshadow liners, which are described to feature a soft formula that is smudgeable and easy to blend. I think these may lean towards being an eyeshadow product, rather than being a pure eyeliner product. At least that's what I feel anyways.. We'll have to see how these perform when testers are available!

Australis Full On Foundation ($12.95/6 shades)
Another newbie by Australis! A cream foundation, with a buildable heavy coverage. Yea, in a stick form, to add to it. The product is described to "hydrate and moisturise" whilst providing strong coverage and maintaining your natural complexion. Absorbs excess oil, and has SPF30+. 

Lanolips Banana Balm ($15.95)
This is more of a beauty product, but it's exclusively available to Priceline as a "special preview" before  going on counters next month! I've never tried Lanolips despite hearing such good stuff about it. This product is a creamy 3-in-1 lip balm. Ultra moisturising and protects with a soft sheen.

Nivea Lip Care Additions ($3.98)
Nivea strikes back with two new additions to their lip care range! In two delicious flavours, there's... 

  • Peach (Fruity Shine range)
  • Olive & Lemon (Pure & Natural range)
In addition, their entire Lip Care range has been revamped with an added "super-moisturising" Hyrda IQ formula. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks  ($13.95/13 shades)
Not exactly new, but revamped! Yeap. The entire collection. New n' improved lippies with a brilliant burst of rich, pure colour infused with creamy moisture. 

Rimmel BB Cream Mate ($12.95/3 shades)
An new addition to their existing BB cream range, this is the Matte version, I suppose. Similar to their original version, this is suppose to offer coverage to minimise the appearance of blemishes, control shine, but contains less SPF than the original -- SPF15 only. Also supposed to rebalance oily skin with some fancy ingredients!

Savvy by DB
Savvy released two new ranges recently, which has made somewhat a big hit in the blogosphere, I believe. They are the High Shine Lip Lacquer and Ultra Matte Lip Colour. 

I've swatched both products in store, and I'm very temped by the Ultra Matte Lip Colours! I haven't shared with you my favourite products lately, but I've been loving matte liquid lip products, so I've always been on the lookout. Glad they've released these! I've always seen them featured on blogs, so give them a good research perhaps?

The High Shine Lip Lacquers are totally not my thang. They seem a bit too wet, and too glossy for my liking. All are up to you though! ;)

P.S. Don't have photos for these, but feel free to check them out on Amy's and Angie's blog.

Innoxa Lush Lashes Mascara ($19.95/2 shades)
After last month's packed post of mascaras... I'm getting a bit tired of writing up blibs for mascaras.. Haha. Innoxa's new Lush Lashes Mascara is described to be formulated to create "volume, length, curl and definition whilst conditioning the lashes". Also features a curvy brush to help ensure lashes are coated evenly. 

Face Of Australia Dark Side Nail Collection ($4.95/8 shades)
Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! A NEW nail collection?! Yes please! Can you guess what this collection is inspired by?
YES! The new collection is inspired by the most evil villains of all time. 

Sorry for the slack image. Snipped it from their advertisement. Hahaha................................. -_-"

essie Snakeskin Collection ($16.95/6 shades)
Never featured essie in my launch posts, but considering that they are now made to be available at Priceline... I can't find any reasons to exclude them! Their newest [limited edition] nail collection features "warm, autumnal tones with a snakeskin finish". Yes. It's a magnetic-nail based collection. 

For anyone who hasn't seen nor heard of magnetic nail polishes. Basically, you paint them on like regular nail lacquers, and then hover the magnet plate (usually at the top of the cap) over the manicure for a pattern transform. 

Revlon Highlighting Palette ($26.95/4 shades)
Available in four palettes, these highlighting palettes features a combination of shimmer shades in one convenient palette. The brick highlighter helps to achieve a multi-dimensional look and enhance and illuminate the skin. Described to be "easy to blend with a lightweight feel".

...And that's all for this month's launches!

Let me know which products you will be chasing after!

Ah, I'd love to chase after those Savvy by DB Ultra Matte Lip Colours, but... Ummmm. Yeah. I think I'd have to, haha! I'll look for neutral shades that I know I'd wear, although I don't remember if they had any. Will have to check em' out! 

OH! And... Face Of Australia's Dark Side nail collection! *~*

01 June 2014

Some Outstanding Sales (01 June 2014): Priceline, Target, Chemist Warehouse

Yea baby, the SOS series makes a comeback this month!

Oh, in case you're new around here, it's basically a compilation of beauty sales around drugstores and some department stores in Australia (NSW based).


1. TARGET: 25% OFF NP Set Cosmetics. Excludes brushes. Ends 04 June.

2. TARGET: Buy any Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, and get a Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour ($30.95). Consider to restock if these are your go-to mascara! Ends 04 June.

3. TARGET: $10 OFF Revlon Colorstay FACE, EYES and LIPS. Ends 04 June.

4. TARGET: $5 OFF Revlon Colorstay NAILS. Ends 04 June.

5. TARGET: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on Chi Chi, Rimmel London and NP Set's LIPS and NAILS. Ends 04 June.

6. PRICELINE: Buy any Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara, and get a Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour ($30.95). Same deal as Target's, but perhaps do eeet at Priceline for the points, kakaka. Ends 11 June.

7. PRICELINE: All Rimmel London mascaras, up for $10 each! Ends 11 June.

8. PRICELINE: Save 30% on Australis Face & Nails. Ends 11 June.

9. PRICELINE: Save $10 on Revlon ColorStay Face, Eyes & Lips. Ends 11 June.

10. PRICELINE: Save 25% on Real Techniques brush range. Ends 11 June.

11. PRICELINE: Half price on Simple make-up remover wipes. Ends 11 June.

12. CHEMIST WAREHOUSE: Half price on Rimmel London, Revlon, Maybelline and Sally a. Ends 15 June.


Priceline: Save $10 on Revlon's face, eyes and lips.
Chemist Warehouse: Half price on Revlon's entire range.

Priceline, for products that are under $18!

Ahhh, I'm still feeling like I should go after those Revlon Matte balms, but... I really need new clothes. Hahaha... We'll have to see!

Be sure to let me know what you think of these sales! What will you be getting?

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